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Pigment Green 18 CAS 569-64-2

Molecular Formula: C23H25ClN2

Formula Weight: 364.91

ZSpharmac: Pigment Green 18 Supplement

Product Name: Pigment Green 18
CAS No: 569-64-2
Purity: 99%

Basic Info

Product Name:Pigment Green 18
Other Names:Malachite Green
Place of Origin:Shandong, China
Brand Name:ZSpharmac
Type:Dye Intermediates
Appearance:Brown Solid
EINECS No.:209-322-8
Provide:Pigment Green 18 MSDS;
Pigment Green 18 COA

What is Pigment Green 18?

Pigment Green 18 is a toxic triphenylmethane synthetic organic compound, both a dye and a disinfectant, which can cause cancer. It can be prepared by mixing 1 mol (mol) of benzaldehyde and 2 mol of xylene amine under the mixing of concentrated hydrochloric acid, heating and condensing into a cryptochrome base, adding lead peroxide under acidity to oxidize it, and precipitating the pigment in the solution. alkali.
Although called Pigment Green 18, it does not actually contain malachite (hydrated basic copper carbonate), but the two are similar in color. Malachite is mainly used for copper extraction and as a pigment, and is not used in aquaculture.

In 1992, Canada found that if humans eat fish containing Pigment Green 18, it will have a significant impact on health, mainly because the trityl group in Pigment Green 18 can cause liver cancer. Therefore, malachite green is listed as the second category of dangerous goods, and many countries have banned it. However, due to the low production cost and ease of use of malachite green, many countries with weaker supervision are still using it. Some fishermen use it to prevent and control fish infection with fungi, and some transporters use it for disinfection, so as to prolong the long-distance transportation of fish. survival time in .

Although the Ministry of Agriculture of China listed Pigment Green 18 in the List of Prohibited Veterinary Drugs and Their Compounds for Food Animals in May 2002, in August 2005, eel products exported from Fujian, Jiangxi and Anhui were still found to contain Malachite green was first ordered by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China. A few days later, a variety of freshwater fish were found to contain malachite green in Hong Kong. Therefore, mainland China banned all freshwater fish from exporting to Hong Kong. On September 1 of the same year, malachite green was detected in samples of blue-spotted sea fish from Taiwan in Hong Kong. The Fisheries Administration of the Republic of China stated that it would conduct targeted inspections.

Pigment Green 18 Properties:

Melting point 158-160°C
Boiling point 520.91°C (rough estimate)
density 1.0448 (rough estimate)
refractive index 1.5940 (estimate)
storage temp. Refrigerator
solubility Solubility Very soluble in water; soluble in ethanol, methanol, amyl alcohol
Colour Index 42000
form Solid
pka6.90(at 25℃)
color Brown
PH Range0(green)-2(green-blue)
λmax615nm, 425nm


Pigment Green 18 Uses

  1. Pigment Green 18 has a wide range of industrial applications, mainly used for dyeing cotton, wool, linen products, leather, ceramic products, etc. In addition, malachite green has a significant killing effect on fish parasites and mold in fish eggs, so it is also widely used. in aquaculture.
  2. Pigment Green 18 is used for dyeing hemp, silk, acrylic fabrics and straw products, as well as bamboo, wood, etc. It can also be made into various lakes and pigments.
  3. Pigment Green 18 host staining for plant virus infection, bacterial spore staining, erythrocyte, roundworm egg staining; bacteriostatic or amoebicidal agents; bacterial polysaccharide reagents; clinical diagnostic reagents (determination of inorganic phosphates); gallium, tantalum , Photometric determination of antimony, catalytic photometric determination of tungsten; spot test of sulfite and cerium, tungsten; acid-base indicator, pH0.0 (yellow) ~ 2.0 (green), 11.6 (blue-green) ~ 14 (colorless) ; redox indicator.
  4. Pigment Green 18 is used as a biological stain.
  5. Pigment Green 18 is used for dyeing acrylic fiber, silk, wool, dianhydride fiber, tannin mordant cotton fiber and making lake and solvent dye.
  6. Pigment Green 18 is widely used in the coloring of building materials, paints, plastics, etc.
  7. Pigment Green 18 is used in the glass and enamel industry.

Pigment Green 18 Other Applications

A method for making a pine branch specimen, comprising the following steps: 1. collecting pine branches with pine needles, and dehydrating the collected pine branches; 2. preparing a 5% malachite Pigment Green 18 solution; 3. immersing the pine branches completely in Malachite green solution; 4. Take out the dyed pine branches, dry the surface water with absorbent paper, and then soak them in glycerol; 5. Take out the pine branches and dry the surface glycerin of the pine branches with absorbent paper to complete the pine branch specimens. The invention uses alkaline malachite green to dye the pine branches, and uses glycerin to soften the dyed pine branches. The purpose is to use the alkaline Pigment Green 18 to dye the pine needles containing turpentine into green. , and does not fade; the pine needles are softened by glycerin to keep the pine needles in a more natural state.

CN201310475312.3 discloses a method for measuring phosphorus content in water and relates to a chemical measuring method. It includes: adding 2.0 mg/L standard phosphorus solution, 2.0 mol/L sulfuric acid solution and 0.14 mol/L ammonium molybdate solution to water, mixing and shaking well, after standing at room temperature for 10 min, then adding microemulsion, 1.10 mL0.10% Pigment Green 18, diluted with water to the mark, shaken well, let stand for 70min at room temperature, measure its absorbance at 650nm wavelength, and calculate the phosphorus content by linear regression equation; among them, phosphorus standard solution, sulfuric acid solution, ammonium molybdate The volume ratio of solution, microemulsion and malachite green was 1:1.7:0.8. The invention has high sensitivity and good accuracy. The formed complex has long stability time and few interfering ions, can be used for the detection of phosphorus content in various water samples, and also has broad application prospects for the determination of other samples.

CN201410345606.9 discloses a method for measuring antimony content in polyester chips. That is, the traditional Pigment Green 18 spectrophotometry was improved and applied to the determination of antimony content in polyester chips for film. Under acidic conditions, low-valent antimony is oxidized to pentavalent antimony, and then reacts with malachite green to form a green complex, which is extracted with isoamyl acetate, and the corresponding absorbance is measured at 625 nm with a 1 cm cuvette, and the concentration of antimony From 0.0ug/mL to 10.0ug/mL, it conforms to Beer’s law. The present invention adopts the method of dry ashing and then dissolving with sulfuric acid in the sample treatment, so that the sample is completely dissolved; in the present invention, sodium citrate and isoamyl acetate are firstly added in the operation, and then malachite green solution is added to make the generated The complex immediately enters the isoamyl acetate layer, avoiding the instability of the green complex formed by antimony and Pigment Green 18 in water; the analytical instrument adopted in the present invention is a universal ultraviolet spectrophotometer, which reduces the cost of analysis.

Pigment Green 18 Wastewater Treatment

Pigment Green 18 can be toxic to fish and shrimp in water, and can cause teratogenic, carcinogenic, and mutagenic effects on mammals and humans through the food chain, and promote tumor growth. Therefore, this substance is widely used in terrestrial and aquatic ecology. Bioaccumulation in systems has implications for both the environment and human health. Therefore, the treatment of Pigment Green 18 wastewater has become a top priority. A method for degrading Pigment Green 18 wastewater, the method comprises the following steps:

(1) Settling the malachite green wastewater grid;

(2) Heat the Pigment Green 18 wastewater treated in step 1 to 15°C, adjust the pH to 4, and filter after 1 hour; Fe2+, Fe3+, Ca2+, etc. in the wastewater form precipitates, which are filtered out, and the filtrate obtained by filtration is subjected to the next step;

(3) The filtrate treated symphonious 2 is used as the electrolyte, the titanium electrode is used as the reduction electrode, the saturated calomel electrode is used as the recommendation electrode, and also the platinum electrode is used as the functioning electrode; and also the reduction voltage is -0.9 V under the problem of minimizing 5 hrs, the malachite eco-friendly wastewater undertakes an electrochemical reduction response, resulting in leuco-Pigment Green 18 precipitation. Filtering system the lowered electrolyte to obtain leuco-malachite green crystals;

( 4) The filteringed system wastewater is electrochemically oxidized again. The oxidation electrode utilized is BDD electrode, the saturated calomel electrode is utilized as the reference electrode, and also the platinum electrode is utilized as the functioning electrode; under the condition of oxidation voltage of 1.0 V, 5 hrs, to make sure that the rest of the organic matter is oxidized.

The leuco-malachite green crystals were obtained after the degradation in this instance, the yield was 60%, and also the COD in the water after electrochemical oxidation treatment was 50 mg/L.

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