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Orange Blossom Essential Oil, Do You Really Know?

Neroli oil

Introduction of Neroli Essential Oil

Orange Blossom Essential Oil is extracted from the small white flowers of the bitter orange tree. Its English name is Neroli

Its name comes from the 17th-century Italian Duchess Marie Anne de La Tremoille, who is said to love the smell of orange blossoms.

It has become a perfume formula that the royal family and aristocrats are vying to spread, and it has jumped to an important role in the history of perfume.

The scent of orange blossom is rich and elegant, and in the Victorian era, it was the main ingredient of cologne.

The smell is pleasant, it sets off the elegant life movement of gentlemen and ladies, and it is low-key but elegant, which makes it difficult not to be attracted.

Orange Blossom Essential Oil is a relatively precious essential oil. Its most prominent contribution is to stimulate the regeneration of new factors in the body, soothe the nerves, resist negative abilities and have an irreplaceable role in aphrodisiac.

Orange blossom has a good ability to resist bad factors, can repair damaged skin condition and resist the traces left by the years.

In addition, Orange Blossom Essential Oil has a stress-relieving and relaxing fragrance, which balances tension and anxiety and forgets all unpleasantness.

Sweet Orange/Bitter Orange/Orange Blossom Essential Oil Family

Essential oils related to the orange series are: sweet orange, bitter orange, petitgrain, and orange blossom.

Orange Blossom Essential Oil smells the sweetest, noticeably fruity, and is the cheapest.
Bitter orange essential oil is more sour and astringent than sweet orange, and the price is a little more expensive than sweet orange.
Petitgrain essential oil is more popular than bitter orange essential oil, has more uses, and has more fragrance of orange leaves, so the fragrance experience is better than that of bitter orange essential oil.
Orange Blossom Essential Oil has a deeper floral fragrance between the fruity and sour fragrance of orange, so the fragrance changes more and is more charming. Of course, the price is the highest.

Orange Blossom Essential Oil Benefits

1.Orange Blossom Essential Oil has a hypnotic effect, can make people happy, can reduce long-term anxiety, depression and stress.
2. During emotional ups and downs, hysteria and fright, neroli oil can provide a soothing effect and bring a feeling of peace.

1.Orange Blossom Essential Oil calms the parasympathetic nerves, making it a good remedy for insomnia, especially in the case of depression and sleeplessness.
2. Neroli essential oil can also improve neuralgia, headache and dizziness, and stop the continuous yawning.
3. The function of neroli essential oil to soothe agitated bears and help with sexual problems, while neroli essential oil is also an effective aphrodisiac.
4. Neroli essential oil can help overcome depression, such as premenstrual syndrome and psychological problems of menopause.
5. The anti-convulsant properties of neroli essential oil can soothe the stomach, and also have an effect on colitis and diarrhea.
6. Neroli essential oil can calm heart palpitations, clear blood, and promote circulation. Overall, it is a very good tonic.

1.Orange Blossom Essential Oil is suitable for dry, sensitive and mature skin types.

2. Neroli essential oil has the characteristics of enhancing cell activity, which can help cells to regenerate and increase skin elasticity.
3. Neroli essential oil can also be used to protect the skin during X-ray.
4. Neroli essential oil is also helpful for other skin abuse problems, especially spiral varicose veins, scars and stretch marks.

Orange Blossom Essential Oil Recipe and Common Uses

Orange Blossom Essential Oil is a blend of fu, essential oils used on the skin to fight aging wrinkles.

Orange Blossom Essential Oil blended with jasmine essential oil and lavender essential oil can be used to activate skin regeneration; it has the effect of anti-scar and soft skin.

Mixed with Orange Blossom Essential Oil, the base oil, and the essential oils of jacaranda and jacaranda; it can improve the dullness of the skin and eliminate scars.

Use Orange Blossom Essential Oil, sandalwood essential oil, and add it to the base oil in the middle of the mouth and on the face. It has a protective effect, promotes the regeneration of the skin, activates the network, and increases elasticity. It is especially suitable for water-deficient oily skin. , or dry, sensitive muscle abuse.

It can be used as a perfume or lotion. Add 2 drops of neroli essential oil to 100ml of neroli hydrosol.

Dropping Orange Blossom Essential Oil directly on the pillow has the effect of helping sleep, reducing the long-term inability to sleep due to neurasthenia and depression, and improving sleep quality.

“Antirepathic passive sleep essential oil formula perfectly blended by petitgrain essential oil, neroli essential oil and other essential oils; relaxes, relieves the anorexia fluoride atmosphere, and easily falls asleep.

Putting Orange Blossom Essential Oil6 drops into the bathtub can soothe the muscles and bones, relax the muscles, effectively soften the keratin of the skin, and improve the sagging skin. It is also very helpful for eliminating the tension and fatigue of the day.

Drop 3 drops of neroli essential oil in the washbasin: use a hot towel and apply to the back of the neck to relieve headaches and dizziness.

Add a few drops of neroli essential oil to the base oil, massage the abdomen, it can soothe the stomach, and it is very effective for gastrointestinal spasms.

Using neroli essential oil and carrier oil can massage the legs to prevent varicose veins, and massage the leaf skin during pregnancy can also eliminate stretch marks.

Precautions for use of Orange Blossom Essential Oil

1.Orange Blossom Essential Oil is relaxing, but should not be used when mental clarity and concentration are required.
2. Orange Blossom Essential Oil is recommended to be taken in low concentration and avoid using on the skin during the day.
3. When using on the skin, pay attention to its photosensitivity.
4. Pregnant women, young children and sick people can use it safely at low concentrations.

How to use and mix with Orange Blossom Essential Oil?

1. Nervous system

It can stimulate the parasympathetic nerve, so it is more useful for insomnia; it can also improve neuralgia, headache, dizziness*** dizziness***.

Insomnia / Fragrance: 3 drops of orange blossom + 3 drops of Roman chamomile + 2 drops of green orange

2. Digestive system

Enteritis, abdominal pain and diarrhea, and colic in infants and young children.

Abdominal pain/massage: 20ml almond oil + 6 drops of orange blossom + 3 drops of ylang ylang + 1 drop of Roman chamomile

3. Loop system
It has a good effect on the heart, reducing palpitations, the degree of heart muscle contractions, and heart spasms; more so if the heart problems are caused by shock or hysteria.

Massage: 20ml grapeseed oil + 6 drops of orange blossom + 3 drops of ylang ylang + 1 drop of Roman chamomile

4. Panel

The biggest effect of this essential oil is that it has a great effect on dry and sensitive panels in terms of panel and emotion. Massage your abdomen with neroli essential oil during pregnancy is a good remedy for stretch marks and varicose veins.

Sensitive panel/wipe: milk 50ml + 4 drops of orange blossom + 4 drops of frankincense + 3 drops of Roman chamomile

5. Emotions

The function of helping hormones is very good, and it is a great remedy for aphrodisiac and aphrodisiac; it is also a good anti-anxiety agent, which can treat hysteria, and also has a calming effect on agitated and overexcited emotions.

Anti-anxiety/fragrance: 3 drops of orange blossom + 3 drops of lemon + 2 drops of basil

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