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Hp Beta Cyclodextrin CAS 7585-39-9

Molecular Formula: C42H70O35

Formula Weight: 1134.99

ZSpharmac: Hp Beta Cyclodextrin Supplement

Product Name: Hp Beta Cyclodextrin
CAS No: 7585-39-9  
Purity: 99%

Basic Info

Product Name:Hp Beta Cyclodextrin
Place of Origin:Shandong, China
Brand Name:ZSpharmac
Type:Cosmetic Raw Materials
Appearance:White Powder 
EINECS No.:231-493-2
Storage:Room Temp
Provide:Hp Beta Cyclodextrin MSDS;
Hp Beta Cyclodextrin COA

What is Hp Beta Cyclodextrin?

Hp Beta Cyclodextrin is a non-reducing cyclic oligosaccharide. It is a white crystalline powder, non-hygroscopic, with a melting point of 300-350 ° C. It is hydrophilic and also hydrophobic in liquid remedy. At 20 ° C, the solubility in 100 mL of water is 18.5 g. It is an amphiphilic molecule with a hydrophobic internal tooth cavity and a hydrophilic external surface area, 2 circles of H (H-3 and also H-5) and one circle of glycosidic oxygen atoms inside the dental caries, 21 hydrophilic OH exists on the outer surface as well as extends to create a hydrophobic chemical environment in the ring that is fairly hydrophilic outside the ring. When there are both hydrophobic and also hydrophilic substances in the aqueous solution, the hydrophobic compound is preferentially adsorbed in the ring. The number of hydrogen bonds formed in between the hydroxyl groups outside the tooth cavity and also the vicinal water particles identifies the water solubility of cyclodextrin. The reason is that intramolecular hydrogen bonds are quickly created between C2-OH and also C3-OH, and the communication with water molecules Hp Beta Cyclodextrin solubility in water is decreased when using hydrophilic groups to damage intramolecular hydrogen bonds, as well as can lower when hydrophobic teams are made use of to damage hydrogen bonds its solubility in water. The stability of Hp Beta Cyclodextrin in water depends upon the pH of the system. It is reasonably stable under alkaline conditions, however partly hydrolyzed to glucose or different oligosaccharides under acidic problems. The concentration of Hp Beta Cyclodextrin in water additionally influences its stability in water. When the focus is high, the intermolecular hydrogen bonding pressure of Hp Beta Cyclodextrin is strong, and also it can self-aggregate in water, even at high pH conditions. It can likewise be carried out under low temperature level, which is additionally the reason for its low solubility. Some variables that stop the development of intermolecular hydrogen bonds, such as temperature level and the influence of existing together materials in solution, such as urea, citric acid, polyvinylpyrrolidone, NaCl, etc, will impact the framework, size and also dispersion of β-cyclodextrin self-polymers. When β-cyclodextrin kinds complexes with other compounds, it will certainly also promote the development of nano-aggregates. The concentration of Hp Beta Cyclodextrin itself affects its complexation performance. Hp Beta Cyclodextrin forms nanoaggregates with lipophilic substances. Substitution of groups such as methyl and hydroxypropyl will certainly interfere with the crystal latticework of Hp Beta Cyclodextrin, leading to the formation of amorphous cyclodextrin by-products.

Hp Beta Cyclodextrin Properties:

Melting point 290-300 °C (dec.) (lit.)
alpha [α]D25 +159~+165° (c=1, H2O) (After Drying)
Boiling point 844.96°C (rough estimate)
density 1.2296 (rough estimate)
refractive index 1.7500 (estimate)
storage temp. room temp
solubility 1 M NaOH: 50 mg/mL
form powder
color white
PH5.0-8.0 (1% in solution, Ph Eur)
optical activity[α]20/D +162±3°, c = 1.5% in H2O
Water Solubility Soluble in water and ammonium hydroxide.


Hp Beta Cyclodextrin Uses

  1. As a brand-new sort of pharmaceutical excipients, Hp Beta Cyclodextrin is generally used to enhance the security of the medication, avoid the oxidation as well as decomposition of the drug, enhance the dissolution and also bioavailability of the medicine, decrease the poisonous and adverse effects of the drug, and cover the drug’s Odors and odors. In food production, it is primarily used to remove odor, enhance the stability of tastes and pigments, enhance emulsifying capability and also moisture-proof capability. It can enhance the preference of food, and it is a good stabilizer and also sugar in the pharmaceutical, food and also cosmetic production sector.
  2. Hp Beta Cyclodextrin is used as embedding representative (microcapsule agent) for vitamins, fragrances, and so on; processing aid; stabilizer.
  3. Hp Beta Cyclodextrin is made use of in stabilizers etc. It has the functions of getting rid of and also concealing special smell; boosting as well as improving food structure; minimizing and removing bitter taste; anti-oxidation; preserving and improving taste and more. It can be utilized to encapsulate food flavors: make it less unpredictable. Loaded with all-natural pigments, vitamins, and so on to make it stable as well as soluble. Eliminate the special smell of marine items, pet items, dairy items, soybean items, etc. Minimizes resentment in coffee, chocolate, delicious chocolate, citrus juices. Solution stabilizer for whipped lotion, ice cream, sauces, cheese, and so on. Enhance the quality of immediate beverages, food, and so on. Manufacture of powdered oil, powdered wine, etc. Boost healthy protein frothing. Loaded with preservatives to enhance the preservative impact. Add 0.5% to orange juice, warm to 90 ℃ to dissolve and then cool down to space temperature, which can install the bitterness and white precipitate caused by hesperidin.
  4. Hp Beta Cyclodextrin functions as a solution stabilizer as well as thickener. The hydrophobic tooth cavity framework of β-CD can consist of unpredictable seasonings, cover and also get rid of smell, boost the security of natural pigments, and boost the solubility of insoluble materials. Our nation specifies that it can be used for soup, the maximum usage is 100g/kg; the optimum usage in baked food is 2.5 g/kg.
  5. Hp Beta Cyclodextrin has a hole in the center of the ring framework, and also has -CH- oxygen atoms incorporated with glucoside within, which is sulphuric, and also the -OH teams at the 2nd, 3rd and sixth placements of glucose are hydrophilic as well as can be passed through Weak van der Waals forces complex various other particles right into incorporation complexes. There are numerous materials that can be encapsulated by cyclodextrins, consisting of uncommon gases, halogens, dyes, fragrances, medications, food, pesticides as well as preservatives. After incorporation, its security, volatility, solubility as well as reactivity were boosted. This unique result of cyclodextrin makes it an incorporation product with broad application worth. 1. Usage in the pharmaceutical market The use of cyclodextrin can create additions (encapsulation) with medicines, which can maintain (1) unpredictable medications; (2) deliquescence, adhesiveness or fluid drug powder; (3) Solubilization (solubilization) of inadequately soluble or insoluble medicines, and so on 2. Makes use of in the chemical industry Cyclodextrin incorporation and stabilization, some pesticides can be shelf-stable as well as boost insecticidal efficacy. 3. Utilizes in the food industry Cycl dextrin is utilized in the food sector as well as has the complying with features: (1) elimination and also masking of specific smells; (2) renovation and renovation of food framework; (3) bitter taste Lighten as well as remove; (4) Antioxidant effect; (5) Conservation and also optimization of flavor. 4. Application in day-to-day chemical industry Cyclodextrin can additionally be utilized as emulsifier as well as high quality improver in aesthetic production. It likewise has deodorising (such as removing foul-smelling breath) as well as antiseptic effect, as well as can be used in the manufacture of tooth paste and also tooth powder. 5. Various other uses can be used as a treatment representative for oily sewage in environmental protection. The liquid service of cyclodextrin is used to clean up the oil container, as well as its waste liquid can be recouped as well as processed to obtain fuel oil. 6. Using cyclodextrin in the field of chemistry Cyclodextrin is a valuable chemical reagent. When it exists, the fluorescence intensity of fluorochrome will certainly enhance significantly, so it can be used for the evaluation of healthy proteins as well as amino acids; it can additionally be made use of to separate long-chain organic substances, racemates, and so on. Additionally, adsorbents made from cyclodextrin can be made use of for adsorption in chromatography.
  6. Hp Beta Cyclodextrin is widely made use of in the field of standard Chinese medication prep work, which can raise the solubility of medicines, boost the stability of medications, powderize liquid medications, protect against the volatilization of volatile components, and also minimize the irritation as well as poisoning of medicines.
  7. Hp Beta Cyclodextrin is widely utilized in the splitting up of organic substances as well as in organic synthesis, in addition to pharmaceutical excipients, food additives, etc.

Hp Beta Cyclodextrin Differentiation Test

Take 1g of the sample and add 100ml of water, mix it, take 1ml, add a drop of ethylene trichloride, shake vigorously, a white precipitate should be formed. Take 1g of sample, add 100ml of water, and after mixing, take 1ml of it on a white porcelain plate, add 1 drop of 0.02mol/L iodine solution, it will be pale yellow. Solubility Slightly soluble in cold water and ethanol, easily soluble in hot water (01042). The infrared absorption sample is dispersed in potassium bromide, and only a small amount of the maximum absorption wavelength appears (compared with the reference standard of the same dispersion), and the wave number is also low. The retention time of the chromatographic main peak of the HPLC sample solution should be similar to that of the standard solution in the chromatographic Hp Beta Cyclodextrin。

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