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You Can Not Know The Efficacy of Citronella Oil

Citronella Oil

Most people will use Citronella Oil to repel mosquitoes, but besides mosquito repellence, what are the other effects of citronella essential oil? Everyone should be familiar with the smell of Citronella Oil. It is like the combined smell of fruit and lavender essential oil. When I was a child, when I went out and there were little black mosquitoes, adults would often take out citronella essential oil and spray it on the body. The special smell of citronella is very important Insects are particularly pungent, so many people only stay at the effect of repelling mosquitoes and fleas for citronella essential oil!

But in fact, Citronella Oil has many functions~ Its unique smell can be used as an air purifier, which is comparable to lemon essential oil. Citronella essential oil can absorb the pungent smell of paint, oily smoke in the kitchen, fishy smell, etc. In addition, it can also solve the mold problem caused by the humid and cold climate!

What Types of Citronella Oil Are There?

What Are the Benefits of Citronella Oil?

Citronella Oil has always been one of the very common essential oils. The reason is that it has been widely used in treatment and cooking in the past. It is not only used for insect repellent in modern times. It is easy to grow and has good curative effect, so it is used in As we all know, the following is a brief list of several Citronella Oil benefits. Maybe you already know some of them, but you must know some of them now!

1. Anti-dry and itchy skin function
Some people are born or acquired, causing their hands and feet to become dry and itchy due to changing seasons or airtight conditions. Citronella Oil has the effect of relieving itching, and it can also be used as a natural body balm.

2. Emotional stability
When you are restless and have difficulty falling asleep, Citronella Oil can lead you to play chess with Zhou Gong. Because of the natural grass flavor, it can be used as a sleep aid essential oil to relax your mind. It feels like running on the grassland to relieve stress and improve concentration.

3. Purify the air
Citronella Oil treats tiny organisms in the air similarly to tea tree essential oil, so what tea tree essential oil can do, citronella essential oil can also do.

4. Promotes circulation
It is rich in citric acid, which can eliminate muscle fatigue, improve gastrointestinal discomfort, and increase food cravings, and the use of 3C products in modern people can cause shoulder and neck discomfort, which can also be relieved by Citronella Oil , the edema that girls are afraid of can also be eliminated!

5. Skin care
Citronella Oil can soften the thick cuticle and effectively exfoliate the cuticle without using particles.

Is Citronella Oil Safe?

Citronella Oil has a history of safe use in the daily chemical and food fields for many years. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) believes that it has low toxicity and is classified as a “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS) ingredient. In the field of pesticides, citronella oil was first registered as a pesticide in the United States in 1948 for mosquito repellent. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies it as a biochemical pesticide that works primarily by inhibiting the animal’s desire to eat, rather than relying on toxicity. In 1996, the US EPA listed it as a pesticide product exempted from registration under the FIFRA Act because of its low safety risk.

In my country, many citronella and citronella extracts have been included in the catalog of used cosmetic raw materials in China, and can be used as cosmetic raw materials normally. At the same time, the cosmetic safety technical regulations do not make clear restrictions on their content. In addition, the main components of Citronella Oil, citronellol and citronellal, are approved food additives in my country.

Since Citronella Oil is a plant extract and its main components are mostly naturally occurring substances, it is expected to have little impact on the environment after use.

It is worth mentioning that citronella oil has a history of safe use for many years in the fields of food, daily chemicals and pesticides, which means that it is safe after being diluted and made into finished products. Be careful when using high concentrations of Citronella Oil directly, and pregnant women and infants should also use it with caution.

Precautions and Contraindications of Citronella Oil

Consult your medical professional if:
Pregnant or breastfeeding: If expectant or breastfeeding, you need to just take medications on the suggestions of your medical professional.
Taking other medicines: consisting of over the counter medicines, over the counter medications or prescribed medicines.

Hypersensitivity to any type of compound having citronella: or hypersensitivity to other medications, organic treatments.

Experiencing various other conditions: such as conditions of physiological systems, or any other clinical problems.

Hatreds particular materials: such as certain foods, synthetic colors, chemicals, or pet allergic reactions.

Compared with the law of drugs, the guideline of herbal medicine is much less rigorous, as well as much more study is needed to verify its safety and security. Prior to utilizing, please see to it that the benefits exceed the dangers. It is recommended to seek advice from a physician for more details.

How to use Citronella Oil

Not only does Citronella Oil work as a pesticide, it’s also outstanding at refreshing the brain: it can suppress too much sweating, equilibrium skin oils, eliminate digestive tract bloodsuckers, and also reduce high temperatures.
Include 3-6 decreases of Citronella Oil straight right into the water tank of the humidifier, to make sure that the vital oil will be distributed right into the air with the water haze of the humidifier. Put clean water right into the water container of the scent heater as well as add 5-6 decreases of vital oil. Light the candle and place it in the incense burner, as well as wait on the warmth to release the significance oil in the water gradually. Lemongrass crucial oil is an excellent air freshener, which can soothe physical and psychological tiredness, neurasthenia, and sleep problems via scent. At the same time, it can also achieve the effect of warding off insects. In Africa, there is a serious malaria sensation, and also Citronella Oil is extensively made use of to fend off mosquitoes.
Insects with this illness add Citronella Oil to pure water, placed it in a mold and mildew spray bottle, and also spray it on clothing, furnishings, beds, animals’ carpetings, and also cabinets at any time to achieve disinfection and also deodorization as well as boost the living environment. effect. Typically, it is based on the ratio of 10 declines of oil to 10 milliliters of water.
Prepare a container of cozy water, add 3-4 drops of Citronella Oil, and then soak the soles of the feet or hands in the container for about 10 minutes, which can deal with muscular tissue soreness and promote blood flow. Hydrating, the result is better in autumn and also winter months. It functions wonders to cool worn out, sweaty feet in summer season.
Citronella Oil can be utilized combined with various other vital oils to accomplish better outcomes. Generally, it appropriates for crucial oils blended with citronella crucial oil: lemon, mandarin, bergamot, geranium, lavender and yearn necessary oils, and so on.

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