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Myristic Acid CAS 544-63-8

Molecular Formula: C14H28O2

Formula Weight: 228.37

ZSpharmac: Myristic Acid Supplier

Product Name: Myristic Acid
CAS No: 544-63-8
Purity: 99%

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Basic Info

Product Name:Myristic Acid
Other Names:Tetradecanoicacid
Place of Origin:Shandong, China
Brand Name:ZSpharmac
Type:Cosmetic Raw Materials
Appearance:White Powder
EINECS No.:208-875-2
Storage:Room Temp
Provide:Myristic Acid MSDS;
Myristic Acid COA

What is Myristic Acid?

Myristic acid is additionally called myristic acid. Those taken shape from methanol are white crystalline or leaflet-like waxy solids. Has a pale waxy as well as milky fragrance. Found normally in fish oil, coconut oil, babassu oil and also cottonseed oil. The loved one thickness is 0.8439 (80 ° C). The melting point is 58 ° C. The boiling point is 250.5 ° C(13.3 kPa, 100 mm Hg).

Myristic Acid Property

Melting point 

52-54 °C(lit.)

Boiling point 

250 °C100 mm Hg(lit.)



vapor pressure 

<0.01 hPa (20 °C)

refractive index 

nD60 1.4305; nD70 1.4273


>230 °F

storage temp. 

room temp




Flakes, Powder, Chunks or Crystalline Mass





Water Solubility 

<0.1 g/100 mL at 18 ºC


Application of Myristic Acid

Application one,
CN201410495119.0 reports a face cleanser for getting rid of acne in addition to additionally alleviating itching in addition to a preparation method thereof. The anti-acne along with anti-itch face cleanser consists of the listed here components partially by mass: 3-7 parts of isopropyl myristate, 5-10 parts of avocado oil, 2-6 parts of myristic acid, cetearyl 6-12 parts of alcohol, 10-15 parts of sodium chloride, 10-13 parts of mint, 12-19 parts of grapefruit peel powder, 2-6 parts of agar, 60-80 parts of water. In today growth, isopropyl myristate, avocado oil, myristic acid, cetearyl alcohol, sodium chloride, pepper mint, pomelo peel powder, agar, as well as water are rather aggravated, in addition to the face cleanser gotten has outstanding cleaning effectiveness. After cleaning the face, the skin is fresh and delicate with no feeling of stress; the finished item of the development can properly get rid of face acne as well as additionally has an antipruritic result, and also the removal rate of face acne can be as high as 80%, as well as no acne marks are left after elimination.

Application two,
Wang Qianqian et alia prepared calcium carbonate by the metathesis response of calcium nitrate as well as sodium carbonate, changed the crystal framework and also surface buildings of calcium carbonate by including myristic acid, as well as studied the enhancement of calcium carbonate by SEM, XRD, FT-IR, TG and XPS. Effect of myristic acid on the crystal structure of calcium carbonate. The outcomes showed that after including myristic acid, the crystal structure of calcium carbonate transformed from vaterite to calcite, as well as the form altered from spherical to uneven cuboid; the surface of calcium carbonate was entirely triggered, altering from hydrophilic to hydrophobic, After the surface area was hydrophobic, the level of jumble of calcium carbonate was dramatically reduced; the carboxyl anion of myristic acid as well as calcium ion had a chemical combination reaction, which boosted the stability of calcium carbonate structure. In conclusion, the addition of myristic acid provides a straightforward idea for the crystal kind guideline and also surface alteration of calcium carbonate.

Why Can Myristic Acid be Used in Surfactants

Myristic acid can be used as a surfactant and chemical fiber oil raw material in soap, soap, facial cleanser cosmetics, that is to say, the surfactant contained in facial cleanser contains myristic acid. Soap-based surfactants are saponified by fatty acids and alkaline agents. Because of their degreasing effect, they are generally used in a series of surfactants such as facial cleansers and laundry detergents.

In 2004, researchers developed the Gemini surfactant of myristic acid, and the emergence of Gemini surfactant opened up a new way for the field of surfactants. It is a new type of surfactant that connects two or more traditional surfactant molecules at the hydrophilic group or close to the hydrophilic group through the linking group. Gemini surfactants have at least two hydrophobic hydrocarbon chains, two polar head groups and a linking group; the linking group can be long, short, rigid, flexible, polar, or non-polar; according to The polar head group is cationic, anionic or nonionic and can be divided into anionic, cationic, nonionic and zwitterionic Gemini surfactants; according to the bipolar head group and hydrophobic chain structure, it can be divided into symmetrical Gemini surfactants and nonionic surfactants. Symmetrical Gemini Surfactants. Gemini surfactants have broad application prospects in oil and gas exploration, chemical engineering, nanomaterials, biotechnology, daily chemistry and other fields.

Extraction Method of Myristic Acid

A method for extracting myristic acid from marine coccidioides, comprising: extracting with ethyl acetate; performing chromatography with a reversed-phase silica gel column; performing chromatography with a Sephadex LH-20 column; Chromatography was performed on a phase silica gel column; chromatography was performed on a normal phase silica gel column; myristic acid was extracted from marine coccidioides by the method of PTLC preparation.

Specifically include the following steps:

Step 1, preparing the ethyl acetate phase extract of the marine coccidioides: carrying out extraction treatment with ethyl acetate as the extractant, combining the extracts, and concentrating under reduced pressure to obtain the ethyl acetate phase extract of the marine coccidioides;

The marine coccidioides were grown to a stable stage, harvested, freeze-dried to obtain 19.3740 g of marine coccidioides algae powder, leached with 75% ethanol to obtain 5.1247 g of ethanol extract, added equal volumes of ethyl acetate and water, and extracted repeatedly , collecting the ethyl acetate phase, combining, concentrating to dryness under reduced pressure, and obtaining 4.2357 g of the ethyl acetate phase extract of the marine coccidioides;

Step 2: Preparation of primary crude myristic acid by reverse-phase silica gel column chromatography: The ethyl acetate phase extract of the obtained marine coccidioides was subjected to reverse-phase silica gel column chromatography, collected, detected, combined, and concentrated to dryness under reduced pressure. Obtain a crude product of myristic acid;

After dissolving 4.2357g of the marine coccidioides ethyl acetate phase extract with an appropriate amount of analytically pure methanol, carry out reverse-phase silica gel (180g) column chromatography; water successively, the mass fraction is 25% methanol solution, and the mass fraction is 50% Methanol solution with a mass fraction of 75% methanol solution, methanol elution, 1.5L for each gradient elution, flow rate control is 30mL/min, collect 1 tube per 200mL, rotary evaporation, preliminary analysis of effluent by TLC, combined palm The acid high-concentration flow is segmented, concentrated to dryness under reduced pressure, and the primary crude myristic acid is obtained;

Step 3, SephadexLH-20 Sephadex column chromatography to prepare the secondary crude myristic acid: the obtained marine coccidioides ethyl acetate phase extract was chromatographed on SephadexLH-20 Sephadex column, Collect, detect, merge, and concentrate to dryness under reduced pressure to obtain the secondary crude myristic acid;

Dissolve the primary myristic acid with an appropriate amount of methanol, put it on a Sephadex LH-20 Sephadex column, and use methanol as the eluent for elution. The flow rate is controlled at 8S/drop, and the fractions are collected by an automatic collector every 30 minutes. One tube, the effluent was initially analyzed by TLC, the fractions from tubes 21 to 25 were combined, concentrated to dryness under reduced pressure, and the secondary crude myristic acid was obtained;

Step 4: Preparing primary myristic acid by reverse-phase silica gel column chromatography: the obtained secondary crude myristic acid is chromatographed on a reverse-phase silica gel column, collected, detected, combined, and concentrated to dryness under reduced pressure to obtain myristic acid Sour primary product;

The secondary crude myristic acid was subjected to RPC18 reversed-phase silica gel column chromatography with mass fractions of 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, and 100% acetone-water system gradients in sequence, each gradient eluted 200mL, and the flow rate was controlled Rotary evaporation at 10mL/min, the effluent was initially analyzed by TLC, the high-concentration stream of myristic acid was combined into sections, concentrated to dryness under reduced pressure, and the primary product of myristic acid was obtained;

Step 5, normal phase silica gel column chromatography to prepare the secondary product of myristic acid: the obtained primary product of myristic acid is chromatographed on a normal phase silica gel column, collected, detected, combined, and concentrated to dryness under reduced pressure to obtain myristic acid sour secondary product;

The primary product of myristic acid was subjected to normal-phase silica gel column chromatography, and the sample was mixed with silica gel powder. The silica gel was saturated with n-hexane and then loaded into the column. The volume ratio is 50:1, add 2 drops of glacial acetic acid, collect the fractions, combine tubes 63-67, concentrate to dryness under reduced pressure, and obtain the second refined product of myristic acid;

Step 6. Preparation of pure myristic acid by PTLC: perform PTLC on the obtained secondary refined myristic acid, sample spotting, development, scraper, sample recovery, and store at -20°C to obtain pure myristic acid;

Pass the secondary product of myristic acid through PTLC to finally obtain myristic acid: use a high-efficiency thin-layer chromatography plate, develop it in a developer with a volume ratio of petroleum ether: ethyl acetate = 15:1, and develop color at the front and rear ends , scraped the middle part with a razor blade, combined, dissolved in methanol, centrifuged at high speed, collected the supernatant, concentrated to dryness under reduced pressure, and finally obtained myristic acid.

About Products:
If you need Myristic Acid, a cosmetic raw material, please contact our service staff directly, and we will provide you with high-quality products at the best price.
As an experienced Myristic Acid manufacturer and supplier, ZSpharmac will provide Myristic Acid raw materials to customers all over the world for a long time.
Over the years, the company has been adhering to the spirit of “integrity management, strict quality control, customer first”, and has won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign customers.

Company Profile and Corporate Culture

Company Profile:

ZhiShang Chemical is owned by ZhiShang Group is a professional new-type chemicals enterprise combined into research and development, production and sales .

The company’s competitive product is pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates (especially carbohydrate derivatives Series), In recent years, the company has made a major breakthrough in food and feed additives, plant extraction, industrial chemicals industry .

The company insists on the spirit of “sincere management, strict quality control, customer as god” , get consistent high praise from customers at home and abroad.

Corporate Culture:

Help China Chemicals to benefit the happiness of human life
Become the most trusted chemical supplier in the world
Striver – oriented, enrich employees, customer first, deep service, seek development
Be prepared for danger in times of peace, forge ahead actively, unity and cooperation, and be brave to fight

About Us

The production base is located in Zhangqiu chemical industry park and Tai’an high-tech chemical industry park. laboratory and workshop in strict accordance with the GMP standard and the product fit national ISO9001 and ISO2000 standards.

“Zhishang” products are exported to Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa area, so as to establish a long-term and stable cooperation relationship with customer in the world.

Company Info
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Product Range: Cosmetic raw materials
  • Products/Service:Cosmetic raw materials (flavors and fragrances,antioxidant products, moisturizing and hydrating, whitening agents, cosmetic additives)
  • Total Employees: 51~100
  • Capital (Million US $): 10000000RMB
  • Year Established: 2016
Production Capacity
  • No. of Production Lines : 8
  • No. of QC Staff : 5 -10 People
  • OEM Services Provided : yes
  • Factory Size (Sq.meters) : 3,000-5,000 square meters
  • Certificate: ISO9001 , CE , GMP , API , MSDS
  • Factory Location : Diao Town Industry Park, Zhangqiu City, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China.


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