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Pearl Powder is Your Best Choice Pearl

Pearl powder is a powder made from pearls created by shellfish such as triangular sail mussels, pleated crown mussels, and mother-of-pearl martensii. It is white or white as well as has a special questionable smell of pearls. The medicinal use pearls has a background of more than 2,000 years in China.
Pearl powder category:
According to the resource: freshwater pearl powder; seawater pearl powder.
Classified by granularity:
Pearl powder can be divided right into 3 classifications according to its fragment diameter:
1. Regular pearl powder: the particle size is greater than 200 mesh, which can fulfill the standard requirements of the nation;
2. Ultrafine pearl powder: excellence over 1000 mesh (or bit dimension below 15 microns);.
3. Nano pearl powder: the fineness is above 150,000 mesh (or listed below 100 nanometers). The finer the pearl powder, the harder the handling modern technology and also the higher the cost, yet the finer the powder, the higher the absorption rate and also the far better the effectiveness.
Processing modern technology points:.
1. All-natural pearl powder: It is manufactured by physical techniques (such as round milling, jet crushing and also physical method ultra-fine powder modern technology), as well as its characteristic is that it does not include any other substances, does not destroy any materials, and keeps all the nutrients of pearls;.
2. Pearl powder created by chemical approach: it is mostly generated by enzymatic hydrolysis or acid hydrolysis. It is characterized by being soluble in water as well as appropriate for individuals with stomach acid shortage. The downside is that the nutrients are not total, so it just has one or numerous results, as well as it is difficult to utilize on the surface.

How High is The Nutritional Value of Pearl Powder

Rich in healthy protein (18 kind of amino acids can be gotten after hydrolysis, 7 of which are needed amino acids for body), calcium carbonate with aragonite framework, greater than 20 kind of trace element as well as vitamin B.
A lot of the pearl powder for oral administration on the marketplace is made right into pills, which is convenient to take.
Main categories of items:
The initial classification is pearl powder pills ground by pure physical techniques. The efficiency is primarily to clear away warmth and purify, improve rest, boost irregularity, as well as supplement the micronutrient required by the body.
The 2nd classification is water-soluble pearl powder capsules after acid hydrolysis or enzymatic hydrolysis of pearl powder. Since the residential properties of pearl powder itself have altered, the function is mostly to supplement calcium.
The 3rd classification is the mix of pearl powder as well as various other resources. For example, some prominent manufacturers have developed their own special products. Effectiveness additionally differs with different mixes.

The Efficacy And Role of Pearl Powder

1. Improve resistance
Pearl powder consists of 18 type of amino acids such as leucine, methionine, along with alanine. Amino acids are needed for the growth as well as similarly advancement of lymphoid cells along with body organs, and also have a significant impact on the rate of healthy and balanced protein synthesis in cells as well as the kind of healthy and balanced protein made. Sturdy adherence to oral surveillance of pearl powder can appropriately boost the task of T as well as likewise B lymphocytes in the human body immune system, ultimately boosting immune trouble resistance.

2. Supplement calcium
Research study investigates by modern nutritional specialists have in fact confirmed that the quantity of calcium that contemporary humans require day-to-day is seriously out of equilibrium with the amount of calcium they as a matter of fact soak up. As a new type of calcium supplement, pearl powder is becoming considerably more favored and also valued by customers, in addition to is called “pearl calcium”.
To begin with, the calcium material is high. Pearl powder has 90-92% energised calcium, of which the pure calcium product reaches 38-40%.
Second of all, the food digestion along with absorption price of calcium is high. Presently, calcium supplements on the market are divided right into 2 kinds: organic calcium along with likewise not natural calcium. The absorption expense continues to be in between 25-32%, in addition to the absorption price of calcium gluconate is 27%. The absorption rate of nano-scale pearl powder is 29%.

3. Postpone aging
Pearl powder itself includes 3 trace elements such as manganese, copper, together with zinc, which are the elements of turf. Making use of pearl powder to the face can advertise the job of superoxide dismutase (SOD) in human skin, prevent the synthesis of melanin, and likewise keep the skin fair. Additionally, considered that lawn has the outcome of scavenging absolutely free radicals, complete the face with pearl powder can give up skin from aging as well as likewise wrinkling.

4. Boost remainder
According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica” records “pearls, relax the mind as well as spirit”, pearl powder has a selection of amino acids as well as micronutrient that can “calm as well as additionally sit back” the mind center, in addition to after being soaked up by the body, it can make the cells that are overexcited in addition to establish tiredness Get nourished, make it silent, as well as furthermore it is similarly appropriate for youngsters with anxious epilepsy.

5. Evasion in addition to therapy of oral abscess
Oral abscess is a sort of community oral mucosal abscess problems identified by regular along with duplicated assaults. It can happen in any kind of part of the dental mucosa, in addition to it is a whole lot extra common on the lips, cheeks, and also tongue. In substantial circumstances, it can infect the pharyngeal mucosa. Pearl powder has the influence of clearing away cozy, detoxing and astringing injuries. The regular fragment dimension of the distinctive nano-pearl powder is as fine as 40-100 nanometers, which amounts 1/60 of the pores. It can get in touch with the abscess surface area with the largest area to utilize its result. At the same time, pearl powder has the result of eliminating tummy fire along with also reducing heart fire, in addition to in addition it can manage both symptoms as well as indicators in addition to similarly origin when taken orally.

6. Liver as well as additionally vision improvement
Pearl powder has the result of clearing comfy as well as purifying, and likewise can remove liver fire. The liver controls the eyes, in addition to similarly when the liver fire is strong, the eyes will be tracked and also the vision will certainly be obscured. At the same time, research study has actually really discovered that the selenium in pearl powder can enhance the transmission of the optic nerve in addition to boost vision; the zinc in micronutrient can advertise the axoplasmic transport of the optic nerve as well as likewise enhance the metabolic process as well as additionally feature of the retina and additionally retinal pigment epithelial cells.

How Many Ways are There For Pearl Powder Mask?

1. Pearl Powder Banana Mask
Peel in addition to mash one banana, include 2 spoons of butter and also 0.3 grams of pearl powder, blend with 2 tsps of strong tea, apply to the face, wipe after 10-20 mins.

2. Pearl Powder Fruit Mask
Massage therapy apples, cucumbers, pears, and so forth right into puree on the clean board, include flour, water as well as 0.3 grams of pearl powder, mix well, apply on the face, wait for 10 to 20 mins and afterwards clean off.

3. Pearl powder milk powder mask
Mix 1 spoon of skimmed milk powder with 1 spoon and a half of honey, then add egg white and 0.3 grams of pearl powder, mix well, apply thickly on the face, stay for 10-15 minutes, and wash off.

4. Pearl powder protein mask
Boil cucumber in water and prepare to apply before washing face. Add half a teaspoon of honey to an egg white and 0.3 grams of pearl powder, and beat well to make a face covering. After washing your face with boiled cucumber water, apply the compress to your face and neck. After waiting 10 minutes, wash off with cold water. Do not use soap.

5. Pearl Powder Aloe Vera Mask
Mix 2 spoons of aloe vera juice with 2 spoons of flour and 0.15 grams of pearl powder to make a paste, apply it on the face, let it dry a bit, then apply the second layer, leave it on the face for about 30 minutes, and wash it off.

Teach You to Identify True And False Pearl Powder

1. Look at the type:
To process seawater pearls into pure pearl powder, the core must be removed first, which is costly and difficult to process, and even if it is processed, the purity will be greatly reduced. The purity of freshwater pearl powder is higher than that of seawater pearl powder.

2. Look at the packaging:
Good pearl powder is mostly sealed and stored in bottles, which can reduce the contact area between pearl powder, air and human body, and facilitate storage. Packing in bags is not conducive to the preservation of pearl powder, and it is also not conducive to consumers’ access. Low packaging costs are mostly the hardest hit areas for counterfeiting.

3. Look at the weight:
High-quality pearl powder is in short supply and is often out of stock. The average weight of each bottle is about 30g. However, poor and fake pearl powders are often sold in large portions at low prices. When you see that the number of grams is more than 100g (especially in bags), you must choose carefully.

4. Look at the fineness:
The finer the pearl powder, the better, but the fineness unit of pearl powder is “micron”, not the so-called “mesh” or “ten thousand mesh”, and there is no “nano” level pearl powder, so the publicity can be seen clues.

5. Look at the price:
Raw materials and processing costs determine that the price of pearl powder cannot be so cheap. The average price of high-quality pearl powder on the market is more than 6 yuan per gram, so choose carefully the bagged pearl powder whose price is less than 1 yuan per gram.

6. View color:
Good pearl powder has the same color as pearls, showing the original tender white of pearls, silky and fine powder, visible small balls, which can be opened by touching, but there is no agglomeration. The color of poor and fake pearl powder is either pale (adulterated, etc.), gray (containing heavy metals), yellow (high temperature damage), or black (shell powder).

7. Skin feeling:
Good pearl powder is fine and smooth when rubbed with hands, without graininess, and after rubbing, a thin layer of fine powder floats on the fingertips, which can be evenly applied to the skin. Poor and fake pearl powder is rough, and the graininess is obvious when rubbed by hand.

8. Smell:
After rubbing the pearl powder with your fingers, the high-quality pearl powder smells only a faint original fishy smell unique to pearls, or almost no obvious smell. Inferior pearl powder has an obvious smell (close to the smell of stinky feet). The taste will be more pronounced when partly mixed with water.

9. Taste the taste:
Good pearl powder can be taken orally directly, the taste is silky and delicate, it melts in the mouth, and it doesn’t make your teeth crack. And poor, fake pearl powder tastes grainy, smelly, and even burnt and smelly.

Pearl Powder And What Can Whiten and Remove Freckles

Pearl powder plus cucumber, milk, milk powder, aloe and vitamin E can whiten and remove freckles. The preparation method is roughly the same. The pearl powder is made into a paste and applied to the face for fifteen minutes, then washed with water. Put the cucumber into the juicer to get the juice, don’t want the cucumber residue, just the pure juice, put the pearl powder into the mask bowl, add the cucumber juice, stir evenly to make a paste, as long as it doesn’t flow down, spread the mask evenly Wash off after about fifteen minutes on the face. Prepare fresh aloe vera, about three fingers wide and two fingers long, remove the thorns on both sides, clean it, put the aloe vera into the juicer to get the juice, mix the aloe vera juice and pearl powder into a puree, you can also add some egg white or milk , Apply to face and wash off after 15 minutes. Milk plus pearl powder is also a relatively common combination of whitening and freckle removal. Mix pearl powder with a small amount of milk, preferably boiled milk. You can add an appropriate amount of honey to increase the consistency. Stir evenly into a paste and apply it on your face. About 20 Rinse off after minutes. Vitamin E plus pearl powder can also whiten and remove freckles. Cut the vitamin E capsule, squeeze out the oil inside, and pour it into an appropriate amount of pearl powder. You can directly use vitamin E oil instead of water, or add milk, mineral fruit and vegetable juice, etc. , Stir well and apply to face, wash off after about 15 minutes.

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