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Nicotinamide Idi CAS 98-92-0

Molecular Formula: C6H6N2O

Formula Weight: 122.12

ZSpharmac: Nicotinamide Idi Supplement

Product Name: Nicotinamide Idi
CAS No: 98-92-0
Purity: 99%

Basic Info

Product Name:Nicotinamide Idi
Other Names:Nicotinamide
Place of Origin:Shandong, China
Brand Name:ZSpharmac
Type:Cosmetic Raw Materials
Appearance:White Powder
EINECS No.:202-713-4
Provide:Nicotinamide Idi MSDS;
Nicotinamide Idi COA

What is Nicotinamide Idi?

Nicotinamide Idi coenzyme II (nicotinamide adenine dinuclear The Nicotinamide Idi part of these two coenzyme frameworks in the body has relatively easy to fix hydrogenation as well as dehydrogenation characteristics, plays a hydrogen transfer duty in biological oxidation, as well as can advertise tissue respiration and also organic oxidation. procedures and also metabolic process, which are very important for preserving the stability of regular tissues, especially the skin, digestive tract and nerves. When it wants, pellagra is caused as a result of the impact of cell respiration and metabolic rate, so this product is mainly used for the prevention and also treatment of pellagra, stomatitis, glossitis, and so on.

Nicotinamide Idi Properties:

Melting point 128-131 °C(lit.)
Boiling point 150-160 °C
density 1.40
vapor density 4.22 (vs air)
refractive index 1.4660 (estimate)
Fp 182 °C
storage temp. 2-8°C
solubility 691g/l
form powder
pka3.3(at 20℃)
color white
PH6.0-7.5 (50g/l, H2O, 20℃)
PH Range9
Water Solubility 1000 g/L (20 ºC)


Nicotinamide Idi Uses

  1. Nicotinamide Idi is used in vitamin medications, participating in the metabolic process in the body, and is made use of to stop and deal with niacin deficiency such as pellagra.
  2. Nicotinamide Idi is made use of in skin care items to stop harsh skin, keep skin cell wellness and also promote skin whitening. Used in hair treatment, it can promote blood flow in the scalp, healthy hair follicles, promote hair growth, and stop baldness.
  3. Nicotinamide Idi is made use of for biochemical study; the nutrient composition of cells culture tool; the medical medication is vitamin B group, which is used for the prevention and treatment of pellagra, stomatitis, glossitis as well as various other illness.
  4. Nicotinamide Idi coincides as niacin. The water solubility is much better than that of niacin, yet it is easy to form a facility with vitamin C and agglomerate. The dosage is 30-80mg/ kg.
  5. Nicotinamide Idi is used in biochemical studies. Prepare cells culture tool. pharmaceutical industry.
  6. Nicotinamide Idi is an amide derivative of vitamin B3 as well as a PARP inhibitor.

How Much Do You Know About Nicotinamide Idi?

Nicotinamide Idi is one of the skin care ingredients of very good oil, and it is a very prosperous family in the big village of skin care. Moreover, unlike VC, which has many branches (derivatives), Nicotinamide Idi does not actually have so many branches, but it is a very prosperous family.
Essentially, Nicotinamide Idi is a derivative of vitamin B3 (niacin), so you may see brands promoting “cellular-grade B3 repair factor” or something like that. The people in the marketing department, you know…

The role of Nicotinamide Idi in skin care is mainly divided into the following aspects:
Oil control, acne suppression

Anti-aging, improve fine lines

Repair and enhance skin barrier function

Whitening and lightening pigmentation

Although the effects seem to be many, the specific principles are still somewhat different.
So, let’s talk about the details of these skin care benefits👇

1. Oil control
In fact, oil control is the one with the least research results among the various effects of Nicotinamide Idi. Although the oil control effect of Nicotinamide Idi has been mentioned in many places, from the published research, few related studies can be found to explain its principle. part is even less.
We also mentioned this situation in the article on oil control before. Clinical experiments have shown that topical 2% Nicotinamide Idi has a certain effect on controlling oil secretion, but many clinical studies are not responsible for explaining the mechanism and principle, so what is it? Why, I didn’t find it either.
If you are still willing to try the oil control effect of Nicotinamide Idi, The Ordinary’s 10% niacinamide + 1% Zn is a good choice. Although many people have a lot of debate on whether it is really necessary to add nicotinamide to 10%, and whether its oil control effect is the role of Nicotinamide Idi or the role of Zn, but judging from the previous comments after our article, its oil control effect is also controversial. The oil control effect is still worth looking forward to.

2. Anti-aging, improve fine lines (anti-free radicals)
We have mentioned many times before that different ingredients have different ideas when dealing with the theme of “anti-aging”. For Nicotinamide Idi, it is achieved from the perspective of “anti-oxidation”.
But the “antioxidant” of Nicotinamide Idi is not like VC to kill the enemy on the front line. Nicotinamide Idi is the precursor of a class of important substances in the human body, NAD/NADP. Studies have found that after the use of nicotinamide, the content of NADPH in the reduced form of this substance in the skin will increase, thereby increasing the amount of skin from keratin to collagen. The synthesis speed and number of species.
For example, Xiulike’s Nicotinamide Idi multi-effect repair lotion is mainly prepared for this effect.

3. Repair skin barrier function
Nicotinamide Idi has also been studied for the repair of skin barrier function. In principle, there are two main aspects:
Promote the synthesis of ceramides in the skin;

Accelerates the differentiation of keratinocytes;

The reason why Nicotinamide Idi can promote the synthesis of ceramide is that it can enhance (biochemically called “positive regulation”) the activity of serine palmitoyltransferase, which most affects the speed and efficiency (biochemically called the rate-limiting enzyme) in the synthesis process. .
When the NADP in the skin is insufficient, the skin will show signs of “aging”, the renewal rate will slow down, and the skin will also have poor gloss and weakened protective function.
As a result, Nicotinamide Idi, as the antioxidant feature mentioned above, accelerates the differentiation of keratinocytes and promotes keratin metabolism by increasing NADP, so that the skin protection function that began to fail becomes normal again.
Studies have found that from these two aspects, the skin’s moisture loss is reduced and the skin is more resistant to external stimuli.
For example, Sesderma’s Nicotinamide Idi body lotion is advertised as a “whitening body lotion” in my country (the whitening effect is overwhelming in our country, I can understand the difficulties of market students…), but the original intention of this product design is actually For skin conditions like dermatitis that need repairing.
The whitening principle of niacinamide is mainly in two aspects:

Inhibit the production of tyrosinase;

Accelerates keratin metabolism, controls melanin transport (gentle exfoliation)

The first point must have been seen by everyone, so we won’t talk about it.
The second point is that some researchers think that Nicotinamide Idi has the effect of mild exfoliation, which means that the metabolism of keratin in the skin is accelerated, which affects the transport of melanin, thereby further strengthening the whitening effect.

However, whether Nicotinamide Idi has an exfoliating effect, and the accelerated keratin metabolism is a manifestation; or whether the keratin metabolism is accelerated by the other reasons mentioned above and looks like exfoliation, it is still inconclusive.

However, even the effect of real keratin exfoliation is relatively mild from the current situation, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Nicotinamide Idi is most famous as a whitening product by Procter & Gamble. Both Olay and SK-II are the main whitening products in terms of niacinamide. Considering that the concentration of Nicotinamide Idi in the lowest-end small white bottle may be slightly lower, and now the price of SK-II is inexplicably high for poor people like me, the cost-effectiveness of the Pro-X small white bottle during the discount period is very prominent.

After talking about the use of Nicotinamide Idi, we have to talk about how to use it and how not to use it.
Although Nicotinamide Idi is a relatively worry-free ingredient with good stability and is not prone to problems, there are still some precautions you should know, especially for those with sensitive skin.

From the literature reports, the concentration required for different efficacy will not be particularly the same.
Generally speaking, more than 2% will be helpful for moisturizing and repairing the skin barrier, and more than 3% will be better for whitening.
At the same time, more than 5% Nicotinamide Idi is generally considered to be irritating, so for most students, 5% can be considered as a relatively mild and safe upper limit of concentration. .

Can Niacinamide be Used During the Day?
Yes, and suitable for daytime use.
We said before that there are only a few ingredients that are not suitable for daytime use, and Nicotinamide Idi is not one of them.
Of course, if the concentration you use is too high (such as 10%), then I don’t recommend you use it during the day. Although Nicotinamide Idi itself is not afraid of sunlight, too high a concentration may reduce the skin’s protection, so it is still not suitable for daytime. .

First of all, Nicotinamide Idi is not as irritating as A-alcohol, fruit acid, and salicylic acid. It is an ingredient that I think most students can use.
Moreover, the combination of niacinamide is more flexible, and it can be used with most of the functional ingredients without worrying too much about enhancing irritation.
In fact, because Nicotinamide Idi moisturizes and helps repair the skin barrier, sometimes using niacinamide with irritating ingredients can help reduce the irritation of the irritating ingredients.

The unsuitable combination I can think of is “niacinamide + acid”, whether it is fruit acid, salicylic acid, or pure VC, it is not recommended for most students to use it together.
For the reason, we have also said before that under low pH conditions, Nicotinamide Idi will become more niacin, and niacin is much more irritating to the skin than Nicotinamide Idi, which really affects the experience of use.
Or if you use them together, use them at different times, such as acid in the evening and Nicotinamide Idi in the morning.
In theory, Nicotinamide Idi and acid should be separated by a period of time (such as 2 hours) between uses, rather than 12 hours.
If you are willing to try it yourself, of course, it is also possible, but for most students, I don’t think it is necessary to be so troublesome. And you don’t need to use acid products too frequently, 1-2 times a week is already very frequent, don’t try too hard, and be gentle on the skin.

In fact, this has already been said, whether it is in the normal article or in the 30s, but there are still many students asking.
Short answer: I didn’t find this, at least I didn’t.
Again, hair growth is a world-class problem, not only in the skin care circle, but also in the entire medical community.
If you really find that Nicotinamide Idi can solve this problem (even in part) through certain methods of use, then I seriously suggest that you prepare for making a lot of money, prepare for academic awards, or achieve both at the same time. get ready~

Can Nicotinamide Idi and Vc be Used Together?

Summer season is coming. Are numerous pals starting to search for ways to lighten? There should be lots of blog writers that are talking to you regarding Amway’s different bleaching products. Did they claim, “My precious, when picking an item? You have to check out the ingredients, lots of items can not be made use of with each other, such as niacinamide and also vc, which are excellent whitening components alone, but mixed together will certainly aggravate the skin as well as cause allergies or perhaps a rotten face.”

Such a declaration can be seen all over on the web, but in fact this declaration is wrong. Niacinamide and also VC can be utilized together, and also the bleaching result of both is superb. But what we require to pay attention to is that the two use time should be divided by half a hr, since making use of with each other will influence the task of vc. Niacinamide can avoid the rainfall of melanin to keratinocytes, increase metabolic process, as well as the tiny particle of nicotinamide can be well taken in by epidermal cells, increase the synthesis of collagen, inhibit the rainfall of melanin, and accomplish the effect of lightening.
Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can prevent melanin synthesis, prevent fat oxidation, and also stop lipofuscin deposition.

Many individuals say that they can not be used with each other because both are bothersome, and also they feel that niacinamide will certainly generate niacin in an acidic environment. Niacin is extremely irritating to the skin, yet as a matter of fact, niacinamide itself is an extremely safe component. Niacin is generated at very heats, and also it is normally hard to convert it right into niacin. So when we generally make use of both, we only require to separate them for more than half an hour. Nevertheless, high concentrations of niacinamide can not be made use of together with other acids, such as salicylic acid, fruit acid, etc, because some individuals’s skin is intolerant, high concentrations of niacinamide might create allergic reactions and redness on the face.

Therefore, in day-to-day lightening, we select niacinamide and also vc that are suitable for our own concentration. Especially those who have actually simply entered into contact with this active ingredient must start with a low concentration, and also slowly accumulate resistance for the skin and also increase it bit by bit.

In fact, the most crucial thing for lightening is to pay more attention to sunlight defense as well as keep up late, because the human body produces a hormone called melatonin, which can hinder the manufacturing of melatonin in the body. Dimming of the skin happens. Finally, eat a healthy and balanced diet regimen as well as consume more veggies which contain vitamin C.

We can seek bleaching, but we can not pursue bleaching excessive. Too much lightening may bring about the lack of ability to create melanin and create skin cancer cells, vitiligo, and so forth.

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