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Trehalose"-The Sugar of Life"


What Exactly is Trehalose?

As a natural sugar, trehalose was first drawn out from ergot fungus of rye by Wiggs in 1932. Later on, it was discovered that numerous pets, plants and bacteria contain a big quantity of trehalose.

Researchers discovered in the research that throughout the dehydration procedure of plant cells, trehalose can successfully protect the cell membrane layer framework and also healthy proteins, so that the plant cells can be abused by the region drifting bear, therefore guaranteeing their inherent flavor, shade as well as total cell structure. Trehalose can make certain that Kunbong cells do not ice up or dry out in a cool or arid environment, as well as provide energy for bugs to fly.
The well-known British magazine “Nature” published an unique post on the assessment of trehalose in its problem published in July 2000. The article discussed that for many living organisms: the visibility or absence of trehalose means life or death, And it is anticipated that trehalose will have an extremely wide usage in many fields.

It is appropriate to call trehalose the sugar of life. The genuine factor for the online reputation of trehalose is that exogenous trehalose additionally has an excellent non-specific protective effect on bovine organisms and bovine biomolecules.

Both are utilized in pharmaceutical market applications as well as aesthetic applications.

The Trehalose you Eat is not Actually Made of Seaweed

In 1994, HAYASHIBARA Co., Ltd. of Japan invented the patented technology for mass production of trehalose, which is the first production method of trehalose in the world. Hayashihara’s patent mainly found two important enzymes from microorganisms: MSTase and MTHase (Note 1). Starch is made up of many glucose molecules connected, MSTase can convert the α-1,4 bond of amylose into α-1,1 bond, so that the end of the starch chain becomes trehalose, while MTHase can convert starch The trehalose at the end of the chain is separated.

The mass production patent developed by Linyuan Company can use starch as the raw material for trehalose production, and can produce trehalose in large quantities and efficiently, so that the price of trehalose is no longer unattainable. Today, trehalose has been widely used. Used in various foods.

Is Eating Trehalose Healthy? NO

Trehalose tastes less sweet, which makes many people think that if you eat it, you will not gain weight. In fact, the calories of trehalose are about 4 calories per gram, which is similar to the calories of ordinary sugar. If you eat too much, you will gain weight! When trehalose is eaten into the stomach, it will be decomposed into glucose by the enzymes in the intestinal tract and then absorbed, which is similar to the absorption mode of other disaccharides by the intestinal tract. A 2017 Japanese study pointed out that ingesting trehalose, compared with ingesting the same amount of glucose, has a lower rise in blood sugar and less insulin secretion after ingestion, but trehalose is still a high glycemic index (high GI value) food, That is to say, for the human body, if you eat foods with a rapid rise in blood sugar, diabetic patients still have to carefully control the amount of food they eat, rather than eating them as much as they like, and they cannot be used as sugar substitutes for diabetics.

There is another saying in the market that trehalose has the property of reducing cell damage, but this feature is mainly when the cells are dehydrated or frozen, and trehalose can be used as a protective agent. Mix it up.

The real proven health benefit of trehalose is its ability to reduce the possibility of dental caries (cavities). Studies have shown that mice fed a mixture of trehalose and starch had significantly less caries than mice fed a mixture of sucrose and starch. In a culture test measuring plaque and bacteria that cause dental caries, trehalose reduced acidity less than sucrose, and the acid metabolized by bacteria is the cause of dental caries. Therefore, if trehalose is used as the main source of sweetness, it may be possible to reduce the occurrence of tooth decay.

Overall, the main value of trehalose lies in its rich application properties, such as anti-starch aging, making baked products moist and fluffy, and maintaining the texture of frozen food, rather than having a variety of health-promoting properties.

Trehalose Also Works Wonders for the Skin


The homes of trehalose are really steady, not easily damaged, as well as can make it through in severe environments. At the end of the last century, researchers found that it has an excellent role in elegance and also skin care, so they applied it in this field. Trehalose is a stable non-reducing disaccharide made up of 2 glucopyranose molecules related to a 1,1-glycosidic bond. Trehalose is extensively located in lower plants, algae, microorganisms, fungi, bugs and also invertebrates. It is not only a storage space sugar, yet also an important product of stress and anxiety metabolic rate.

Trehalose 100 is an all-natural sugar that exists not only as totally free sugar, but additionally as a component of numerous glycolipids. The latest research study shows that exogenous trehalose likewise has a good non-specific safety effect on microorganisms and also biological macromolecules. In recent years, an increasing number of examinations have actually revealed the numerous results of trehalose in cosmetic and also skin treatment applications.

After the 1990s, the organic homes of trehalose have actually been gradually identified and also utilized by individuals. With the improvement of biotechnology and also aesthetic innovation, trehalose has anti-aging, anti-fatigue, power replenishment, injury repair, sunscreen, sunscreen impacts on the skin. The application of post-repair will certainly produce development progression. There is no doubt that trehalose will show a growing number of enchanting results on human appeal, skin treatment and hair care.

Exogenous trehalose and endogenous trehalose additionally have great non-specific safety feature for living organisms and also biological macromolecules. Trehalose has a little molecular weight as well as is conveniently taken in by the skin. It enters the cells to play its unique duty as a water-replacement tension variable as well as shields the cell membrane layer, boosting the cells’ anti-drying and anti-freezing capacities, consequently improving the skin’s ability to adjust to the atmosphere.

Decrease the freezing point of the water stage, which can considerably improve the low temperature stability of the product.

For products containing fats and also esters, the enhancement of trehalose can efficiently prevent the oxidative rancidity of the products. Trehalose can efficiently prevent the oxidative rancidity of fat and also ester products. The Japan Forestry and also Natural Resources Research study Institute located that trehalose has the result of hindering the one-of-a-kind body odor of the elderly. The results showed that the web content of fatty acids as well as palmitic acid in the sebum of middle-aged and also senior people raised, as well as it was simple to generate body odor after decay. The all-natural sugar of trehalose might successfully hinder the decay of fats, consequently protecting against body smell. According to reports, Lin Yuan Chemical Firm plans to utilize this all-natural sugar to establish cosmetics and treatment products to prevent body odor.

healthy protein as well as polypeptide energetic ingredients
It has a great retention result on the activity of some biochemical materials that can not be kept at room temperature as well as for a long period of time.

Exceptional water retention and also hygroscopicity, it can change the function of water in cells when severe dehydration happens. Hyaluronic acid and also trehalose are made use of in combination to enhance each other and also have both organic preservation and smart moisturizing effects, which can always maintain tissues, skin and cosmetics fresh.

It can successfully scavenge complimentary radicals and also make mobile DNA less prone to anomaly. Trehalose is a protective element and also repair work factor for skin cell DNA, which can effectively secure DNA from damages brought on by radiation.

Keeping the security of active components is a vital element in cosmetics. Presently, there are lots of skin treatment products which contain eco-friendly tea extract on the marketplace. Environment-friendly tea has actually additionally gotten interest due to its high material of tea polyphenols. Green tea is a really active antioxidant and is very unsteady in solutions. Trehalose maintains antioxidant polyphenols, minimizing the potential for item issues.

What Are The Properties of Trehalose

1. The sweet taste is 45% of sugar: trehalose has a mild sweetness, yet it is much more long lasting than sugar, which can enhance the sweetness and also oily feeling of foods having high sugar content. boost the preference.
2. Non-coloring: Trehalose will certainly not trigger Mena reaction, preserve color, ideal for food as well as drinks that need to be heated up or kept at heat.
3. Acid and also heat resistance: Trehalose is the most steady sugar in all-natural disaccharides, and appropriates for numerous food handling procedures.
4. Crystallinity: The solubility of trehalose in water is less than that of sucrose and equal to that of maltose. Due to its great crystallinity, it can be made right into frosting, sugar ornaments, soft sweet, candy, etc 5. Low hygroscopicity: Trehalose is additionally extremely steady at family member moisture as much as 95%, suitable for making sugar-coated tablet computers, etc 6. Nutrition: Trehalose, like sucrose and also maltose, can be digested and also absorbed by the small intestine as a source of nutrition. The impact on blood sugar levels or insulin secretion is nearly equal to that of glucose.
7. Low deterioration: It has actually been confirmed that trehalose does not cause tooth decay. Additionally, it can likewise hinder the bond of 60% of insoluble dental plaque produced by granulated sugar, which has no adverse impact on teeth.
8. Prevent starch aging: trehalose is much better than maltose in feature, and can be utilized in mochi, sponge cake, potato cake, sauce, noodles, and so on, and the effect is a lot more considerable under refrigeration or cold.
9. Avoid healthy protein denaturation: Trehalose can be used in frozen, cooled and also dried out food, as well as in protein food, it can produce food that is not easily denatured as well as weakened.

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