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Dimethyl Sulfide Sigma CAS 75-18-3

Molecular Formula: C2H6S

Formula Weight: 62.13

ZSpharmac: Dimethyl Sulfide Sigma Supplement

Product Name: Dimethyl Sulfide Sigma
CAS No: 75-18-3
Purity: 99%

Basic Info

Product Name:Dimethyl Sulfide Sigma
Other Names:Dimethyl Sulfide
Place of Origin:Shandong, China
Brand Name:ZSpharmac
Type:Flavors and Fragrances
Appearance:Clear Colorless Liquid
EINECS No.:200-846-2
Storage:Store at +2°C to +8°C.
Provide:Dimethyl Sulfide Sigma MSDS;
Dimethyl Sulfide Sigma COA

What is Dimethyl Sulfide Sigma?

Dimethyl Sulfide Sigma is the simplest sulfide, the sulfur analog of methyl ether, also known as “methyl sulfide”. Chemical formula (CH3)2S. Molecular weight 62.13. Foul-smelling volatile flammable liquid. The melting point is -98°C, the boiling point is 38°C, the relative density is 0.846, and the refractive index is 1.4351. Soluble in alcohol, ether, slightly soluble in water. It can be oxidized in air and can be oxidized to Dimethyl Sulfide Sigma with hydrogen peroxide. Dimethyl sulfide is a typical organic sulfur odor gas, and its content in the air reaches 1/100,000,000 to produce odor.

Dimethyl Sulfide Sigma has a low boiling point, is volatile, toxic and has a foul odor, which affects human health and ambient air quality. Short-term inhalation of the air containing dimethyl sulfide will make people mentally weak, anorexia or vomiting; long-term inhalation of the air containing dimethyl sulfide will damage the central nervous system and blood circulatory system of people. How to convert it into non-toxic and odorless substances, improve the environment and reduce the harm to people has become an important issue faced by most chemical companies.

As a reducing agent, borane dimethyl sulfide complex is a convenient and stable source of borane for hydroboration, selective reduction of α-hydroxy esters, etc. In the process of chemical reaction using borane Dimethyl Sulfide Sigma, such reactions generally produce hydrogen and other gases, and the boiling point of dimethyl sulfide under normal pressure is only 38 °C, and the tail gas is directly discharged, and the tail gas will contain dimethyl sulfide. Methyl sulfide, causing the exhaust gas to be discharged in excess of the standard, making the laboratory or production area more odorous. This limits the application of borane dimethyl sulfide. Therefore, there is an urgent need to develop a tail gas absorption device and method containing Dimethyl Sulfide Sigma.

Dimethyl Sulfide Sigma Properties:

Melting point −98 °C(lit.)
Boiling point 38 °C(lit.)
density 0.846 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
vapor density 2.1 (vs air)
vapor pressure 26.24 psi ( 55 °C)
refractive index n20/D 1.435(lit.)
Fp −34 °F
storage temp. Store at +2°C to +8°C.
solubility Miscible with alcohols, ethers, esters, ketones, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons. Slightly miscible with
form Liquid
color Clear colorless
Specific Gravity0.849 (20/4℃)
OdorEthereal, permeating; disagreeable; offensive.
Odor Threshold0.003ppm
explosive limit2.2-19.7%(V)
Merck 14,6123


Dimethyl Sulfide Sigma Uses

  1. Dimethyl Sulfide Sigma is a colorless volatile liquid at room temperature. This is also one of the sources of the fishy smell of seafood. It can be used as the second step in organic synthesis, such as ozonation reaction, for the reduction of secondary ozonide 1,2,4-trioxane to completely convert alkenes to aldehydes or ketones, as a polymerization solvent, and It can be used in the production of pesticides, methionine and dimethyl sulfoxide, and as analytical reagents, as well as gas odor and paint stripping.
  2. Permissible flavorings for Dimethyl Sulfide Sigma. Mostly used for the preparation of corn, tomato, potato, dairy items, pineapple as well as orange fruit and environment-friendly flavor.
  3. Dimethyl Sulfide Sigma This product is a solvent and also an intermediate for the manufacturing of dimethyl sulfoxide, methionine and also pesticides. Utilized as analytical reagent, polyacrylonitrile and various other artificial fiber spinning and also hydraulic oil. It can likewise be made use of as an odorant for city gas, a commercial purifier, a finish release representative, a low-temperature preservative for batteries, as well as a chemical penetrant. Topically utilized in blood medications, phytopathology and nourishment.

Preparation of Dimethyl Sulfide Sigma

A method for co-producing sodium methyl mercaptide, Dimethyl Sulfide Sigma and Dimethyl Sulfide Sigma, the method comprising the following steps:

1) Mix the aqueous solution of sodium hydrosulfide and an organic solvent, add acid to adjust the pH to 9-10, then slowly introduce methyl chloride gas into the mixture, and continue the insulation reaction after the methyl chloride is passed through, so that the sodium hydrosulfide and methyl chloride are fully reaction;

2) After the reaction, the material obtained from the reaction is layered to obtain the first oil phase and the first water phase, the first oil phase is mixed with the sodium hydroxide solution, and the methyl mercaptan in the first oil phase is reacted with sodium hydroxide Sodium methyl mercaptide is formed, then the mixture of the first oil phase and the sodium hydroxide solution is layered to obtain the second water phase and the second oil phase;

3) The second water phase is filtered to remove impurities to obtain sodium methyl mercaptide solution; when the content of Dimethyl Sulfide Sigma in the second oil phase is below 5wt%, the second oil phase directly enters step (1) as an organic solvent For reuse, when the content of dimethyl sulfide in the second oil phase is greater than or equal to 5wt%, the second oil phase is first rectified, and the Dimethyl Sulfide Sigma and dimethyl disulfide therein are recovered respectively, and then the remaining oil is recovered. The second oil phase directly enters step (1) for reuse as an organic solvent or the remaining second oil phase is rectified to recover the organic solvent, and the obtained organic solvent is reused in step 1).

Detection Method of Dimethyl Sulfide Sigma

A Dimethyl Sulfide Sigma detection reagent, comprising the following components by mass:

18 parts of methyl red, 5 parts of acid dibutyl phosphite, 6 parts of aminothioester, 9 parts of bromocresol green, 10 parts of glycerol, 15 parts of acetic acid and 22 parts of ethanol.

A preparation method of Dimethyl Sulfide Sigma detection reagent, the preparation steps are as follows:

(1) Mix acetic acid and ethanol together, then add other components, heat in a water bath at 41°C, stir evenly, and prepare a premix;

(2) Put the premixed solution obtained in step (1) into a static pipeline mixer and mix until uniform to obtain a clear mixed solution;

(3) The obtained clear mixed solution is placed in a vacuum for standing, and after 48 hours, it is taken out and sealed to obtain the dimethyl sulfide detection reagent.

The sensitivity of the reagent to dimethyl sulfide in air was tested, and the results showed that the detection range of dimethyl sulfide concentration of this reagent was 0-10 mg/m3, and the lowest detection concentration was 0.40 mg/m3.

Dimethyl Sulfide Sigma Elimination Method

The invention discloses a method for eliminating by-product Dimethyl Sulfide Sigma in the production process of moxictine, belonging to the technical field of chemical production. The method is to add excess water to the oxidation reaction solution to quench the reaction solution after the oxidation reaction step in the process of producing moxictin, and then adopt the method of blowing gas precipitation or negative pressure precipitation to remove the oxidation process The by-product Dimethyl Sulfide Sigma and the solvent used are transferred to the sodium hypochlorite absorption kettle through the condenser, and the sodium hypochlorite solution in the sodium hypochlorite absorption kettle is oxidized to absorb the Dimethyl Sulfide Sigma and the reaction solvent is recovered. Within 2-4 hours, the content of Dimethyl Sulfide Sigma contained in the oxidation reaction can be rapidly reduced to ≤1.0%, and the solvent recovery rate is >60%. The invention has the advantages of low cost of raw materials, simple absorption process and the like.

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