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Melanin, You Know What?

What is Melanin?

Melanin is a sort of biological pigment, which is developed by a series of chemical reactions of tyrosine or 3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine. Animals, plants as well as protozoa all have this same pigment. Melanin generally exists in the form of gathering.
Melanin is a dark brownish pigment in animals and also plants, which is produced as well as stored in an unique type of cells called melanocytes (also called melanin matrix). It is due to the visibility of melanin that the skin has its color. Once melanin can not be developed for one reason or another, it will certainly create depigmentation, thus developing white areas.
Melanin is really an amino acid by-product, which exists in everybody’s body. 20-25 years of ages is the active period for the development of melanin rainfall. They exist in the middle of the cells in the basic layer of the skin, but a material called “melanogen”, also known as “chromatocytes” (or melanin matrix). Based upon race distinctions, the variety of pigment mom cells (melanin matrix) in the body differs from one person to another. Some individuals are born with fairly even more melanin matrix, which brings about a lot more melanin manufacturing. This is likewise the reason each person’s skin color is naturally various. Pigment mom cells secrete melanin pigment. When ultraviolet rays (B wave, A wave) irradiate the skin (B wave or UVB acts on the basic layer of the skin), the skin will certainly be in a state of “self-protection”, that is, the melanin is stimulated by ultraviolet rays. Lanin pigment triggers the activity of tyrosinase to secure our skin cells. Dopa is actually the precursor of melanin, which is oxidized by tyrosine to release melanin. Melanin relocations layer by layer through cell metabolic process, and also kinds various types of areas on the epidermis of the skin, such as freckles, sunburn, and dark areas. In addition, black acne marks are additionally formed by the increase in skin pigment synthesis boosted by inflammatory responses. Because of interior as well as outside stimuli, the acne notes created by the activation of the melanin matrix are additionally troubles left over from the deposition of melanin.


What Are the Factors That Produce Melanin (Spots):

1. Visceral function factors
Chinese medicine believes that the internal organs of the human body directly affect the face.
(1) Lung: the main breathing is released, and the fur is combined externally; the appearance of stains is related to lung heat;
(2) Heart; the main blood vessel and mind, its splendor is on the face, and it is filled in the blood vessels. Deficiency of heart qi, deficiency of heart yang, inflammation of the heart fire, stasis of heart blood, insufficient heart blood, heat entering the pericardium, resulting in a dull complexion;
(3) Kidney: The kidney is the foundation of innate. Kidney essence, main water liquid, main hair, main bone to produce marrow. Deficiency of kidney yang and deficiency of kidney essence, resulting in lack of energy and low temperament;
(4) Liver: governing blood, dredging, dredging liver qi, regulating qi and blood, insufficient liver blood, rising liver fire, abnormal function, unable to excrete hormones normally, and facial lesions;
(5) Spleen: It governs muscles, limbs, food digestion, absorption, and transport of nutrients. Impaired spleen movement results in pale skin and face, yellowish premature aging, and prone to chloasma and dark circles.

2. Endocrine factors:
1. Endocrine disorders. As women of childbearing age grow older, their monthly menstrual tides lead to long-term loss of energy and blood; environmental atmospheric changes are unprovoked, and heat, cold, and rheumatism can easily damage the kidneys; Using God, anger and grief, the vitality is seriously injured, the vitality is injured; the circulation of blood and energy between the twelve meridians is greatly affected, and the face is where the twelve meridians converge. Due to the weakness of the vitality, the facial cells cannot get the proper nourishment, resulting in the formation of melanin. cause stains to form. According to the observation of women over 30 years old, more than 80% of them are troubled by dark spots due to endocrine factors.
2. Pituitary gland: Dominates the secretory gland, suppresses instinctive desires, and causes autonomic nervous disorders, so that the pituitary gland can secrete melanin.
3. Thyroid: Excessive thyroid hormones lead to bad temper, nervousness, fatigue, insomnia, hyperthyroidism, and more melanin.
4. Pineal Gland: Often lack of sleep, the pineal gland can not work often, and easy to produce melanin.
5. Gynecological diseases: Unsatisfactory childbirth, abnormal uterus and ovaries, resulting in an imbalance of estrogen and the production of melanin. Genetic factors Melanin and freckles appear during development, most of which are hereditary.

3. Drug factors:
1. Contraceptives: The main ingredients are estrogen and progesterone, which can easily promote the production and precipitation of melanin;
2. Excessive hormone ointment can easily stimulate the growth of melanocytes and produce brown spots;

4. Ultraviolet radiation:
Atmospheric ozone layer becomes thinner and thinner, ozone holes appear, ultraviolet radiation intensity in UVA and UVB regions increases, oxygen free radicals increase, tyrosinase activity increases, increases, new pigmentation is formed, and sun scorch is induced.

5. Mental stress factors:
Mental depression and depression, restlessness and impetuosity, leading to gas muscle disorder, Qi and blood disharmony, increased peroxidase, increased estrogen, and induced melanocytes;

6. Traumatic factors:
Delayed treatment of wounds such as abrasions and knife wounds, leading to pigmentation at the wound site and induction of melanin;

7. Diet nutrition factors:
Poor diet, malnutrition, lack of vitamin A, B12, niacin and lack of various minerals are prone to stains;

8. Inferior cosmetics factors;
The use of inferior cosmetics, excessive heavy metal content causes accumulation, and excessive addition of limited substances and prohibited substances leads to increased melanin and calmness.

Facial Causes of Melaninia

Sunlight includes visible rays, infrared rays, and ultraviolet rays. Among them, UVC (ultraviolet rays with the shortest wavelength) has a harmful effect on deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in human cells. If you expose to ultraviolet rays for a long time, you will get skin diseases, skin cancer, etc., and serious Gene mutations are generally malignant. Therefore, skin cells will physiologically release melanin, which can effectively absorb ultraviolet rays and reduce the impact of ultraviolet rays on the human body.

UV effect
When the skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays, it will produce a brown pigment called melanin. The original function of melanin is to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays, but when its protective task is completed, it will become dirt and peel off. When the body’s metabolism is poor, part of the pigment will remain on the surface of the skin, forming dark spots.
Part of the solar spectrum is ultraviolet rays. Medium-wave ultraviolet rays can be directly absorbed by DNA in skin cells, causing DNA damage. Although long-wave ultraviolet rays cannot be absorbed by DNA, they can stimulate the skin to produce active oxygen free radicals, making DNA damage worse. Both types of damage can mutate cells that can lead to skin cancer.
Melanin is produced by skin melanocytes, which can strongly absorb ultraviolet rays and greatly reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to DNA, just like holding up a small parasol for DNA. Not only that, melanin can eliminate free radicals and provide double protection for skin cells.

lipid peroxide
Skin cells are particularly prone to oxidation after being irradiated by ultraviolet rays, and will produce a harmful substance called lipid peroxide, which will also cause damage to the dermis and easily cause pigmentation.

Irregular life
Bad living habits such as stress, partial eclipse, and lack of sleep can also increase melanin. 10:00 pm and 6:00 am are the best time for metabolism, so people with unstable sleep time will have poor skin metabolism and produce melanin.

Endocrine disorders
The progesterone produced during menstruation and the pregnancy process make endocrine disorders particularly easy, and this is the peak period of melanin production. It is the best policy to maintain normal living habits and avoid exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Dietary elements
Vitamin C and vitamin E are the most effective nutrients for improving dark spots. They can prevent and restore melanin. They can also help collagen growth, moisturize the skin, and play an anti-oxidant role to prevent premature aging of the skin.

Scientific Sunscreen Prevents Melanin

Don’t forget to protect yourself from sun protection while doing whitening treatments. During whitening care, the melanin that has already been generated can be slowly eliminated, and sunscreen can help the skin inhibit the production of new melanin. Protect the basal layer and dermis of the skin from ultraviolet rays through good sunscreen products, do not stimulate the activity of tyrosinase, and inhibit the production of melanin.
Skin tone can also be improved through diet. Drink plenty of water, eat more vegetables, fruits and fungal foods, and increase the intake of antioxidant foods. Foods such as vitamin C, vitamin A, and β-glucan can effectively whiten and protect the skin.
Tomatoes and lemons are rich in vitamin C, while vitamin A is commonly found in some fat-soluble yellow foods. Some fungal foods such as Hydrangea, Ganoderma lucidum, Cordyceps, etc. are rich in β-glucan and antioxidant substances, which can remove free radicals and melanin precipitation. Some foods rich in copper or zinc will activate the activity of tyrosinase and make the skin black, so eat less animal liver, beans, peaches and other foods. It is also worth noting to eat less acidic foods to avoid free radicals in the body and deposit toxins.

Dietary Treatment for Melanin

The following medicated diets are used clinically, and the effect of taking them is quite satisfactory.

1. Spot-removing powder: 250 grams of wax gourd kernels, 25 grams of lotus seed powder, and 15 grams of Angelica dahurica powder. Grind wax gourd kernels, lotus seed powder, and Angelica dahurica powder into fine powder, and use boiled water after meals every day; Grind an equal amount of dried wax gourd kernels (shelled) into fine powder, add appropriate amount of honey and mix thoroughly, apply to the affected area before going to bed, wash off in the morning, it has the effect of removing freckles, cleansing and improving skin.

2. Xiaoban soup: 10 grams of loofah, 10 grams of white poria cocos, 10 grams of silkworm, 10 grams of white chrysanthemum, 20 grams of pearls, 3 roses, 10 red dates, add water and thickly fry the herbs to get the juice, and then Add water to thicken the decoction to get the juice, mix the two medicine juices, take a daily dose, take the second dose, and use it continuously for 30 days.

3. Take 200 grams of yam, peel and cut into pieces, stir-fry 100 grams of coix rice, 20 grams of jujube, add 1 liter of water, simmer it into porridge, add rock sugar, and take it in the morning every day. It is suitable for spleen disorders Luck, anorexia, abdominal distension, grayish-brown spots, white and greasy tongue coating.

4. Take an old soft-shelled turtle, kill and wash it, make 30 grams each of Shouwu, Lycium barbarum, and Asparagus, put it in a casserole and simmer for 3 hours, and take it when it is warm. It is suitable for kidney yin deficiency, bone steaming Night sweats, weak waist and legs, five upset and hot, mottled dark brown syndrome.

5. Seven white cake: 50 grams each of white lentils, white yam, white lotus meat, and white tuckahoe, 15 grams of white chrysanthemum, 100 grams of white flour, and white sugar. Grind lentils, lotus seeds, tuckahoe, yam, and chrysanthemum into fine noodles and flour Mix thoroughly, add water to knead the noodles, or add fresh yeast to make it ferment, add sugar after it is fermented, put it in the cage, steam it with boiling water for 30 minutes, and cut it into pieces after it is taken out of the cage, it is effective for chloasma caused by spleen deficiency and damp heat .

6. Massage: For melanin, chloasma, facial massage has a good effect. It mainly implements various massage techniques along the direction of the orbicularis orbicularis muscles around the eyes, frontal muscles, orbicularis muscles around the mouth and major facial muscles. Kneading, rubbing, rubbing, pointing, rolling, patting, etc., combined with point rubbing on Taiyang, Yangbai, Cuanzhu, Jache, Yingxiang, Dilun, Xiaguan and other acupoints to achieve the effect of promoting blood circulation, dredging collaterals, radiating face and removing freckles .

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