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Beta Karotenas CAS 7235-40-7

Molecular Formula: C40H56

Formula Weight: 536.89

ZSpharmac: Beta Karotenas Supplement

Product Name: Beta Karotenas
CAS No: 7235-40-7
Purity: 99%

Basic Info

Product Name:Beta Karotenas
Other Names:Beta-Carotene
Place of Origin:Shandong, China
Brand Name:ZSpharmac
Type:Food Additives
Appearance:Red to Purple Powder
EINECS No.:230-636-6
Provide:Beta Karotenas MSDS;
Beta Karotenas COA

What is Beta Karotenas?

Beta Karotenas (β-carotene) belongs to carotenoids, it is ubiquitous in nature and is the most stable natural pigment, is an orange fat-soluble compound, shiny rhombohedral or crystalline powder, It mainly comes from natural foods such as green plants and yellow and orange fruits. Dilute solutions of Beta Karotenas are orange-yellow to yellow, orange at increasing concentrations, and may be slightly reddish due to solvent polarity.

Beta Karotenas Properties:

Melting point 178-179 °C
Boiling point 644.94°C (rough estimate)
density 1.000
refractive index 1.5630 (estimate)
Fp 103 °C
storage temp. -20°C
solubility hexane: 100 μg/mL, soluble
form powder
color red to purple
Water Solubility Soluble in hexane, dimethyl sulfoxide, benzene, chloroform, cyclohexane. Insoluble in water.


Beta Karotenas Uses

  1. Beta Karotenas are utilized as nutritional fortifiers and food colorants.
  2. Beta Karotenas as food orange coloring; nutritional fortifier. Generally utilized in margarine, noodles, cakes, beverages and organic food.
  3. Beta Karotenas as feed vitamin fortifier and also colorant.
  4. Beta Karotenas as nutritional supplements and also colorants. According to the “Sanitary Basic for the Use of Food Nourishment Enhancers (1993 )” promoted by the Ministry of Wellness of my nation, it can be made use of in cream and puffed food, and the optimum usage quantity is 0.2 g/kg. The physical effect of 0.6 μg of this product is equivalent to 1 international system (I · U ·) of vitamin A. It is now widely utilized as a yellow pigment to replace oil-soluble tar pigments, such as lotion, cheese, mayo, etc that originally contain carotene, as well as is widely used in various other edible oils as well as fats, margarine, shortening, cakes, bread, etc. When made use of in oily foods, it is commonly dissolved in edible oils such as cottonseed oil or suspension prep work (content 30%). It can stop the oxidation of beta-carotene even after use after dilution.Antioxidants such as α-tocopherol, stearoyl ascorbate, and BHA are generally added. When used as a colorant, the added amount is less, such as 1.37mg/kg for margarine. Combined with vitamin C in juices to improve stability.
  5. Beta Karotenas are mainly used in food, health products and medicines.
  6. Beta Karotenas is an antioxidant that acts as a pro-oxidant or antioxidant due to its inhibition of free radical-induced peroxidation in vitro. Dietary supplement in mice that reduces hearing loss and hair cell damage.

Beta Karotenas Production Method

1. Extraction from plants can be extracted from carrots, peppers or silkworm sand with organic solvents such as petroleum ether. When extracting lutein, the non-soap of the gasoline layer is washed once with an equal amount of 1% sodium chloride solution to remove soluble lipid compounds, and the lower aqueous phase is removed by standing and stratified. The gasoline layer was distilled under reduced pressure to recover gasoline to obtain a yellow waxy residue, which was dissolved in petroleum ether and quickly filtered. The filtrate was passed through an activated alumina chromatography column with petroleum ether:acetone=8:
The mixture of

2. (volume ratio) is eluted, and the solvent is recovered by distillation under reduced pressure to obtain an oily crude β-carotene. Then use anthracene-ethanol for recrystallization to obtain finished crystals. This method is limited by resources and cannot be mass-produced. (2) Chemical synthesis method The chemical synthesis method is the Grignard reaction method of the Swedish Roche company and the Witting reaction synthesis method of the German Base company. The Grignard reaction synthesis method uses β-ionone as raw material to obtain β-C14, β-C16, β-C19 aldehyde successively, and then two molecules of β-C19 aldehyde are condensed into β-C40 diphenol by Grignard, and then dehydrated, Hydrogenated. The overall yield was 21% based on β-ionone. The Wittig reaction synthesis method also uses β-ionone as the raw material to synthesize β-carotene through vinyl-β-violet, C15+C10+C15, and the yield is 25% in terms of C15 enol. See the literature for details on the reaction formula. Although the synthetic method has a long route, it is more economical, and has good nutritional value and color stability.

3. Extraction from salina salina is a marine plankton that grows in salt pans. my country has a long coastline, rich potential resources and good development prospects. The following two technological routes are proposed in the national “Seventh Five-Year” public relations project. (1) Petroleum ether extraction process. The wet salina powder was extracted with No. 6 solvent oil under stirring at 50°C for about 20 minutes, and the filter residue was filtered and extracted twice. The filtrate is concentrated by thin-film evaporation, crystallized, filtered, and vacuum-dried to obtain the finished product, and the extraction rate is about 80%. (2) Vegetable oil extraction process. Extract with 2 times the vegetable oil of dry salina powder at 75°C with stirring for 30-60min. The oil solution of beta-carotene is obtained by centrifugation by a three-legged centrifuge, and then by centrifugation by a disc centrifuge.

4. Preparation of fermentation method The red yeast cells containing beta-carotene were cultured by fermentation method. The wort with a relative density of 1.06-1.07 was used as the medium, 2%-3% of red yeast was inoculated after high temperature sterilization, and the culture was aerated for 48 hours under the conditions of 26 ° C and PH5-6, and the fermentation broth was separated by high-speed centrifugation for 15 minutes. , washed with distilled water, and dried at 50 °C to obtain dry yeast cells. The stem cells were first treated with 2-3mol/L hydrochloric acid, and then boiled in boiling water for 2-3min. Cell debris was obtained by high-speed centrifugation and washing twice with water. The stem cell fragments were soaked in acetone, and the cell fragments were removed by high-speed centrifugation to obtain a beta-carotene extract. Concentrated under reduced pressure by rotary thin film evaporator, and extracted with chloroform to obtain β-carotene concentrate. Finally, it is concentrated under reduced pressure and spray-dried to obtain the finished product.

Effects of Beta Karotenas on The Liver

The main ability of β-carotene is to protect the liver and protect the liver. It is an important antioxidant in the liver, which can protect cells from the damage of peroxides and protect the normal function of liver cells, thereby producing huge benefits to the human body, including The decomposition of various nutrients and toxins, the smooth utilization of nutrients and the smooth discharge of garbage, must be decomposed by the liver first. If the function of the liver is not strong enough, then our body will either lack nutrients or accumulate a lot of garbage.

The liver is in charge of dredging and excreting, which is to dredge and excrete. The liver is responsible for unblocking all the pipes in the body. The most important and biggest plumbing problem for the elderly should be the blood vessels. All cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are caused by blockage. It is due to the decreased function of liver dredging and excretion. Therefore, Chinese medicine basically treats all cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases from the liver. Whether it is high blood pressure or coronary heart disease, cerebral infarction or brain atrophy, it is necessary to soothe the liver. For example, if a woman has irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, or even infertility, whose cause is it? Many Chinese medicine practitioners, when encountering such a problem, treat her from the perspective of the kidney, because there is a saying that the kidney controls reproduction. In fact? A real expert in traditional Chinese medicine will carefully distinguish the difference. Some patients are indeed caused by kidney deficiency and lack of qi and blood, but more patients are due to the lack of smoothness in the uterus, and should be treated from the liver.

Another characteristic of the liver is called straightness. In modern terms, it can be roughly understood that all elastic things belong to the hepatic duct. What should be flexible on the body? All the parts are needed. For example, the heart needs elasticity to contract, and the muscles and tendons must be able to contract so that we can move. Therefore, Chinese medicine says that the liver controls the tendons, which is actually the ability to stretch.

After middle age, it is necessary to properly take some liver-protecting nutrients. Selenium is a very important enzyme in the liver, a component of glutathione peroxidase. Quickly decompose garbage, thereby reducing the accumulation of garbage in the liver, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting the liver. At the same time, vitamin E is also very important. Vitamin E can promote the speed of cell division and allow new cells to be produced faster. And protein is very important. Good protein can promote the production of various active enzymes in the liver. Vitamin C, vitamin A, have a protective effect on the liver, as well as proanthocyanidins, as well as zinc, calcium. The various nutrients rich in salina salina, especially the excellent protein and beta-carotene, the protective effect on the liver is quite obvious for most people.

Beta Karotenas side effects

You must know that carrots contain a lot of beta carotene. Appropriate consumption and supplementation can help to improve and regulate, but if you eat too much, it may cause the skin to turn yellow, because it is a An orange-yellow natural pigment, not all of which is converted into vitamin A in the body, so if you eat too much, the remaining part will be absorbed by the blood, so that the level of carrots in the blood will increase , and then precipitate in the skin and subcutaneous tissue, resulting in yellowing of the skin, which is what we usually call caroteneemia.

It is good for women to eat carotene, but in the same way, if you eat too much carotene, it will lead to too much carotene, which will also cause the normal ovulation function of the ovary to be inhibited to a certain extent, which will affect the synthesis of lutein in the ovary and make the secretion of The amount decreased suddenly. In severe cases, it can lead to irregular menstrual periods, such as amenorrhea or anovulation. For women, if this is the case, it is not worth the loss, but seriously damages the health and is not suitable for the healthy development of the body.

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