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Acetyl Octapeptide-1 CAS 868844-74-0

Molecular Formula: C41H70N16O16S

Formula Weight: 1075.17

ZSpharmac: Acetyl Octapeptide-1 Supplement

Product Name: Acetyl Octapeptide-1
CAS No: 868844-74-0
Purity: 99%

Basic Info

Product Name:Acetyl Octapeptide-1
Other Names:Acetyl Octapeptide-3
Place of Origin:Shandong, China
Brand Name:ZSpharmac
Type:Cosmetic Raw Materials
Appearance:White Powder
Storage:Under Inert Gas (nitrogen or Argon) at 2–8 °C
Provide:Acetyl Octapeptide-1 MSDS;
Acetyl Octapeptide-1 COA

What is Acetyl Octapeptide-1?

Acetyl Octapeptide-1 is a chemical substance with CAS number 868844-74-0, molecular weight 1075.16, molecular formula C41H70N16O16S, chemical formula L-​α-​Asparagine, N-​acetyl-​L-​α- ​glutamyl-​L-​α-​glutamyl-​L-​methionyl-​L-​glutaminyl-​L-​arginyl-​L-​arginyl-​L-​alanyl- Protein Sequence Sequence Length: 8, molecular weight For 1075.16000, acetyl octapeptide-1 Chinese alias anti-wrinkle oligopeptide. If inhalation of acetyl octapeptide-1, please move the patient to fresh air; if skin call, get rid of infected clothing, wash skin completely with soap and also water, if pain, look for clinical attention; if contact with eyes, Different eyelids, wash with running water or typical saline, as well as seek medical focus quickly; if consumed, wash mouth quickly, do not cause throwing up, and also look for clinical attention right away.
The recommendations to safeguard rescuers is as adheres to: transfer the person to a refuge, seek advice from a physician, and reveal this chemical safety and security information sheet to the doctor at the scene if problems allow. In case of leak, collect the dripped fluid in a sealable container as much as possible for a small amount of leak, absorb it with sand, activated carbon or various other inert materials, as well as move it to a refuge.
It is forbidden to flush into the sewer; if there is a large amount of leakage, build a dike or dig a pit Contain, close the drainage pipe, cover with foam to suppress evaporation, transfer it to a tanker or a special collector with an explosion-proof pump, and recycle or transport it to a waste disposal site for disposal.

Acetyl Octapeptide-1 Properties:

density 1.56
storage temp. under inert gas (nitrogen or Argon) at 2–8 °C


Acetyl Octapeptide-1 Application

Acetyl octapeptide-1 can be used as a chemoattractant for the preparation of environmentally friendly degradation additives for polymers, such as a dual degradation additive that promotes photo-oxidative degradation and biodegradation of polymers, which is a concentrated plastic with an appearance. A new type of environmentally friendly dual-degradable additive for masterbatch, the masterbatch and polymer are respectively 0.1-5.0%: 95.0-99.9% by weight, and are made into composite materials by molding and processing. The material can not only undergo photo-oxidative degradation and biodegradation, but also can repair soil and compost. In addition, it can also block oxygen and flame retardant in many applications; this environmentally friendly dual-degradable masterbatch can be applied in a variety of polymers. The technical scheme adopted in order to achieve the above purpose is: the proportions of the components are as follows in terms of weight percentage: 30-50% of the resin used as a carrier; 26-40% of a composite photo-oxidative degradation accelerator; a photo-oxidative degradation induction period regulator 1-5%; carboxylic acid or its derivatives 1-5%; microcapsule composite material 15-25%. On the basis of the above technical solution, the microcapsule composite material includes: outer layer wall material, accounting for 10-30% of the total weight of the microcapsule composite material; inner multi-core core material, accounting for 70-30% of the total weight of the microcapsule composite material 90%; the inner-layer multi-core core material comprises: polymer composite microspheres, accounting for 70-90% of the total weight of the inner-layer multi-core core material; biosurfactant, accounting for 5-15% of the total weight of the inner-layer multi-core core material Biodegradation induction period regulator, accounting for 5-15% of the total weight of the inner-layer multi-core core material; the polymer composite microspheres include: microsphere wall materials, accounting for 10-30% of the total weight of the polymer composite microspheres; Microsphere multi-core core material, accounting for 70-90% of the total weight of the polymer composite microsphere; the microsphere multi-core core material includes: a chemoattractant chemotactic agent, accounting for 50-60% of the total weight of the microsphere multi-core core material; Microorganisms , accounting for 35-40% of the total weight of the microsphere multi-core core material; microbial protection agent, accounting for 5-10% of the total weight of the microsphere multi-core core material.

On the basis of the above technical solution, the outer wall material is at least one of the following substances: gum arabic, sodium alginate, propylene glycol alginate, carboxymethyl alginate, polyvinyl alcohol, methyl cellulose cellulose, methyl cellulose, ethyl cellulose, polyvinyl pyrrolidone and polymethyl methacrylate; when two or more of the above substances are used at the same time, the proportioning shall be based on the principle of uniform distribution; the biosurfactant is lauryl At least one of sodium acyl glutamate or surfactin; when the two are used simultaneously, each accounts for 50% of the ratio; the CAS number of the surfactin is 24730-31-2; the biodegradation induction period The regulator is at least one of the following substances: 2(3H) furanone, 2(5H) furanone, 2,5-dimethyl-4-hydroxyl-3(2H)-furanone, 3,5-di Methylpentenyldihydro-2(3H), 3-(3,4-difluorophenyl)-4-(4-m(methylsulfonyl)phenyl)-2-(5H)furanone, triphenyl yl-4-(4-(methylsulfonyl)phenyl)-2-(5H)furanone, 5,5-dimethyl-4-(4-(methylsulfonyl)phenyl)-3-(3 -Fluorophenyl)-5(H) furanone; When using two or more of the above-mentioned substances simultaneously, the proportioning is arbitrary; the microsphere wall material of the polymer composite microsphere is at least one of the following substances: Maltodextrin, γ-cyclodextrin, β-cyclodextrin, carboxymethyl-β-cyclodextrin, hydroxymethyl cellulose, polyvinylpyrrolidone; when using two or more of the above-mentioned substances, the proportioning According to the principle of uniform distribution; the chemoattractant is at least one of the following substances: furanoyl boronic acid diester, 3-hydroxy-4, 5-dimethyl-2 (5H) furanone, 5-ethyl -3-hydroxy-4-methyl-2(5H)-furanone, L-2-amino-4-hydroxybutyric acid, acetyl homoserine lactone, 3-oxododecanoyl-homoserine lactone, N-acyl homoserine lactone, 2-heptyl-3-hydroxy-4-quinolone, acetyl octapeptide-1 or palmitoyl oligopeptide. Acetyl octapeptide-1 can be used as a chemoattractant chemoattractant in the above-mentioned dual degradation additives.

Acetyl Octapeptide-1 Can be Used in The Preparation of Anti-Wrinkle Products

Skin wrinkles are the obvious signs and manifestations of skin aging, which are the result of the combined action of endogenous and exogenous factors. Among them, exogenous factors include active oxygen free radicals generated due to environmental factors such as sunlight, environmental pollutants, etc., which directly damage the DNA of skin cells and the collagen, elastin or mucopolysaccharide molecules of the extracellular matrix, thereby thinning the skin and reducing the epidermis. The interweaving with the dermis is weakened and the number of cells and blood vessels is reduced, resulting in facial wrinkles; due to stress, emotions and other reasons, the skin’s regulating function is damaged, resulting in wrinkles. Endogenous factors refer to the gradual aging of the skin as the age increases, the natural moisturizing factors in the epidermis stratum corneum continue to decrease, the skin water and capacity decrease, and the concentration of proteoglycan and hyaluronic acid in the skin decreases, and the dermal layer of the skin decreases. Decreased moisture, decreased activity of dermal fibroblasts, and decreased ability to synthesize collagen fibers, lead to dry skin, weakened skin elasticity, and finally wrinkles. At present, the main anti-wrinkle products on the market mainly focus on three aspects:

1) Remove free radicals from the skin;

2) By adding some moisturizing agents or nutrients from the outside to replenish the lost moisture and protein components of the skin;

3) Promote cell metabolism. Although the main problems of skin wrinkles can be solved through these three ways, there are still many problems that need to be solved. For example, for the loss of skin moisture and protein components, the main method now is to ingest small molecular weight peptides from the outside to supplement, such as among One is acetyl octapeptide-1.

Studies have shown that the anti-wrinkle effect of small molecule active peptides mainly comes through two ways. One is similar to botulinum toxin, blocking the transmission process of neurotransmitters, and reducing muscle contraction through signal regulation, thereby achieving the effect of wrinkle-removing. , such as acetyl hexapeptide-8, participates in the competition of SNAP-25 at the site of the fusion bubble complex, thereby affecting the formation of the SNARE complex, enabling it to effectively release neurotransmitters, thereby weakening muscle contraction and preventing the formation of wrinkles. Small-molecule active polypeptides with similar effects include acetylglutamyl heptapeptide-3 and palmitoyl hexapeptide-19, etc. The second is to promote protein synthesis in the skin and restore skin elasticity and plumpness, such as palmitoyl tripeptide-5, Through tissue growth factor (TGF-β) imitating the human body’s own mechanism to produce collagen, make the skin plump and smoothen wrinkles, the small molecule active polypeptide with similar effect is palmitoyl pentapeptide-3. However, the absorption amount of the skin is limited, so it is difficult to meet the needs of the skin; and the mechanism of skin wrinkle formation is relatively complex. Although the anti-wrinkle products developed for a single mechanism can exert a certain anti-wrinkle effect, the overall effect is not good. Therefore, in order to prescribe a more prominent effect of wrinkle removal, it needs to be carried out from multiple levels, multiple angles, and multiple approaches.

Acetyl octapeptide-1 can be used in the preparation of anti-wrinkle products and other cosmetic products. An example of the application of acetyl octapeptide-1 is as follows: a liposome composition containing a plant extract complex polypeptide, including the following components by weight: 1 to 15% of the plant extract; 0.1 to 0.5% of the complex small molecule active polypeptide; Lipid 5-20%; emulsifier 1-3%; buffer solution 50-75%; solvent 10-20%. The composite small molecule active polypeptide can be selected from acetyl hexapeptide-8, acetylglutamyl heptapeptide-3, acetyl octapeptide-1, palmitoyl hexapeptide-19, palmitoyl oligopeptide, palmitoyl tripeptide -5 and at least one of palmitoyl pentapeptide-3.

Company Profile and Corporate Culture

Company Profile:

ZhiShang Chemical is owned by ZhiShang Group is a professional new-type chemicals enterprise combined into research and development, production and sales .

The company’s competitive product is pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates (especially carbohydrate derivatives Series), In recent years, the company has made a major breakthrough in food and feed additives, plant extraction, industrial chemicals industry .

The company insists on the spirit of “sincere management, strict quality control, customer as god” , get consistent high praise from customers at home and abroad.

Corporate Culture:

Help China Chemicals to benefit the happiness of human life
Become the most trusted chemical supplier in the world
Striver – oriented, enrich employees, customer first, deep service, seek development
Be prepared for danger in times of peace, forge ahead actively, unity and cooperation, and be brave to fight

About Us

The production base is located in Zhangqiu chemical industry park and Tai’an high-tech chemical industry park. laboratory and workshop in strict accordance with the GMP standard and the product fit national ISO9001 and ISO2000 standards.

“Zhishang” products are exported to Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa area, so as to establish a long-term and stable cooperation relationship with customer in the world.

Company Info
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Product Range: Additive , Chemical Auxiliary & Catalyst , Organic Chemicals
  • Products/Service: Organic Intermediate,Inorganic Chemistry, APIs, Dyestuffs And Pigments, Fragrance And Spices, Food Additives
  • Total Employees: 51~100
  • Capital (Million US $): 10000000RMB
  • Year Established: 2016
Production Capacity
  • No. of Production Lines : 8
  • No. of QC Staff : 5 -10 People
  • OEM Services Provided : yes
  • Factory Size (Sq.meters) : 3,000-5,000 square meters
  • Certificate: ISO9001 , CE , GMP , API , MSDS
  • Factory Location : Diao Town Industry Park, Zhangqiu City, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China.


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