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Powdered Erythritol CAS 149-32-6

Molecular Formula: C4H10O4

Formula Weight: 122.12

ZSpharmac: Powdered Erythritol Supplement

Product Name: Powdered Erythritol
CAS No: 149-32-6
Purity: 99%

Basic Info

Product Name:Powdered Erythritol
Other Names:Erythritol
Place of Origin:Shandong, China
Brand Name:ZSpharmac
Type:Organic Intermediate
Appearance:White to off-White Crystalline Powder or Crystals
EINECS No.:205-737-3
Provide:Powdered Erythritol MSDS;
Powdered Erythritol COA

What is Powdered Erythritol?

Powdered Erythritol  is a zero-calorie, great-tasting bulk sweetener for a variety of sugar-free and reduced-calorie foods and beverages. Powdered Erythritol has actually become part of the human diet for countless years as well as is located in fruits and various other foods. Powdered Erythritol is extremely absorbable as well as does not cause a glycemic response, so it appropriates for diabetics, and also it does not promote tooth decay.
Powdered Erythritol has a caloric value of 0 calories/gram, as well as a high degree of digestion tolerance sets it in addition to various other polyols. Powdered Erythritol is quickly absorbed by the small intestine and also swiftly absorbed by the body within 1 day, so the laxative adverse effects that can accompany extreme intake of polyols are not likely to occur when consuming foods consisting of erythritol.

Powdered Erythritol Properties:

Melting point 118-120 °C (lit.)
Boiling point 329-331 °C (lit.)
density 1,451 g/cm3
refractive index 1.4502 (estimate)
Fp 329-331°C
storage temp. -20°C
solubility H2O: 0.1 g/mL, clear to almost clear, colorless
pka13.9(at 25℃)
form Crystalline Powder or Crystals
color White to off-white
Water Solubility soluble


Powdered Erythritol Uses

  1. Powdered Erythritol is used in low-calorie sweeteners; diluent for high-intensity sweeteners. It can be used in chocolate, bakery products, candy, table sugar, soft drinks, etc., with a maximum usage of 3%.
  2. Powdered Erythritol is used in sweeteners; humectants; fragrance enhancers; texture modifiers; molding aids.
  3. Allelic transformation of Powdered Erythritol for the Tas1r3 gene affects taste responses to sucrose. is a T1R3 receptor ligand.

Powdered Erythritol Preparation

(1) Production of broken rice syrup
Wash the broken rice, the by-product of indica rice, pick out the impurities in the broken rice, soak it in 40°C water for 2 hours, refine it with a refiner, the fineness is 40 mesh, and add water to adjust the concentration to 20°Bé. get broken rice milk;
Add liquid high temperature resistant α-amylase to the broken rice milk, and add 160 mL of high temperature resistant α-amylase per ton of broken rice. Use a high-temperature jet liquefier for liquefaction, the first injection temperature is 105 °C, and the pressure is maintained for 15 minutes. The temperature of the second injection was 130°C, and the pressure was maintained for 2 minutes. After cooling to 100℃, pump it into the laminar flow tank, add the same high temperature resistant α-amylase reaction again, add 240mL of high temperature resistant α-amylase per ton of broken rice, the reaction time is 90min, the reaction temperature is 100℃, when the solid content is The reaction end point is reached at 20%, and the broken rice liquefaction solution is obtained;
After the broken rice liquefaction liquid is cooled, the pH value is adjusted to pH 4 with dilute hydrochloric acid, saccharification enzyme is added, 1000g of saccharification enzyme is added per ton of broken rice, the saccharification time is 60h, and the saccharification temperature is 60°C to prepare the broken rice saccharification liquid;
Use a filter press to filter the broken rice saccharification solution, the temperature of the filter press is 60°C, and the pressure is 0.25MPa. The broken rice sugar solution is prepared, and the broken rice sugar solution is pumped into two storage tanks respectively, one storage tank is used as a secondary seed medium substrate, and the other storage tank is used as a fermentation medium substrate for standby use.
(2) Preparation of erythritol fermentation broth
Select Moniliella acetoabutans ATCC 18455 as the starting strain;
After sterilization of the shake flask medium, a strain of Moniliella acetoabutans ATCC 18455 was added, and the culture was shaken at 30°C for 24h. The shake flask medium formula is: glucose 200g/L, corn steep liquor dry powder 3g/L, and urea 5g/L. The first-class seeds were obtained after the microscopic examination of the bacteria and the OD value and other indicators reached the standard;
Add 10g/L of potassium dihydrogen phosphate and 5g/L of magnesium sulfate to the broken rice sugar solution in one of the storage tanks, sterilize it at 120°C for 15min, pump it into the secondary seed tank, cool it to 30°C and then insert the primary seeds. 5% of the inoculum. The sterile air was filtered and sterilized and passed into the fermentation tank. The tank pressure was 0.5MPa, the ventilation volume was 0.5vvm, and the culture conditions were the tank temperature of 30°C, the rotation speed of 200r/min, and the culture time of 24h. After the microscopic examination of the bacteria and the OD value and other indicators meet the standards, the secondary seed liquid is obtained;
Add 10g/L of potassium dihydrogen phosphate, 5g/L of magnesium sulfate, 5g/L of manganese sulfate, and 0.05% of soaked rice to the broken rice sugar solution in another storage tank, then sterilize it at 120°C for 15min and pump it into the fermenter. After 30 ℃, the secondary seed solution was inserted, and the inoculation amount was 10%. The fermentation conditions were the tank temperature of 28°C. The sterile air was filtered and sterilized and passed into the fermentation tank. The tank pressure was 0.05MPa, the ventilation rate was 1vvm, the rotation speed was 400r/min, and the fermentation time was 100h. When the glucose concentration dropped to 0.5%, the fermentation end point was reached, and the erythritol-containing fermentation broth was obtained, wherein the erythritol content was 135 g/L, and the erythritol conversion rate was 43.3%.
(3) Refinement of erythritol products
After pumping the fermented liquid into the storage tank, use a plate and frame filter press for coarse filtration to remove bacteria, proteins and other substances in the fermented liquid, so as to reduce the ultrafiltration pressure. filtrate;
The crude filtrate is subjected to an ultrafiltration operation, and the membrane molecular weight cut off is 1000D to remove the remaining macromolecular substances such as bacteria, proteins, nucleic acids, and colloidal particles in the fermentation broth. The operating temperature is normal temperature, and the ultrafiltration pressure is 0.2MPa. ;
The ultrafiltrate was further nanofiltered, and the membrane molecular weight cut off was 200D to remove pigments, nucleotides, amino acids, short peptides, some salt ions, etc. in the fermentation broth. The operating temperature was 40°C, the nanofiltration pressure was 2MPa, and the concentration ratio was 15. times, to obtain nanofiltrate; the obtained nanofiltrate is concentrated to 20% of the original volume liquid by a multi-effect falling film evaporator, and then sent to the crystallization tank, and the crystallization tank retains 10% of the seeds. The total crystallization time is 60h, including 12h for growing the crystal and 48h for cooling and crystallization. The product is obtained after conventional centrifugal separation, dry packaging, and the obtained erythritol crystal is a white crystalline powder with a sucrose sweetness, no peculiar smell, a moisture content of 0.05%, and a purity of 99% erythritol.

Application of Powdered Erythritol in Food

Erythritol has good physical and chemical properties and biological activity, and has wide applications and good prospects in food processing industry, pharmaceutical industry, daily chemical industry and many other fields.
Erythritol has been widely used in the food industry in recent years due to its low melting point, low calorie, low hygroscopicity, good sweetness coordination, more heat absorption during dissolution, and high stability to acid and heat.
This unique metabolic feature makes erythritol safe for special consumer groups with limited sugar, such as diabetic patients. Therefore, erythritol is widely used in functional foods and beverages for special populations such as diabetes, glucose intolerance, and obesity.
Erythritol has good crystallization properties. Wang Hairong et al. prepared an erythritol-honey solid-state compound product by a melt co-crystallization method, which retained the natural ingredients of honey and solved the problems in honey processing, transportation and storage. . In addition, the erythritol-honey co-crystal also has the advantages of good instant solubility, uniform taste, and convenient consumption, which is more convenient for the application of honey.
In the food processing industry, it is often necessary to add some natural sugar alcohol compounds, which can not only improve some functional properties of dehydrated foods and proteins, but also stabilize and protect biological macromolecules in solution, inhibit the formation of macromolecular aggregates, and inhibit air -Protein denaturation at the water interface and improving the stability of protein emulsions under different environmental factors. Erythritol, as a promising natural sweetener, has attracted more and more attention in the food industry. Zhou Xiangjun et al. found that moderate addition of erythritol in the separation and extraction of pea protein can not only effectively improve the structure of pea protein isolate, but also improve its functional properties such as foaming, water-holding, emulsifying and surface hydrophobicity. , which provides a theoretical basis for the large-scale and in-depth application of pea protein extraction in the food industry.
Therefore, at present, erythritol has been added to the formulation of some collagen products to improve the taste.
1. Sweets
Erythritol is a zero-calorie sweetener. In the formulation of sweets, erythritol can replace sucrose to significantly reduce its calorie, improve the flavor and shape of the product, increase the stability of the product, and prevent the food from being in the production process. Browning and decomposition occurs. Ice cream products contain a lot of sugar, which is not conducive to the consumption of diabetics, obese patients and patients with high blood lipids and hypertension. Adding erythritol and other sweeteners in the formula of ice cream is beneficial to reduce the calorie of ice cream, bring a cool and refreshing taste, and can significantly mask the bitterness and sweetness of a variety of sweeteners. The taste is pure. In chocolate food, in addition to reducing the heat brought by chocolate, erythritol’s low moisture absorption solves the problem of chocolate blooming due to moisture absorption during the production process, and at the same time shortens the processing time to a large extent.
2. Bakery products
With the rise of the concept of “green baking”, erythritol is used to replace part of sucrose in baked products to maintain a good taste, while also preventing moisture and extending the shelf life of food. Kraft has added erythritol to its Oreo line, which reduces the calorie content of cookies and adds a unique refreshing taste.
In baked goods, the low hygroscopicity of erythritol can prevent the food from absorbing moisture and prolong the shelf life of the food. At the same time, erythritol can reduce its calories in baked goods, harmonize the taste, replace part of sucrose, and reduce sugar content, which not only conforms to the contemporary concept of healthy life, but also makes baked goods have good porosity and softness. In order to develop new low-sugar healthy bakery products, Zhang Wei et al. The results showed that under the optimal parameters, the cookies obtained were complete in shape, golden in color and taste. Crispy and well-organized.
3. Dairy products
Han Jianjiao and others optimized the process conditions of erythritol-fermented red soybean milk through single factor and orthogonal experiments, and found that under the optimal process conditions, the free amino nitrogen content of fermented red soybean milk could reach 1.574 mol/L, and the sensory evaluation was good. Erythritol with lower osmotic pressure can inhibit lactic acid fermentation and prolong product shelf life and shelf life.
4. Beverage products
Now more and more low-sugar and low-calorie beverages and sweets such as candy, chewing gum, and chocolate use erythritol to meet market needs and meet consumer health requirements. It has been reported in the literature that adding erythritol to lemon juice beverages not only improves the taste of the beverages, but also protects the vitamins in the beverages and prolongs the shelf life.
Ou Zhifeng et al. used jasmine tea and black tea as raw materials, added compound natural sweeteners xylitol, erythritol and Luo Han Guo extract, determined the tea extraction process conditions through orthogonal experiments, and determined the sugar-free tea beverage through sensory evaluation. The formula, after the deployment, the tea taste is fragrant and the taste is rich. Erythritol has a pleasant cooling feeling in the entrance, which can increase the sweetness of the product, reduce the bitterness and astringency of the tea, and at the same time can mask the peculiar smell.

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