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Canthaxanthine CAS 514-78-3

Molecular Formula: C40H52O2

Formula Weight: 564.85

ZSpharmac: Canthaxanthine Supplier

Product Name: Canthaxanthine
CAS No: 514-78-3
Purity: 99%

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Basic Info

Product Name:Canthaxanthine
Other Names:Canthaxanthin
Place of Origin:Shandong, China
Brand Name:ZSpharmac
Type:Cosmetic Raw Materials
Appearance:Very Dark Red to Black Neat
EINECS No.:208-187-2
Provide:Canthaxanthine MSDS;
Canthaxanthine COA

What is Canthaxanthine?

Canthaxanthine is an all-natural pigment with wonderful potential as an anti-oxidant. It has the capability to appease energetic oxygen and scavenge free radicals. Its ability to quench energetic oxygen as well as feed on free radicals is 2nd only to astaxanthin and is β-carotene Almost twice that of vitamin E, fifty times that of vitamin E, likewise referred to as very vitamin E. In 1984, FDA/WHO authorized canthaxanthine as a preservative and established quality requirements. Canthaxanthine has actually been typically used as a colorant, nutrient as well as anti-oxidant to be included in food, feed as well as likewise cosmetics. All-natural cantharidin exists in really portions in particular mushrooms, crustaceans, fish, algae, eggs, blood, and liver, and also cantharidin is also produced by certain germs.

Canthaxanthine Property

Melting point 217~218℃
Boiling point 717.0±40.0 °C(Predicted)
density 1.003±0.06 g/cm3(Predicted)
storage temp. -20°C
solubility Chloroform (Slightly)
form neat
color Very Dark Red to Black


Pharmacological Effects of Canthaxanthine

  1. Anti-cancer result Rat dental cancer experiments have actually verified that Canthaxanthine has obvious inhibitory result on growth spreading as well as can considerably decrease the incidence of cancer. Supplementing cantharidin can lower the occurrence of bust growths by 65%, as well as cantharidin can likewise decrease the carcinogenicity of methylnitrosourea, as well as has a good result on minimizing the number and quantity of bust tumor cells induced by methylnitrosourea. Additionally, feeding canthaxanthin can substantially hinder the occurrence of thymoma, cancer malignancy, as well as fibrosarcoma. The stamina of this inhibitory impact is directly pertaining to the feeding dosage, feeding time, and sex of speculative computer mice.
  2. Antioxidant Canthaxanthine is an excellent photoprotectant as well as anti-oxidant. A multitude of medical tests have shown that the mix of canthaxanthin as well as β-carotene is better than making use of β-carotene alone in the therapy of individuals with hematopoietic protoporphyrin (EPP) and compound photopathy (PMLE). The intake of cantharidin can boost the task of glutathione peroxidase, catalase, superoxide dismutase, and so on, and effectively regulate the equilibrium of oxidation-antioxidation system in organisms, thus hindering cholesterol-induced oxidative stress and anxiety.
  3. Boosts Immunity Canthaxanthine has immunomodulatory task and serves as an immunomodulatory substance in the human body. Cantharidin enhances the body’s resistance by enhancing the phagocytosis of macrophages, advertising lymphocyte transformation, increasing the number of lymphocytes, and enhancing the vigor of all-natural killer cells.
  4. Securing Skin Health Excessive exposure of unguarded skin to the sun can bring about sunburn, which can result in photoinduced oxidation, swelling, immunosuppression, aging, as well as also canceration of skin cells. Preclinical studies have actually shown that normal nutritional antioxidants can attenuate these problems. Canthaxanthine has a great alleviative impact on genetic photodermatosis, particularly the treatment of polymorphic light eruption. It was also able to prevent light-induced skin cancer cells and also UV-induced immunosuppression.
  5. Secure bone health and wellness and also Canthaxanthine can effectively safeguard as well as decrease the oxidative damage to osteoblasts, and afterwards protect the spreading of osteoblasts by satiating totally free radicals, and advertise the process of bone development. Differentiation, showing that canthaxanthin may be associated with bone metabolism-related regulatory tasks. Coupled with its strong antioxidant capability, it may have specific significance in the avoidance or complementary therapy of aged osteoporosis.

Application of Canthaxanthine

Canthaxanthine is an important carotenoid that widely exists in organisms in nature. Because of its good coloring effect and high stability, it is often used as a colorant in food, feed, cosmetics, etc. Its application examples are as follows:

1) Prepare the coloring agent in the pelleted feed for large-scale three-yellow chickens, and calculate the total content of lutein and total content of Canthaxanthine required in the feed according to the expected coloration table of the legs of three-yellow chickens, and calculate the total content of lutein by measuring the content of lutein in the base material The content of natural lutein and cantharidin that needs to be added is premixed with natural lutein, cantharidin and low-gluten flour to form a lutein premix, and the lutein premix is added to the base material to provide a The invention discloses a method for adding a coloring agent in the pellet feed of fast and large-scale three-yellow chickens, which has strong operability and can precisely control the chromaticity of three-yellow chicken legs.

2) Prepare a feed additive premix. The feed additive is composed of the following raw materials in parts by weight: 150-450 parts of astaxanthin, 300-700 parts of Dunaliella salina, 150-400 parts of vitamin E, 300-600 parts of Bupleurum, 100-250 parts of Canthaxanthine, 300-600 parts of oxidizing agent, 150-1000 parts of corn gluten powder. The invention has no toxicity, side effects, drug resistance, environmental protection, and no adverse effect on the palatability of the feed; it can obviously improve the quality of yellow and red color fish such as golden pomfret, yellow catfish, pond louse, red sea bream, and large yellow croaker. Body color, making the body color appear natural yellow or red; and can effectively improve the immunity, reproductive ability and meat quality of farmed fish; and its raw material source is stable, and the production process is simple.

3) Prepare a chicken astaxanthin life element, its formula (by weight percentage) DL? Methionine 1.9-2.9%, L? Sodium Ascorbate 1.6-2.6%, potassium dihydrogen phosphate 2.3-3.3%, Pediococcus lactis 2.5- 3.5%, Calcium Acetate 2.1-3.1%, Ingot Oil Extract 2.8-3.8%, Rhodopseudomonas Viridans 0.9-1.9%, Guar Gum 0.6-1.6%, Dandelion Root Extract 1.5-2.5%, Brevibacillus 1.9 -2.9%, Asarum 1.1-2.1%, Glucose Oxidase 1.6-2.6%, Ligusticum 1.7-2.5%, Canthaxanthine 1.5-2.3%, Xanthium 1.3-2.2%, Vitex 1.8-2.8%, Dimethyl Pyrimidinol menadione sulfite 1.9-2.9%, Bacillus lentus 2.7-3.7%, manganese carbonate 0.3-1.3%, snake gallbladder extract 0.8-1.8%, astaxanthin 0.1-1.1%, water 67.1-46.6%. The invention has the advantages of significantly enhancing the muscle strength and tolerance of chickens, greatly improving the survival rate in a stressful environment, promoting the production of antibodies and reducing the mortality of chickens.

Preparation of Canthaxanthine

Method 1: Preparation of Canthaxanthine: 26.84g (0.05mol) β-carotene and 100ml dichloromethane were placed in a 500ml three-necked flask, stirred and dissolved, and then 1.36ml 2wt% of Hydrogen peroxide and 1.66g KI aqueous solution, then slowly add 32.44g (0.2mol) m-chloroperoxybenzoic acid to the reaction system at a temperature of 25°C, and react for 7 hours to obtain cantharidin produced by oxidation of β-carotene . Detected with an ultraviolet spectrophotometer, the yield of the product cantharidin was calculated to be 81.1%.

Purification process: add 0.5g antioxidant to the mixture solution containing the target product Canthaxanthine, the antioxidant is an antioxidant containing tert-butylphenol, wash twice with 5wt% sodium thiosulfate solution, and wash once with deionized water , and then the solvent was removed by rotary evaporation to obtain the crude product. The resulting crude product was heated to 60°C in an ethanol solution, refluxed for 12 hours, and cooled for recrystallization. The solid obtained by recrystallization was put into a hydrothermal reactor, and the hydrothermal reaction was carried out at a temperature of 100° C., and the transposition time was 16 hours. The transposed solid was taken out and dried in vacuum at 40°C for 6 hours to obtain the product Canthaxanthine, which was detected by an ultraviolet spectrophotometer and the product had a purity of 93.2%.

Method 2: Add 6g β-carotene (99%, 0.01106mol) and 120ml methylene chloride in a 500ml four-necked flask, add 8g aqueous hydrogen peroxide (10%w/w, 0.02352mol) and 0.03g tetrabutyl bromide ammonium chloride, evacuate and replenish nitrogen three times, cool down to 0-5°C, add dropwise 27.6g of sodium hypochlorite aqueous solution precooled to 5°C (available chlorine content is 1.5wt%, 0.01166mol, pH value is adjusted to 7), dropwise The temperature of the addition process is controlled at 0-5°C. After the dropwise addition, the temperature is kept at this temperature for 6 hours, and the oil layer and the water layer are obtained by standing to separate layers. The water layer is extracted once with 30ml of dichloromethane, and the extracted dichloromethane layer is combined with the oil layer. After that, wash once with 100ml 2% w/v sodium sulfite aqueous solution and once with 100ml water, concentrate the oil layer to dryness, add 50ml ethanol, perform isomerization reaction at 70°C for 8 hours, lower to normal temperature, filter, and vacuum-dry to obtain 5.52g Canthaxanthine, content It is 93.13%, and the molar yield is 82.41%.

About Products:
If you need Canthaxanthine as a cosmetic raw material, please contact our service staff directly, we will provide you with high-quality products at the best price.
As an experienced Canthaxanthine manufacturer and supplier, ZSpharmac will provide Canthaxanthine raw materials to customers all over the world for a long time.
Over the years, the company has been adhering to the spirit of “integrity management, strict quality control, customer first”, and has won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign customers.

Company Profile and Corporate Culture

Company Profile:

ZhiShang Chemical is owned by ZhiShang Group is a professional new-type chemicals enterprise combined into research and development, production and sales .

The company’s competitive product is pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates (especially carbohydrate derivatives Series), In recent years, the company has made a major breakthrough in food and feed additives, plant extraction, industrial chemicals industry .

The company insists on the spirit of “sincere management, strict quality control, customer as god” , get consistent high praise from customers at home and abroad.

Corporate Culture:

Help China Chemicals to benefit the happiness of human life
Become the most trusted chemical supplier in the world
Striver – oriented, enrich employees, customer first, deep service, seek development
Be prepared for danger in times of peace, forge ahead actively, unity and cooperation, and be brave to fight

About Us

The production base is located in Zhangqiu chemical industry park and Tai’an high-tech chemical industry park. laboratory and workshop in strict accordance with the GMP standard and the product fit national ISO9001 and ISO2000 standards.

“Zhishang” products are exported to Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa area, so as to establish a long-term and stable cooperation relationship with customer in the world.

Company Info
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Product Range: Cosmetic raw materials
  • Products/Service:Cosmetic raw materials (flavors and fragrances,antioxidant products, moisturizing and hydrating, whitening agents, cosmetic additives)
  • Total Employees: 51~100
  • Capital (Million US $): 10000000RMB
  • Year Established: 2016
Production Capacity
  • No. of Production Lines : 8
  • No. of QC Staff : 5 -10 People
  • OEM Services Provided : yes
  • Factory Size (Sq.meters) : 3,000-5,000 square meters
  • Certificate: ISO9001 , CE , GMP , API , MSDS
  • Factory Location : Diao Town Industry Park, Zhangqiu City, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China.


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