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Get rid of greasy, start with moisturizing:

Everyone knows drinking plenty of water is one of the best beauty tips, but it’s hard to do. Models who know how to keep their skin hydrated can make a big difference in skin condition. Drinking plenty of water can make women’s skin clearer, their lips more refined, and reduce melatonin-induced under-eye circles and facial pigmentation.

Why do you always recommend hydration, because now all the whitening, anti-wrinkle, repair. It’s all based on hydration! As long as you insist on hydration, even without whitening, it will become white. A drop of ink will fade if you add too much water~ As long as you insist on hydration, you don’t need to fight wrinkles and flatten a balloon and fill it with water The back surface is also smooth~ As long as I keep hydrating, the cells will have the power to repair me~ Therefore, hydrating and moisturizing is very important.

Moisturizing and Hydrating