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Glucomannan Cvs CAS 11078-31-2

Molecular Formula: (C35H49O29)n

Formula Weight: 1000000

ZSpharmac: Glucomannan Cvs Supplier

Product Name: Glucomannan Cvs
CAS No: 11078-31-2
Purity: 99%

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EINECS 编号:234-394-2
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What is Glucomannan Cvs?

Glucomannan Cvs is milklike white or light brown-yellow powder, generally odorless and also unappetizing. It can be spread in acidic warm or cold water. Heating or mechanical mixing can enhance its solubility. Consisting of a particular amount of antacids to its option can establish anti-heat Steady sol with high aqueous uniformity. Glucomannan Cvs is an all-natural high molecular water-soluble polysaccharide with numerous -OH on its fragment. It is a hydrophilic compound. It is easily soluble in water, nevertheless insoluble in natural solvents such as methanol and also diethyl ether. It has exceptional swelling structures in addition to water absorption. The force can reach about 100 times its very own mass. Konjac Glucomannan Cvs has unique gel domestic or business residential properties, as well as also can be heightened with carrageenan, xanthan periodontal tissue, starch, and more under non-alkaline problems to produce a solid collaborating influence, which improves the viscosity of the alternative.

Glucomannan Cvs Pharmacological Effects

1. The impact of Glucomannan Cvs on sugar metabolic price
Konjac food is a suitable food for diabetics, which has the result of reducing blood sugar level, enhancing symptoms and signs as well as handling the illness. In customers with kind diabetics concerns treated with material konjac granules, it lay that the reduction price of not eating blood sugar was 53%, the reduction rate of 2 h postprandial blood glucose was 51%, and also the decrease rate of glycated hemoglobin was 59.9%.

2. Results of Glucomannan Cvs on lipid metabolic rate
Glucomannan Cvs affects lipid metabolic procedure and additionally has visible hypolipidemic result. In addition to lowering item cholesterol in rats, konjac additionally has the effect of turning around fatty liver. Along with terrific blood lipid decreasing as well as obvious anti-fatty liver results, konjac powder has no damaging effects on the absorption and use Ca, Fe, Zn, and likewise Cu.

3. Fat burning result of Glucomannan Cvs
Glucomannan Cvs is a low-calorie diet plan routine food with evident fat loss effect.

4. Effects of Glucomannan Cvs on anticancer as well as also immune feature
Konjac fine-tuned powder can inhibit as well as avoid lung cancer in computer system mice triggered by p-methylnitronitrosoguanidine (MNNG). The selection of animals with induced cancer cells along with precancerous sores was significantly lessened, as well as additionally deadly swellings were lowered in the proportion of development kinds. Konjac powder can definitely market the immune attribute of mice, increase the thymus index and also spleen index, and likewise avoid the synthesis as well as launch of interleukin-1 (IL-1), lump fatality factor-α (TNF-α) by macrophages (M ). TNF-α) has a substantial advertising impact. In addition, computer mice additionally have a particular advertising and marketing result on the level of TNF-α in lotion. As a result, KGM is expected to be used as an immunomodulatory supporting item for the therapy of growths. In addition to that, KGM was furthermore uncovered to have inhibitory influence on spontaneous liver cancer cells, β-galactosamine-induced liver injury in computer mice, as well as colon cancer cells.

5. Effects of Glucomannan Cvs on digestive tract feature
Konjac food can raise the common daily fecal wet weight as well as fecal water web content, in addition to can lower the digestive system tract transport time and also the normal defecation time.

6. The impact of Glucomannan Cvs on cellular aging
Long-lasting usage of konjac powder can extend the aging procedure of brain glial cells, cardiomyocytes as well as intimal endothelial cells of massive as well as likewise average arteries, protect versus atherosclerosis, as well as enhance cardio and additionally vascular features.

7. The result of Glucomannan Cvs on the absorption of micronutrient
KGM had no impact on the discharging of Ca, Fe, Zn and likewise Cu in the feces, product as well as also thigh components of rats. Human examinations have not seen any effect on the absorption of Zn, Fe, and likewise Ca. Item calcium as well as also phosphorus content, femur weight as well as bone calcium and also phosphorus internet material as well as also bone morphometric specifications were not substantially transformed in Glucomannan Cvs rats, as well as likewise no negative results on calcium in addition to phosphorus metabolic procedure and also femoral calcium internet content were found.


Glucomannan Cvs Preparation Method

1. Enzyme treatment
Take 1 g of konjac flour, add water to make a homogenate (21 ° Baume concentration), then add a small amount of 2 000 μ α-amylase, liquefy it at 60 ° C for 45 to 60 min in the pH range of 5.7 to 6.2; sterilize at 110 ° C After cooling, adjust the pH to 4.8~5.0 for 5 min. Add a small amount of 40 000μ saccharification enzyme, shake and saccharify for 48 h at about 30 °C. Sterilize at 110 °C for 5 min, add 100 ml of water after cooling to obtain the filtrate. Then use the following Two methods are used to treat the filtrate.

(1) Fehling’s reagent precipitation method
Add 100 ml of Fehling’s reagent dropwise to the filtrate under vigorous stirring, and the Glucomannan Cvs-copper compound is precipitated in the form of a blue gel. Let it stand until there is no more precipitation, filter under reduced pressure, and use 80% ethanol (containing 3% HCl), rinsed to white, dried and weighed at 40-50 °C. The results are shown in Table 1.

(2) Direct precipitation of ethanol
Under vigorous stirring, add an equal volume of 95% ethanol to the filtrate, continue to stir for 30 min after the addition, and let stand until no more precipitation appears. Filter under reduced pressure, rinse the precipitate with 80% ethanol until white, and keep it at 40~ Dry and weigh at 50°C. The results are shown in Table 1.

2. Saccharification bacteria saccharification method
Take 2 g of konjac flour, add 100 ml of water and stir to make it gelatinous. Sterilize at 121 °C for 30 min, inoculate saccharification bacteria after cooling, and shake at 30 °C for 20 to 24 h to saccharify the starch. The saccharified mixed solution Sterilize at 110 °C for 5 min. After cooling, filter under reduced pressure. Add an equal volume of 95% ethanol to the filtrate under vigorous stirring. Allow to stand until the precipitate no longer precipitates and then filter. Dry and weigh at 40~50℃. The results are shown in Table 1.


Glucomannan Cvs Other Applications

1. Application in food
( 1) Application of Glucomannan Cvs in food
Glucomannan Cvs, as a type of dietary fiber with outstanding performance, has a range of physiological functions, and has actually been paid a growing number of focus in the field of organic food. Glucomannan is a hemicellulose polysaccharide, which can successfully stimulate the digestive wall surface, as well as is hard to be decayed as well as absorbed in the stomach after consuming. It can likewise enhance the secretion and task of intestinal enzymes. Medicinal tasks such as blood lipids, improving cholesterol metabolism and also anti-cancer. Consequently, these properties of glucomannan can be utilized to make konjac right into numerous natural food, such as konjac tofu, konjac cakes, and so on, or include it to various foods, which can be utilized to readjust the stomach, reduced blood sugar level, blood lipids, and lose weight., anti-cancer and other functional foods.

( 2) Glucomannan Curricula vitae as a preservative
Glucomannan Cvs is a natural water-soluble edible periodontal with full features, which can be used as thickener, water-retaining representative, emulsifier, gelling agent, putting on hold representative, and so on. Its performance is far superior to that of carrageenan, gelatin and also other periodontals. Glucomannan is likewise a non-ionic water-soluble polysaccharide, which can co-dissolve and synergize with the majority of ionic edible periodontals, so glucomannan has been widely utilized in the field of food additives. For example, it can be made use of as a stabilizer in soy products and dairy products; as a thickener and gelling agent in solid drinks.

( 3) Application of Glucomannan Cvs in food conservation
Glucomannan Cvs is extensively used in food conservation. Furthermore, it is a non-toxic and also reliable natural chemical, which can efficiently avoid the putridity as well as wear and tear of fruits and vegetables and marine products, inhibit the browning and water loss of vegetables and fruits, and lengthen the storage space duration and also life span of products. The hydrosol of glucomannan can be changed right into a movie under proper problems, as well as can also be made use of as an edible all-natural degradable movie product.

( 4) Bionic food made from Glucomannan Cvs
The thermally irreparable network framework formed after deacetylation of glucomannan can be made use of as a good base for handling biomimetic foods.

2. Application in industry
Due to the fact that KGM has the features of water solubility, movie formation, plasticity as well as attachment, it can be made use of as a binder, excipient, water retention representative, stabilizer, suspending representative, coating agent in light industry, chemical industry, fabric, cigarette, petroleum, cosmetics and also various other industries. Wait.

Raw konjac raw materials and phosphopeptides or alkaline coagulants can be utilized to absorb calcium ions in seawater. DEAE-Glucomannan Cvs is still stable under alkaline, acidic or heated conditions, and also can be made use of as molecular screens to separate monosaccharides from polysaccharides and to desalt healthy proteins. It can likewise be made use of to separate blood coagulation aspect. Furthermore, KGM can be made use of to separate oligonucleotides by capillary electrophoresis; cross-linking with chloromethan can stand up to high pressure as a fixed stage in chromatography for healthy protein separation; using chloromethan-1,6- hexylene Diamine-valeraldehyde is made use of to debilitate cyclodextrin glucanotransferase after activation; it is utilized as a debilitated provider after copolymerization with benzoquinone to incapacitate cells and enzymes. KGM can additionally be made use of as an affinity chromatography provider to divide and cleanse superoxide dismutase without causing non-specific adsorption of pollutant proteins.

3. Various other
KGM can be made use of as an adhesive to make water-proof fabric; it can additionally be used to make cosmetics for innovative skin treatment and hair care. Carboxymethyl konjac glucomannan as well as its by-products as medication service providers to treat cancer cells. KGM is used as medical hygiene products, products for get in touch with lenses, and for making water-in-oil (W/O) emulsion fuels, and so on.

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Company Profile and Corporate Culture

Company Profile:

ZhiShang Chemical is owned by ZhiShang Group is a professional new-type chemicals enterprise combined into research and development, production and sales .

The company’s competitive product is pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates (especially carbohydrate derivatives Series), In recent years, the company has made a major breakthrough in food and feed additives, plant extraction, industrial chemicals industry .

The company insists on the spirit of “sincere management, strict quality control, customer as god” , get consistent high praise from customers at home and abroad.

Corporate Culture:

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About Us

The production base is located in Zhangqiu chemical industry park and Tai’an high-tech chemical industry park. laboratory and workshop in strict accordance with the GMP standard and the product fit national ISO9001 and ISO2000 standards.

“Zhishang” products are exported to Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa area, so as to establish a long-term and stable cooperation relationship with customer in the world.

Company Info
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Product Range: Cosmetic raw materials
  • Products/Service:Cosmetic raw materials (flavors and fragrances,antioxidant products, moisturizing and hydrating, whitening agents, cosmetic additives)
  • Total Employees: 51~100
  • Capital (Million US $): 10000000RMB
  • Year Established: 2016
Production Capacity
  • No. of Production Lines : 8
  • No. of QC Staff : 5 -10 People
  • OEM Services Provided : yes
  • Factory Size (Sq.meters) : 3,000-5,000 square meters
  • Certificate: ISO9001 , CE , GMP , API , MSDS
  • Factory Location : Diao Town Industry Park, Zhangqiu City, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China.


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