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Rose Attar Oil CAS 8007-01-0

Molecular Formula: NULL

Formula Weight: 0

ZSpharmac: Rose Attar Oil Supplement

Product Name: Rose Attar Oil
CAS No: 8007-01-0
Purity: 99%

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Basic Info

Product Name:Rose Attar Oil
Other Names:Rose Oil
Place of Origin:Shandong, China
Brand Name:ZSpharmac
Type:Cosmetic Raw Materials
Appearance:Colorless or Yellow Thick Essential Oil
EINECS No.:290-260-3
Provide:Rose Attar Oil MSDS;
Rose Attar Oil COA

What is Rose Attar Oil?

Rose has rich cultural connotation and practical value. Its flower tastes sweet, slightly bitter, slightly warm in nature, and belongs to the liver, spleen, and stomach meridians, and is fragrant and scattered. The annual output of Rose Attar Oil in China is about 100kg; Damascus rose: also known as Turkic rose. Scientific name RosadamascenaMill. Native to Asia Minor, mainly Bulgaria. Bulgarian rose oil accounts for the world’s largest production; 100-leaf rose: also known as May rose. Scientific name Rosacentifolial. The main origin is France and Morocco; the black rose: scientific name Rosatheahydrida. Flowers are purple. Zhejiang has a certain cultivation area, and the annual output of Mohong extract is about 1000kg. Rose Attar Oil is a light yellow or yellow-red liquid. It is an essential oil obtained by steam distillation of rose flowers. The oil yield is 0.02% to 0.04%. There are many varieties of roses, which meet the requirements of spice as follows: Crinkle-leaf rose: scientific name RosarugosaThunb. Rose oil is called liquid gold, and 275 components of rose oil have been identified.

Rose Attar Oil is a loving essential oil, best used when you’re depressed and your chest is tight. Apply the blended essential oil to the chest or abdomen and massage with your hands, feel the aroma of roses with your body, and relieve the stagnant emotions! Rose Attar Oil delays aging, improves wrinkles, treats eczema and acne, conditions sensitive skin, promotes cell regeneration, firmes and conditions inflamed skin. It can make women feel positive about themselves, treat women’s menstrual cycle diseases, and nourish cells.

Rose Attar Oil Properties:

Melting point 60-70 °C(lit.)
Boiling point 176 °C
density 0.964 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
refractive index n20/D 1.5040(lit.)
Fp 150 °F
storage temp. 2-8°C


Rose Attar Oil Uses

  1. Rose Attar Oil is an allowed edible seasoning defined in GB 2760-96. It is utilized to prepare tastes such as apricot, peach, apple, mulberry, strawberry as well as plum, generally made use of in sweet white wine, tobacco (particularly chewing cigarette), sweet, and so on.
  2. Rose Attar Oil can be utilized for scenting tea, soaking white wine, and making rose sauce for supply and also demand for pastry. It can additionally be utilized to create different tastes. Because of its high rate, it is just made use of to create premium cosmetic tastes.
  3. Rose Attar Oil is extensively used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and also other industries: anti-bacterial, antispasmodic, antiseptic, purifying, sedative, restorative.

Nine uses of Rose Attar Oil

1. Spray
Method: Put 3~5 drops of Rose Attar Oil into a spray bottle of about 30 ml of purified water, shake well and then use.
Efficacy: It can not only help moisturizing and moisturizing the skin, but also can be sprayed on clothes to remove odor and odor.

2. Gargle
Method: Put 2~3 drops of essential oil into a water glass and stir well before gargling. Hold it in your mouth for 10 seconds, spit it out, and use up the entire glass of water.
Efficacy: Not only can help keep breath fresh, but also can protect teeth and eliminate oral inflammation.

3. Aromatherapy
Method: Add an appropriate amount of water to the aromatherapy lamp or water oxygen machine, and then drop 1-2 drops of Rose Attar Oil to let the aroma of the essential oil slowly diffuse into the air.
Efficacy: It can effectively relieve fatigue, soothe the body and mind, let the whole person return to the most primitive posture, promote sleep, and calm emotions.

4. Take a bath
Method: Add a few drops of Rose Attar Oil to the bath water, stir well and then take a bath, the time can be controlled within half an hour.
Efficacy: It can not only help to promote blood circulation, enhance the elasticity of blood vessels, regulate body functions, but also help relieve physical and mental fatigue. Taking a bath before going to bed can also promote sleep.

5. Soak feet
Practice: Add hot water with a water temperature of about 40 ℃ to the basin, about the height of the ankle, drop 1 drop of Rose Attar Oil into the water, stir well and soak your feet.
Efficacy: It can not only improve the blood circulation of the legs, but also relieve the fatigue of the feet and relieve the pressure.

6. Wash your face
Method: Add 1~2 drops of Rose Attar Oil to the face wash, then use the method of washing your face with water or directly use a face towel dipped in rose essential oil water and apply it to your face.
Efficacy: Not only can help delay skin aging, enhance skin elasticity, but also help lighten spots and whiten skin.

7. Massage
Method: After mixing Rose Attar Oil and base oil, pour out the essential oil and massage on the skin.
Efficacy: Not only can it help promote the body’s metabolism, accelerate the discharge of toxins and wastes, but also strengthen the central nervous system of the brain, relieve muscle soreness, and can also beautify skin care, lose weight and so on.

8. Shampoo
Method: Mix 2~5 drops of Rose Attar Oil with shampoo and wash your hair, or prepare a massage oil with essential oil and base oil in a ratio of 1:10, apply and massage your scalp and hair after washing your hair, and then use Wrap the hair with a damp towel for about 20 minutes and then wash it off.
Efficacy: It can not only improve the blood circulation of the scalp, improve the nutritional status of the head, but also help to improve dry hair, frizz, split ends and other problems.

9. Drop the belly button
Practice: Mix Rose Attar Oil and base oil in a ratio of 1:1, and then drop 1 drop on the navel every day.
Efficacy: Not only can it help improve intestinal function, regulate the body’s immunity, but also help relieve women’s menstrual discomfort, menopause discomfort, etc.

Rose Attar Oil Extraction Process

1) Put 100kg of fresh roses picked in a cool place for 4 hours;
2) Add 500kg of drinking water into the still, and adjust the pH value to 3.0 with commercially available industrial-grade hydrochloric acid, add 0.25kg of commercially-available industrial-grade cellulase into the water, stir evenly, and put in the 100kg rose flower of step 1). Destroy the cellulose, pectin, etc. of rose plant tissue through biological enzymes, thereby opening the channel of rose plant tissue, which is conducive to the entry of water vapor into the cells and the rose oil is brought out, thereby improving the yield;
3) Passing steam into the jacket of the still kettle as usual, to heat the solution in the still kettle to 35°C, and keep it warm for 2.5 hours, so as to activate the biological activity of the enzyme by heating up and keeping warm, so that it can fully exert its enzymatic hydrolysis effect, so that the The water vapor enters the cells smoothly and brings the rose oil out;
4) Passing steam into the distillation still as usual, heating the solution in the still to 60°C, vacuuming the still to a vacuum degree of 0.8Mpa, and performing reduced pressure steam distillation, so as to reduce the temperature and reduce the pressure conditions. Then, extract rose oil quickly, and keep the original components and aroma of Rose Attar Oil as much as possible, improve the quality of rose oil, collect the distillate, cool and place until the oil layer and leaching liquid are separated;
5) Add salt to the leachate in step 4) until the mass concentration of salt reaches 15%, stir until the salt dissolves, and freeze at -10°C for 3 hours to reduce the solubility of Rose Attar Oil in water, and separate the oil layer and the slipping fluid;
6) Return the distillate of step 5) to participate in distillation in step 2), so as to make full use of the distillate containing table salt and reduce the solubility of rose oil in water;
7) Combine the oil layers of steps 4) and 5) to obtain 35.5g of Rose Attar Oil with a yield of 0.036%, which is higher than that of rose oil obtained by conventional steam method (with a yield of 0.015 to 0.025%). It is 1.44 times the conventional yield, with excellent aroma and mellow taste.

Company Profile and Corporate Culture

Company Profile:

ZhiShang Chemical is owned by ZhiShang Group is a professional new-type chemicals enterprise combined into research and development, production and sales .

The company’s competitive product is pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates (especially carbohydrate derivatives Series), In recent years, the company has made a major breakthrough in food and feed additives, plant extraction, industrial chemicals industry .

The company insists on the spirit of “sincere management, strict quality control, customer as god” , get consistent high praise from customers at home and abroad.

Corporate Culture:

Help China Chemicals to benefit the happiness of human life
Become the most trusted chemical supplier in the world
Striver – oriented, enrich employees, customer first, deep service, seek development
Be prepared for danger in times of peace, forge ahead actively, unity and cooperation, and be brave to fight

About Us

The production base is located in Zhangqiu chemical industry park and Tai’an high-tech chemical industry park. laboratory and workshop in strict accordance with the GMP standard and the product fit national ISO9001 and ISO2000 standards.

“Zhishang” products are exported to Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa area, so as to establish a long-term and stable cooperation relationship with customer in the world.

Company Info
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Product Range: Additive , Chemical Auxiliary & Catalyst , Organic Chemicals
  • Products/Service: Organic Intermediate,Inorganic Chemistry, APIs, Dyestuffs And Pigments, Fragrance And Spices, Food Additives
  • Total Employees: 51~100
  • Capital (Million US $): 10000000RMB
  • Year Established: 2016
Production Capacity
  • No. of Production Lines : 8
  • No. of QC Staff : 5 -10 People
  • OEM Services Provided : yes
  • Factory Size (Sq.meters) : 3,000-5,000 square meters
  • Certificate: ISO9001 , CE , GMP , API , MSDS
  • Factory Location : Diao Town Industry Park, Zhangqiu City, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China.


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