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Tea Tree Oil is a Big Name in The World of Essential Oils!

Tea tree oil

Discovery Background:

In 1770, when British Captain Cook landed in Australia during a voyage, he discovered that the local Maori picked a strong-smelling leaf to make tea, so they called this plant “tea tree”. When the cut was cut, they immediately picked wild tea leaves and mashed them. Applying the mashed tea leaves to the affected area would heal quickly. They also smoked and burned the tea leaves to relieve congestion. Captain Cook became very curious. They collected a lot of tea tree leaves locally and brought them back to the UK for analysis and research by chemists. This is the beginning of human beings formally studying tea tree essential oil in a scientific way and attitude.

In the 1920s, scientific research on tea tree oil began. Tea tree oil was given to Australian soldiers for skin injuries during World War II. All studies have shown that tea tree oil has disinfectant properties and is effective against many, many common disease-causing cells and molds.

Basic Properties of Tea Tree Oil:

“Tea tree oil” is a business name, botanically known as Melaleuca alternifolia oil, because it mainly originates from a number of plants of the Myrtaceae, Melaleuca genus, one of the most vital one is called Melaleuca alternifolia, the additional plants consist of Melaleuca alternifolia, Melaleuca alternifolia, Melaleuca alternifolia, etc. The main elements of Melaleuca alternifolia are p-meng-1-ol-4, 1-8-cineole, etc. Fresh branches and leaves can be distilled with water to get colorless to light yellow vital oil.
Melaleuca alternifolia is a pale yellow-green or nearly water-white liquid with a cozy, spicy aroma with aromatic terpenoids resembling those of nutmeg, adzuki and marjoram, but in its scent The aroma of terpenes and terpineol is a lot more noticeable. The flavor of this important oil is cozy as well as aromatic, with some burnt as well as spicy, however fresh and also slightly camphorous, a little bitter.
Since Melaleuca alternifolia oil has those fragrance and preference, it can be utilized in guys’s spicy fragrance, aftershave, and so on in the daily fragrance sector. It is blended with lavender oil, lavender oil, isobornyl acetate, clove oil, rosemary oil, oakmoss products, cananga oil, amyl salicylate, coumarin, geraniol as well as nerol Great, so it is more convenient to use in flavoring, as well as it is also used for the debauchment of nutmeg oil as well as sweet oregano oil.

6 Miraculous Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

1. Acne
The most popular efficiency as well as also function of tea tree oil is acne, because tea tree important oil has anti-inflammatory as well as antiseptic effects, along with given that the molecular quantity of necessary oil is extremely little, it travels through quite perhaps after being related to the skin, so it can immediately enter the skin hair origins Removes acne-causing microorganisms in addition to repair work services harmed skin cells.

Usage: Dip a little tea tree vital oil with a cotton bud, and also after that use it on the acnes by dot method, take care not to apply it on a substantial area. You can likewise go down tea tree critical oil in hot water to wash your face, which can improve acne-prone skin.

2. Advertise injury recuperation
Tea tree oil has an excellent dealing with result on outside injuries. If the injury is hemorrhaging, you can take a decrease or 2 of tea tree required oil and use it on the injury, which can correctly give up the blood loss, get rid of injury swelling, secure against the injury from being infected by microorganisms, and quicken wound recuperation. price. If the skin is a little burned on a little area, you can also take advantage of tea tree vital oil after ice press to play an anti-inflammatory result.

Use: Do not use means way too much tea tree important oil when smearing wounds. You can only take advantage of a couple of reductions for mild denigration, along with shot not to utilize it to undamaged skin. And when you shed, you need to focus on the force to be light, so as not to massage the skin.

3. Bactericidal in addition to anti-bacterial

The bactericidal outcome of tea tree oil has already been well mirrored in acne, yet the antiseptic effect of tea tree vital oil can not only be related to acne, however in addition can clean the air and kill bacteria as well as viruses airborne by making use of tea tree vital oil as aromatherapy. Individuals with beriberi can also take advantage of tea tree vital oil to sanitize as well as remove beriberi. And likewise it also has a healing effect on some skin diseases set off by microbes, yet this needs to be made use of under the guidance of a physician.

Use: You can take advantage of a cotton swab to dip a little tea tree necessary oil on the acne to decontaminate it, or gently use it on the injury to sanitize it. You can also go down tea tree essential oil into the aromatherapy stove to cleanse air germs. If you have specialist athlete’s foot, you can soak your feet in hot water with tea tree crucial oil, or make use of diluted tea tree important oil straight to your feet.

4. Tighten up pores

Tea tree oil can in addition astringe pores. The particular method is to wash the face first, after that drop a few reductions of tea tree critical oil in steaming warm water, as well as placed the face directly over the basin. The pores will be opened by the steaming heat. The relevance of the crucial oil will certainly pass through deep right into the skin with the pores. After the water cools down and the vapor vanishes, pat your challenge with cold water to minimize the pores.

5. Handle dandruff

Tea tree oil is similarly handy for people that are prone to dandruff on the scalp. Whether you use tea tree crucial oil or hair shampoo with tea tree important oil, it can play a very good function in getting rid of dandruff.
Use: First wash your hair generally, after washing your hair and also before your hair is completely dry, disobliged 10 decreases of tea tree necessary oil on your scalp, after that massage therapy it with your hands and smooth it consistently.

6. Deal with ailment

Tea tree oil can manage or improve a number of conditions, such as coughing, aching throat along with gingivitis, you can clean your mouth with comfortable water dripped with tea tree oil, which can eliminate bacteria and additionally reduce discomfort, but bear in mind not to ingest it; For people with fever and muscular tissue aches, taking a hot bath with tea tree important oil can assist get rid of body impurities and get rid of muscular tissue discomfort; blend a couple of drops of tea tree vital oil with a decrease of olive oil, then saturate the cotton as well as additionally things it right into the ear, Rubbing around the ears can take care of ear infections.

How to Buy Pure Tea Tree Oil

Because there are many kinds of plants in Melaleuca melaleuca, there are often inferior oils mixed with other essential oils. Moreover, even pure tea tree essential oils may vary due to differences in origin, planting environment, extraction methods, packaging, etc. Affect the composition and quality of tea tree essential oil. Therefore, in order to make tea tree essential oil achieve comprehensive functions or effects when used, the following indicators are important references for purchasing tea tree essential oil.
(1) Botanical name and composition: The same plant has different names in different regions. Only by confirming the Latin scientific name can the purchased essential oil be guaranteed to be from the same species. Please pay attention to the complete Latin scientific name of tea tree oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) when purchasing. At the same time, determine whether its composition is Melaleuca alternifolia oil.
(2) Odor: Smell is the easiest and most effective way to identify tea tree oil. First, the smell of tea tree essential oil should not be purely cool and sharp, but should have a layered sense of smell with a sweet and slightly pungent woody smell. This method allows you to avoid buying other varieties of essential oils that are sold as tea tree essential oils “eucalyptus-like smell”, their high tree brain makes the whole smell cool and sharp.
(3) Contents of main components: In general, merchants do not provide indicators of component content, and it is not easy for ordinary consumers to identify them. The two components that determine the quality of tea tree essential oil are terpinene 4-ol and tree brain. According to the internationally accepted tea tree oil cosmetic grade standard: terpinene 4-ol > 39%, and tree brain < 3.5%.
(4) Essential oil chromatogram

How to Use Tea Tree Oil

1️, Do not apply tea tree oil directly like a toner, because the essential oil cannot be rubbed on the face in a large area, you must use a cotton swab to dip the tea tree oil and apply it on the acne-prone area (preferably after wiping the toner ) Applying tea tree oil on a large area will burn the face, so be careful! !

2. Put 100ml of toner in a small spray bottle (do not use too much ingredients in the toner, you can use mineral water or cosmeceutical brand water), and add 2-3 drops of tea tree essential oil, shake well until mixed well. The mixed tea tree essential oil water can be directly rubbed on the face as a toner or used as a spray. It can be used on any skin, especially oily skin. Spraying it can control oil. (Use within one month)‼ ️

3. If your face secretes too much sebum (so-called whiteheads) in summer, add a drop of tea tree oil to the facial cleanser, make foam and wash your face to reduce sebum secretion. Or drop a drop of tea tree essential oil in a water basin, and wash your face with a drop of tea tree essential oil after washing your face with facial cleanser can also reduce sebum secretion.

4. If the scalp is oily or often has acne or dandruff, when washing hair, add a drop of tea tree oil to the shampoo and then wash the hair, then gently massage the scalp before washing, the scalp problem will gradually improve.

5. Put mineral water or disinfectant water in the spray bottle first, then add 5-10 drops of tea tree oil, shake until mixed, spray on clothes or on your own back and bed to effectively remove mites.

6. Tea tree essential oil (can be used alone)

Tea tree oil

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