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Tremella Polysaccharide CAS 9075-53-0

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Formula Weight: 0

ZSpharmac: Tremella Polysaccharide Raw Material Supplier

Product Name: Tremella Polysaccharide
CAS No: 9075-53-0
Purity: 99%

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Basic Info

Product Name:Tremella Polysaccharide
Other Names:Polyporusumbellatuspolysaccharides
Place of Origin:Shandong, China
Brand Name:ZSpharmac
Type:Cosmetic Raw Materials
Appearance:White Liquid
Provide:Tremella Polysaccharide MSDS;
Tremella Polysaccharide COA

What is Tremella Polysaccharide ?

Tremella polysaccharide is a polysaccharide gotten from deep culture of Tremella fuciformis of subclass Basidiomycota. It is a polysaccharide composed of acidic heteropolysaccharide. It contains xylose, mannose, fucose, glucose, glucuronic acid, etc, with a sugar content of more than 75%. Along with polysaccharides, the prep work additionally contains white powder of spores. Soluble in hot water, insoluble in natural solvents such as alcohol and ether.
Tremella polysaccharide is an immune enhancer, which can improve the body’s immune function as well as increase white blood cells. It is scientifically made use of for leukopenia brought on by lump radiation treatment or radiotherapy and also leukopenia caused by other reasons, and also has a fairly evident effect. It is likewise utilized to treat chronic respiratory disease, with an effective rate of greater than 80%. On top of that, it likewise has anti-aging and also antioxidant results, so it can be utilized in premium cosmetics as a moisturizing and whitening agent. The polysaccharide can be used as an aesthetic additive with hydrating as well as antioxidant effects, contributed to milk drinks to serve as a stabilizer, added to bread to boost its nutritional value, and so on.

The Composition of Tremella Polysaccharide

Tremella polysaccharides (TP) is the primary active ingredient in Tremella fungi. It is a heteropolysaccharide isolated and also cleansed from Tremella fungi fruiting bodies and Tremella cell immersed fermentation spores. Its main chain is mannan polytang made up of α-( 1-3)- glucosidic bonds, and deposits such as glucose, xylose, fucose and also average uronic acid are connected to the 2, 4, and also 6 settings of the major chain. The side chain of its energetic facility is the common architectural part of α-( 1-3)- mannan polytang.
Tremella polysaccharides consist of 5 types: acidic heteropolysaccharides, neutral heteropolysaccharides, cell wall surface polysaccharides, extracellular polysaccharides and acidic oligosaccharides, which do not consist of nucleic acids or healthy protein substances.
1. Acidic heteropolysaccharides
Accounting for around 70% to 75% of the complete polysaccharides of Tremella fuciformis, it is a polymer mainly composed of xylose, mannose as well as glucuronic acid, with a percentage of fucose.
2. Neutral heteropolysaccharides
Accounting for about 20% of the complete polysaccharides of Tremella fuciformis, it is a polymer of xylose, mannose, galactose as well as glucose.
3. Cell wall surface polysaccharide
Two sorts of cell wall surface polysaccharides were isolated from the cell wall of Tremella fuciformis. One of them is an acidic polysaccharide created from the external layer of the cell wall. It is composed of D-glucuronic acid, D-mannose as well as D-xylose, with a molar proportion of 0.5:3.8:1.0., the primary chain is mannose connected by (1-3), as well as there is a branched sugar chain at the 2-position. There are D-xylose, D-mannose and glucuronic acid brief side chains on the branch chain. The various other is an alkaline polysaccharide, containing D-glucose, D-glucuronic acid, D-mannose and also D-xylose, with a molar proportion of 4.3:0.6:2.5:1.0.
4. Extracellular polysaccharides
2 polysaccharides were separated from the cell society medium of Tremella fuciformis stress T-19 and also T-7. These 2 polysaccharides consist of D-glucuronic acid, D-xylose and D-mannose along with percentages of L-fucose and 0-acetyl teams. The structure has a-( 1-3)- linked mannose as the main chain, a branch on C-2, and also a β-D-glucuronic acid and also a solitary or short β-( 1-2) web link on the branch chain. of D-xylose. L-fucose might also develop a single branched chain.
5. Acidic oligosaccharides
In the process of further verifying the structures of acidic heteropolysaccharides AC as well as BC in the fruiting body, 3 homogeneous acidic oligosaccharides (H-1, H-2 and H-3) were separated from them by acidic hydrolysis. Summary, useful attributes, application advancement, unfavorable reactions and preventative measures, dosage types, etc. of Tremella polysaccharide.


Tremella Polysaccharide Uses

1. Food
As a bioactive macromolecular compound, Tremella Polysaccharide is widely used in food applications as well as can be utilized as food fortifiers, anticoagulants, emulsifiers, thickeners, etc. For instance, instant preparation items such as Tremella fuciformis and also red day soup, immediate Tremella fuciformis milk powder, instantaneous Tremella fuciformis soy milk powder, and instantaneous Tremella fuciformis oat meal were developed by taking advantage of Tremella polysaccharide’s excellent rehydration residential properties; Tremella versicolor noodles and also Tremella biscuits were established by utilizing Tremella polysaccharide’s enlarging and also emulsifying properties., Tremella yoghurt and Tremella jelly and also other products These items are made with Tremella polysaccharide as raw material and have specific health-care features via unique strategies and handling approaches.
2. Makeup as well as charm items.
Tremella Polysaccharide not only advertises the body’s immune feature, but additionally has anti-aging and also antioxidant effects. Consequently, it is commonly made use of in high-end cosmetics as a moisturizing and whitening agent. There are four primary classifications of cosmetics and beauty products on the market that make use of Tremella polysaccharides as raw materials, specifically moisturizing masks, beneficial lotions, charm dental fluids as well as slendering pills. “Tremella moistening mask” is made from Tremella polysaccharide as resources, as well as is mixed with various other active ingredients according to various useful demands. It has moisturizing and also hydrating results; “Tremella beneficial cream” is made from Tremella essence and also hydrolyzed pearl liquid as the major raw materials. It has the result of moisturizing as well as regenerating skin, delaying skin aging and also raising the vigor of skin cells; Tremella appeal dental liquid is made of Tremella macromolecular heteropolysaccharide as basic material, which has great effects of moistening intestinal tracts, laxative, boosting bowel irregularity and also losing weight.
3. Medicine
Because Tremella Polysaccharide itself has a complicated framework as well as various kinds, its organic activity mechanism, effectiveness elements, as well as dose-effect as well as structure-activity connections are not yet clear enough, which brings lots of difficulties to the specific research study as well as application of Tremella Polysaccharide in medicine. As a result, the advancement of Tremella Polysaccharide makes use of Tremella Polysaccharide Drug products have actually simply begun, as well as there are not many associated products on the marketplace.
The primary relevant items on the marketplace are, “Tremella sporosaccharide pills” and “Tremella tremella sporosaccharide enteric-coated capsules”, which are generated making use of Tremella fungus polysaccharide divided and also removed through deep fermentation of Tremella fuciformis strains as the major basic material. It has the functions of boosting leukocyte as well as anti-radiation. It can harm as well as improve the body’s immune feature. It can be used for leukopenia brought on by radiotherapy, chemotherapy or other reasons, and also can additionally be used as a supporting therapy for radiation damage; The proportion is matched with a brownish thick liquid that has been properly refined. It has the features of beneficial yin as well as getting rid of the lungs, creating body liquids as well as relieving coughs. It can be made use of for persistent coughing because of lung deficiency, fluid injury and also polydipsia. “Compound Tremella Cod Liver Oil” is a kind of Tremella fuciformis essence. Prescription medications made of resources can be utilized to stop and also deal with VA and also VD deficiencies.

Extraction of Tremella Polysaccharide

Tremella polysaccharide is soluble in water, nonetheless challenging to liquify in high-concentration organic solvents. Scientists made use of this credit to draw out Tremella polysaccharides. Today, several methods are utilized to draw out Tremella polysaccharides, including warm water extraction, alkali elimination, chemical extraction, ultrasonic-assisted removal, and so on.

Warm water removal technique
The warm water removal technique is the earliest well-known process for getting rid of Tremella polysaccharides. Ren Qing et al. researched the hot water removal procedure of Tremella polysaccharide and also uncovered that the absolute best treatment was to remove for 6 humans resources under the conditions of a solid-liquid proportion of 1:50, pH 9, and additionally a temperature level of 90 ° C. The last crude polysaccharide return was 19.08%. The price is reasonably low. Considered that warm water removal is generally used to obtain extracellular polysaccharides, the return of polysaccharides is usually low. Chen Lijuan et al. made use of Tremella fruiting bodies as raw materials in addition to used damp battering integrated with warm water elimination to essence polysaccharides. Under the troubles of 1:60 material-to-liquid proportion in addition to 7 mins of whipping, the return of raw polysaccharides got to 40.57%, which is the conventional solitary method 2.2 times that of water elimination. Duan Chao et al. enhanced the removal problems of Tremella polysaccharide. Via singular variable experiments as well as Box-Behnken comments surface evaluation, the excellent treatment problems were that the material-to-liquid ratio was 1:60, the extraction time was 5.57 h, the extraction temperature degree was 97.18 ° C, and also the yield of Tremella polysaccharide was 20.25%.

Alkali elimination technique
Tremella polysaccharide is a heteropolysaccharide, mainly including neutral polysaccharides as well as acidic polysaccharides. During the water removal procedure, acidic polysaccharides can not be completely liquified as well as can be extracted under alkaline problems. Nevertheless, under alkaline problems, some polysaccharides are conveniently hydrolyzed, which will absolutely affect the return of Tremella polysaccharides. Because of that, the removal procedure needs to be improved. Wu Qiong et al. utilized the water-extraction residue of Tremella fuciformis fruiting bodies as speculative sources to check out the influences of numerous antacids concentrate, extraction times, in addition to liquid-to-solid proportions on the return of Tremella fuciformis polysaccharides, and enhanced the optimum removal troubles for Tremella fuciformis polysaccharides: NaOH focus 0.76 mol · L-1, liquid-to-solid proportion 81.89, extraction time 3.56 h, optimum return 10.72%.

Chemical removal technique
Currently, the most typically utilized method for drawing out Tremella polysaccharides is chemical extraction. The chemical removal approach has light problems, extremely simple removal of contaminants, in addition to high return. Chemical hydrolysis methods commonly use a detailed enzyme of pectinase, cellulase as well as neutral protease. The researchers improved the enzyme elimination technique by making the most of the extraction procedure problems, improving the complex enzyme components, as well as likewise examining the structure and also cell parts of the Tremella polysaccharide. The substance enzyme elimination method is mostly utilized in mix with the extraction method. Sun Chenyu et al. analyzed the ideal procedure troubles for extracting Tremella polysaccharide by compound enzyme removal technique.
Presently, Hou Jianming as well as additionally others have helped and established the reverse elimination program. The yield of extracted Tremella polysaccharide pertains to (55 ± 3) %, which is the highest feasible return of enzymatic elimination of Tremella polysaccharide at this phase.

Ultrasound-assisted removal technique.
The common hot water elimination method has the problems of long removal time, high solvent use, as well as additionally reduced yield of Tremella polysaccharide. In responses to these issues, the scientists pre-treated Tremella polysaccharides, made use of ultrasonic waves to damage the wall surfaces of Tremella fruiting bodies, and also incorporated with the warm water removal method, reduced the extraction procedure time to a fantastic level and also made the energetic parts of Tremella polysaccharides The framework is safeguarded from high temperatures. Wu Zhenya made best use of the extraction conditions of Tremella polysaccharide by water extraction with action area evaluation, and additionally supplemented it with ultrasonic therapy, obtaining a better removal result, which is a lot over the research outcomes of Tremella polysaccharide extracted by water extraction alone.

Isolation and Purification of Tremella Polysaccharide

After the Tremella polysaccharide is removed, it is blended with numerous impurities such as not natural salts as well as healthy proteins. These pollutants need to be removed with a series of processes. Finally, the components of the Tremella polysaccharide are separated to get the pure solitary component of the Tremella polysaccharide. At present, the separation as well as filtration of Tremella polysaccharide mostly takes on the complying with procedure: reduced molecular natural solvent precipitation, deproteinization, decolorization, as well as separation and also filtration of each component of Tremella polysaccharide.

Reduced molecular weight organic solvent rainfall
The principle that polysaccharides are virtually insoluble in high-concentration natural options is made use of to separate soluble pollutants and the majority of polysaccharides. Methanol, ethanol and also acetone are the most frequently used organic solvents. Polysaccharides with reasonably high pureness can be obtained through multiple water dissolutions and alcohol rainfall.

Healthy protein is the major pollutant present in the extraction process of Tremella polysaccharide. In the filtration procedure of Tremella polysaccharide, organic solvent approach is frequently used for deproteinization, to ensure that the polysaccharide activity will certainly not change much. Generally made use of organic solvents consist of trichloroacetic acid, tannic acid, sevage reagent, and so on. On top of that, enzymatic method incorporated with sevage reagent deproteinization has also been reported.

During the extraction process of Tremella polysaccharide, some pigments will be entrained. The visibility of pigments will certainly influence the structure of the polysaccharide and likewise influence the biological task of the polysaccharide. Decolorization approaches consist of hydrogen peroxide technique, adsorption technique, ion exchange resin technique, and so on. Hydrogen peroxide decolorization method can easily shut off polysaccharides, while adsorption technique can conveniently present little bit pollutants, influencing the quality of the final product. The ion exchange resin decolorization process only makes use of water as the solvent. It has solid decolorization ability without impacting the activity as well as return of polysaccharides. Compared with the hydrogen peroxide method and also adsorption method, it has huge adsorption capacity, fast adsorption speed, It has the advantages of steady physical and also chemical buildings as well as is a frequently made use of decolorization method of Tremella polysaccharide.

Separation and filtration of each component
Tremella polysaccharide is a mix that mostly includes 5 polysaccharides. In order to much better research the organic activity of each part, it is needed to separate as well as purify the components of Tremella polysaccharide to acquire a consistent polysaccharide. Common polysaccharide separation as well as purification approaches include: natural solvent fractionated rainfall technique, metal complicated approach, salting out technique, quaternary ammonium salt precipitation approach, organic salt rainfall approach, ion exchange column chromatography, and also ultrafiltration approach. Among them, one of the most widely utilized separation technique is ion exchange column chromatography. Ion exchange column chromatography frequently makes use of cellulose or dextran gel as the stationary stage, uses acid groups as cationic adsorbents or amino teams as anionic adsorbents. Not just can polysaccharides be separated and also cleansed, however additionally polysaccharides can be concentrated as well as desalted. This separation approach can not only make sure the task of polysaccharides, but likewise save energy and also be pollution-free, so it is widely used.

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