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Alpha Linolenic Acid Sigma CAS 463-40-1

Molecular Formula: C18H30O2

Formula Weight: 278.43

ZSpharmac: Alpha Linolenic Acid Sigma Supplier

Product Name: Alpha Linolenic Acid Sigma
CAS No: 463-40-1
Purity: 99%

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Basic Info

Product Name:Alpha Linolenic Acid Sigma
Other Names:Linolenic Acid
Place of Origin:Shandong, China
Brand Name:ZSpharmac
Type:Cosmetic Raw Materials
Appearance:Clear Colorless to Light Yellow Liquid
EINECS No.:207-334-8
Provide:Alpha Linolenic Acid Sigma MSDS;
Alpha Linolenic Acid Sigma COA

What is Alpha Linolenic Acid Sigma?

Alpha Linolenic Acid Sigma widely exists in nature and is plentiful in spore plants as well as seed plants. As early as 1919, Heidushka et al. found the isomer of α-linolenic acid from the seed oil of evening primrose as well as named it γ-linolenic acid. It exists not only in willow fallen leave household evening primrose (oerotherabiennis.L), yet additionally in Borageaceae borage (Borageofficinaliv.L) and black currant (BlackCurrant). As well as exist in some ciliated protozoa, spirulina and also chlorella. Several bacteria, such as Mortiella and also Mucor in border fungis, can synthesize γ-linolenic acid.
In the late 1940s, Albercht et al. very first found Alpha Linolenic Acid Sigma from the fat of phyconyces blakesleeanus. In the mid-1960s, Shan et al. discovered that strains of Phycobacterium included γ-linolenic acid. In the 1980s, with the research study on the physical activity of γ-linolenic acid, the use of microorganisms to research study and also establish γ-linolenic acid attracted attention.
my nation’s research and development in this area was reasonably late. In 1988, the Shanghai Institute of Industrial Microbiology made use of a kind of mucor to ferment as well as create γ-linolenic acid. The biomass was 3% to 5%, and the complete fat rate was 40% to 50%., Alpha Linolenic Acid Sigma web content is 7% to 9%.
Alpha Linolenic Acid Sigma not just deals with human cardio system illness in medication, yet additionally has a certain weight reduction impact. It can be made use of as an energetic component in organic food or added to beverages, fruit juices, jelly, biscuits, chocolate, as well as eating periodontal as a preservative. It can be specifically utilized in the manufacture of baby food fortifiers, baby dietary milk powder for gamma-linolenic acid as well as nutritional milk powder ideal for expectant and lactating ladies. It can additionally be utilized in feed as well as cosmetics. The research and development prospect of producing Alpha Linolenic Acid Sigma by fermentation is wide.

Alpha Linolenic Acid Sigma Property

Melting point 

-11 °C(lit.)

Boiling point 

230-232 °C1 mm Hg(lit.)


0.914 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)

refractive index 

n20/D 1.480(lit.)


>230 °F

storage temp. 



Chloroform, Ethyl Acetate (Slightly), Methanol (Slightly)






Clear colorless to light yellow

Specific Gravity


Water Solubility 


The Efficacy of Alpha Linolenic Acid Sigma

1. Control blood lipid
Dyslipidemia is a significant threat to human wellness as well as life. It is a vital threat variable for the development as well as progression of atherosclerotic lesions. It has actually been proven that lipid-lowering medicines can delay the event of atherosclerotic occasions (such as heart attack as well as stroke). Numerous experiments have shown that Alpha Linolenic Acid Sigma can minimize product overall cholesterol (TC), triglyceride (TG), low-density lipoprotein and very low-density healthy protein, and rise lotion high-density lipoprotein.
In the device of Alpha Linolenic Acid Sigma lowering lotion cholesterol, along with raising cholesterol excretion, inhibition of endogenous cholesterol synthesis is additionally extremely essential. HMG-CoA is the major rate-limiting enzyme of cholesterol synthesis, and also α-linolenic acid inhibits its activity to minimize cholesterol synthesis. Tield et al. located that the intake of α-linolenic acid can reduce the activity of HMG-CoA reductase in bunny liver as well as boost the activity of ACAT at the same time. Alpha Linolenic Acid Sigma prevents fat synthetizing enzymes and also enhances β-oxidation in mitochondria, reducing triglyceride synthesis and boosting consumption. α-linolenic acid can reduce the blood lipids of rabbits without the phenomenon of lipid build-up in the liver, while linoleic acid as well as γ-linolenic acid, which belong to ω-6PUFA, additionally have the result of lowering blood lipids, however they mostly promote the transfer of lipids from the blood to the liver. Liver transfer decreases blood lipids, leading to fatty liver.
2. Prevention of infarction
From the viewpoint of mechanism, there are two primary kinds of thrombus, one is lipid embolism, and the other is blood coagulation. A lot of antithrombotic drugs only have a result on one of these factors, yet the antithrombotic impact of Alpha Linolenic Acid Sigma is total and also thorough.
Under an ultra-high zoom electron microscopic lense, through the monitoring of outer blood, cholesterol crystals and chylogranules can be plainly seen. Some clients likewise have big plaques. These cholesterol crystals as well as lipid plaques abide by the internal wall surface of blood vessels. Lipid apoplexy can be formed, and hyperlipidemia is the major reason for lipid apoplexy. Free cholesterol and triglycerides can not be dissolved in the blood, and exist in the form of crystals or bits in the blood. When the internal wall surface of the blood vessel is damaged, these lipid compounds can abide by the inner wall surface of the blood vessel, and after lasting buildup, form Large plaques and also create atherosclerosis. Alpha Linolenic Acid Sigma’s feature of regulating blood lipids can decrease cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL, VLDL, increase HDL, as well as play an antithrombotic effect. After taking 1.2 g/d of α-linolenic acid for 120 days, the thickness of cholesterol crystals under the microscopic lense can be significantly decreased, as well as huge lipid plaques can vanish.
Platelet gathering is one of the most crucial web link in the process of blood coagulation. Thromboxane TXA2 can trigger platelet aggregation, while PGI2 plays a hostile duty. Arachidonic acid AA generates PGI2 under the activity of cyclooxygenase, as well as also creates TXA2, EPA Taking On AA for cyclooxygenase to produce PGI3 and TXA3, decreasing the generation of PGI2 and TXA2, PGI3 and PGI2 have substantial activity versus TXA2, but TXA3 has no platelet aggregation task, so EPA can hinder the task of TXA2 to avoid apoplexy prevention of heart attack as well as analytical infarction. At the same time, ω-3PUFA can support the myocardium potential, decrease ventricular arrhythmia as well as level of sensitivity, as well as avoid the occurrence of arrhythmia, specifically fatal ventricular arrhythmia triggered by anemia.
3. Decrease thickness and also rise oxygen
For the most part, coronary heart disease and also cerebral ischemia are brought on by thrombus, however blood viscosity is likewise an element that can not be disregarded. Some individuals with coronary cardiovascular disease as well as analytical anemia do not have obvious arterial embolism. The factor is that the rise of blood thickness and the decrease of blood oxygen carrying capacity cause inadequate blood supply to the myocardium as well as brain as well as peripheral flow problems, showing palpitations, chest rigidity, lightheadedness, Signs and symptoms such as sleep problems, amnesia as well as feeling numb of arm or legs.
Hyperviscosity can have two definitions: one is mirrored in the fluidity of blood, that is, the rheology of blood, which can be determined with a viscometer. Decreased blood fluidness slows down the circulation of blood in blood vessels, creating cells ischemia and boosting the burden on the heart. The second is shown in the aggregation of red cell, that is, the adhesion of red blood cells. Under a high-power microscopic lense, red blood cells can be attended overlap. Oxygen signs and symptoms, the boost of numerous solutes in the blood boosts the viscosity of the blood and lowers the fluidness. The solutes are primarily some proteins, such as glycoproteins, lipoproteins, fibrinogen, collagen, and so on; The cost on the surface of the membrane lowers, as well as the repulsion in between the cells is inadequate to separate the cells, leading to bond.
For blood thickness, there is no targeted medication, hereof, α-linolenic acid has its special role. Alpha Linolenic Acid Sigma can regulate the metabolism of sugar, fat and healthy protein, lower the level of soluble protein in the blood, and also increase blood fluidness. The effect can be seen after supplementing α-linolenic acid for regarding 90 days. The percentage of α-linolenic acid in the phospholipids of the cell membrane increases, the fluidness of the membrane boosts, as well as the cost on the surface of the cell membrane increases, and the adhesion between cells can be dramatically improved. Sticky cells are normally apparent after supplementing α-linolenic acid for 1 month. dispersion. Individuals with hyperviscosity were supplemented with α-linolenic acid at 1.5 g/d for 90 days, and all signs went back to regular. At the same time, signs such as palpitations, breast rigidity, lightheadedness, sleeplessness, amnesia, as well as tingling of arm or legs were considerably improved, as well as the reliable rate was 90%. above.
4. Against diabetes mellitus
Alpha Linolenic Acid Sigma can advertise the secretion of insulin by insulin β-cells as well as preserve the stability of insulin in the blood, minimize the resistance of target cells to insulin, boost the level of sensitivity of insulin receptors on the cell membrane, as well as minimize insulin enmity.
When dealing with diabetes mellitus, the decomposition of fat in the body is accelerated, and lipid metabolic rate conditions cause raised blood lipids, leading to problems such as arteriosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, fatty liver, and high blood pressure Additionally, extreme fat disintegration will certainly generate ketone bodies. If ketone bodies exceed the utilization limit of the body and build up in the body in large amounts, ketoacidosis will certainly happen. α-linolenic acid can control lipid metabolic rate in the body, prevent problems, and lower the chance of acid and ketone poisoning. At the same time, the protective as well as strengthening impacts of α-linolenic acid on different organs and nervous system of the body are of great benefit to diabetic patients.
5. Lower blood pressure.
Alpha Linolenic Acid Sigma as well as its metabolites EPA as well as DHA can decrease the high blood pressure of hypertensive people. Taking 1.2 grams daily can lower systolic high blood pressure, diastolic high blood pressure and also indicate arterial stress by 10mmHg, while typical high blood pressure is nearly untouched [1] The device of ω-3PUFA decreasing blood pressure is considered to be the action of endogenous vasoactive materials to capillary, such as the vasodilation effect of prostacyclin PGI3, which stimulates endothelial cells to release NO, and at the same time makes α-linolenic acid reduce the effects of the blood vessels. Fat (cholesterol, triglycerides) material declines.
6. Subdue allergies
The number of individuals suffering from pollen allergy, food allergic reaction, atopic eczema, as well as bronchial asthma continues to increase. There are two possible reasons for this situation. One is the rise in allergens that people can come into contact with; the various other is hyperreactivity of the body. In the process of allergy, pole cells as well as neutrophils in the body play a crucial function. As soon as an allergen enters the body, it binds to mast cells, which are boosted to launch histamine and also leukotrienes (LT4). Furthermore, platelet triggering factor is released by neutrophils. These active compounds cause numerous signs of allergic reaction, such as trouble in breathing, raised discharge, rhinitis, etc.
Modifications in the proportion of various kinds of crucial fats in food can trigger allergic reactions in the body. Because the 4-series leukotriene LT4 (LTB4, LTC4, LTD4, LTE4) produced by arachidonic acid of ω-6PUFA, and also the 5-series leukotriene LT5 (LTB5, LTC5, LTD5, LTE5). LTB4 can highly attract neutrophils, eosinophils, and monocytes, as well as boost the permeability of capillary wall surfaces, while the physical activity of LT5 in this regard is just a few tenths to a couple of hundredths of LT4. Rats were fed high α-linolenic acid and high linoleic acid (safflower oil) feed for 2 generations. Glycogen was injected right into the stomach cavity to collect neutrophils and boost them to launch LT substances, which were after that quantified. There was no big difference in the complete quantity of LT launched, yet there was a big difference in the ratio of the highly active kind B4 and also the weakly active kind B5.
7. Anti-inflammatory effect
With the application of antibiotics and other anti-biotics, the influence of pathogenic inflammation on human health is reducing everyday, while some non-pathogenic and non-fatal chronic inflammations bring new dangers to human health and wellness and seriously affect people’s quality of life, such as For rheumatism, rheumatoid joint inflammation, chronic rhinitis, chronic prostatitis, etc, antipyretic as well as analgesic drugs, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines and hormone anti-inflammatory medicines can just play a symptomatic therapy function for this kind of disease. That is to decrease the synthesis of different inflammatory moderators, but at the same time create serious negative effects on the body. Alpha Linolenic Acid Sigma can inhibit various inflammatory arbitrators and also cytokines without creating damaging reactions, bringing originalities to the therapy of this kind of disease.
8. Safeguard sight
As pointed out earlier, the outer sector of retinal aesthetic cells consists of a lot of DHA. If DHA is deficient, vision will certainly lower and also the recuperation time of retinal reflexes will certainly be lengthened. As quickly as the retina touches the light, a chemical reaction takes place, causing a modification in prospective, which is after that transferred to the brain via the nerves. Rats were fed for two generations with Ω-6 collection safflower oil and also Alpha Linolenic Acid Sigma respectively, and then light with various strengths was given to create prospective modifications to compare the size (amplitude) of α waves and β waves in the cell membrane layer prospective diagram. to identify retinal reflectance. The outcomes revealed that the magnitude of the amplitude represented the content of α-linolenic acid, that is, it increased in the order of safflower oil, control team, and also α-linolenic acid. Try outs monkeys have also verified that the lack of α-linolenic acid decreases vision.
9. Boosts intelligence
Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which is originated from α-linolenic acid, is bountiful in the cranial nerves as well as retina, and also it is very vital for the growth of the brain from the fetus to the breastfeeding period. By the time of weaning, a lot of the department of brain cells has actually finished, and also the variety of nerve cells will certainly not boost much after that, so the supplements of α-linolenic acid from pregnancy to lactation is really needed.
On top of that, Alpha Linolenic Acid Sigma additionally has the functions of anti-cancer, anti-aging, anti-depression, and also avoidance of senile dementia. It is important for maintaining typical human development and development as well as maintaining typical skin problem.
ω-3PUFA including α-linolenic acid has actually been extensively utilized medically as a medication in western nations for the prevention and also treatment of heart diseases, diabetic issues, obesity, growths, inflammation, depression and also other diseases. In cosmetics, flax Acids are used as skin conditioning agents and skin repairing ingredients. Research has actually shown that it likewise has anti-inflammatory homes, and also some studies have actually shown its possible as a blemish-brightening ingredient. Some nations additionally specify in the form of legislations that α-linolenic acid need to be added to particular details foods, otherwise they can not be marketed.

Production Method of Alpha Linolenic Acid Sigma

Method 1: Using oleic acid as raw material
The preparation of linoleic acid takes oleic acid as raw material, and also desaturation produces linoleic acid
Oleic acid [desaturation] → linoleic acid.
Prep work of linolenic acid Linoleic acid creates α-linolenic acid under the activity of ω-3 dehydrogenase; creates Alpha Linolenic Acid Sigma under the action of ω-6 dehydrogenase.
Method 2: The mycelium produced by bacterial qualitative fermentation is removed with natural solvents to remove gamma-linolenic acid methyl ester
The approach of Lin Hongwei and also Qin Haicuo to divide and also cleanse γ-linolenic acid from spirulina: Spirulina was seeped in acetone-water (volume proportion 3:1) system at 65 ° C for 30 minutes to obtain total lipids as well as overall lipids with nitric acid Root-silica gel column chromatography, where the fat galactose ester is eluted by cycloalkane-ethyl acetate, after the solvent is vaporized, under the combined action of methanol-chloroacetyl, the fatty acid galactose ester is exchanged fatty acid methyl ester. The latter, together with methanol and urea, was refluxed to information at 65 ° C, as well as stood overnight at -15 ° C, saturated fatty acid methyl esters and monounsaturated fat methyl esters developed urea complexes to take shape and also γ-linolenic acid methyl ester continued to be in the mom alcohol while was detoxified.
Method 3, urea inclusion technique to prepare α-ethyl linolenic acid
The crystallization of urea is tetragonal, and comes to be hexahedral when it exists side-by-side with straight-chain fats Straight-chain saturated fatty acids are more than likely to get in the channels of hexahedral crystals to form urea clathrates. The more double bonds in unsaturated fats, the harder it is to enter the network of the crystal. The double bonds raise the molecular quantity, making it difficult to develop urea addition facilities. According to this property, highly unsaturated fats can be separated from saturated as well as reduced saturated fatty acids to achieve the purpose of dividing as well as cleansing α-linolenic acid.
Perilla oil consists of Alpha Linolenic Acid Sigma, linoleic acid, stearic acid, palmitic acid as well as other fatty acids, amongst which the material of Alpha Linolenic Acid Sigma is as high as 60%.
Preparation of totally free mixed fatty acid perilla seeds, pressing as well as fine-tuning to obtain perilla oil. Accurately weigh 200 g of perilla oil, include 1000 ml of 1 mol/L potassium hydroxide ethanol solution, as well as warm to reflux in a nitrogen-filled water bathroom for 0.5-1 h to completely saponify it to obtain a saponified remedy. Recoup the ethanol, include water down hydrochloric acid to readjust the pH to 1, allow it stand after stirring fully, as well as separate the upper layer of oily fluid, which is the totally free mixed fat. Perilla oil [KOH ethanol remedy] → [include fluid in nitrogen-filled water bathroom] saponification service [recouped ethanol] → [pH1] combined totally free fatty acid urea encapsulation method Accurately evaluate 25g of free mixed fatty acid, include 5 times the quantity of ethanol as well as 2 times the amount Urea, urea is added three times, and the quantity of enhancement lowers together. After each addition of urea, warm (60 ° C )as well as stir to liquify the urea. Insulate for 1 hr, initial let stand at area temperature for 12 hrs, and then allow stand at -10 ° C for 12 hrs to precipitate urea clathrate crystals, then filter to eliminate the crystals, include urea to the filtrate for next clathrate. Repeat 3 times to recuperate ethanol to obtain clathrate fatty acid.
Combined cost-free fatty acids [ethanol, urea] → [correct temperature] [filteringed system] → had fats.
Prep work of ethyl α-linolenic acid Add 2% H2SO4-EtOH option to the consisted of fat, heat and reflux for 2 hours in a water bath at 70 ° C with nitrogen filling until the ethyl esterification response is full, recover ethanol, include petroleum ether for removal and separation, and also separate The ether layer was cleaned with water, dried out over anhydrous sodium sulfate, and nitrogen-filled to recuperate petroleum ether under minimized stress to get ethyl α-linolenic acid with a material of more than 80%.
Fatty acid after addition [H2SO4-EtOH] → [nitrogen-filled water bath heating] [healing of ethanol] → [oil ether removal, washing] [drying out, healing of petroleum ether] → α-ethyl linolenate
The prep work of polyethylenically unsaturated fats by urea incorporation method has the attributes of recyclable urea, low production cost as well as basic procedure technique In addition to the urea inclusion method, methods for preparing polyunsaturated fatty acids include cryogenic cold, steel salt development, molecular distillation, high-performance liquid stage, and lipase.
Approach 4: Enrichment of γ-linolenic acid by urea inclusion method.
Prep work of fat Take 100g of evening primrose oil, include 210.3 g of solid alkali solution (structure: 100g of water, 30g of salt hydroxide, 0.3 g of EDTA, 80g of 95% ethanol) as well as stir in a water bathroom at 60 ° C for 30min, then get the saponified service, cooling, include 40ml of pure water, include 85ml of 37% hydrochloric acid, add 100ml of n-hexane, shake and remove, recuperate n-hexane, and make fatty acid
Evening primrose oil [solid antacids remedy] → [60 ° C, 30min] saponification option [cooling down] → [drink with combined solvent] fat.
Take 110g of fat for urea addition, add urea and methanol according to the ratio of fat: urea: methanol = 1: 3.7: 6.4 (mass ratio), warm in a water bath as well as mix continuously until the urea is completely dissolved, mix at room temperature until the temperature goes down to 58-60 ℃, placed it in a cold water bath and continue to stir till the option temperature drops to concerning 30 ℃, add ice cubes in the cold water bath to decrease the solution temperature level to below 4 ℃, keep it for 1 hour, and also filter with suction to obtain the filtrate. Include 50ml of 37% hydrochloric acid, 150ml of water, and also 100ml of n-hexane to the filtrate, shake, stand still, as well as different layers. Put the lower layer filtrate in a beaker, add 50ml of n-hexane, drink the layers, as well as separate the lower layer filtrate. Both supernatants were incorporated, and n-hexane was recuperated to obtain γ-linolenic acid. The content of γ-linolenic acid was 10.35% as determined by gas chromatography before enrichment; the content of γ-linolenic acid was 90.51% as determined by gas chromatography after enrichment.
Fatty acid [combined solution] → [suitable temperature level] filtrate [blended option] → [layered] upper layer remedy [recuperation solvent] → γ-linolenic acid.

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