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Magnolol, Let Me Show You ! !


Magnolia officinalis has high medicinal value, and its bark, root bark, blossoms and fruits can be utilized as medicine. Various parts of magnolia bark have different medicinal components, among which magnolol and honokiol in the root bark of magnolia bark are the major ones, and the components in the bark of magnolia bark of different ages are basically the very same, yet the medicinal web content is various. Because the overall phenol material of Magnolia officinalis bark is low, typically in between 2% and 6%, as well as the overall phenol material of raw materials differs significantly depending upon the place of origin, and the overall phenol web content of origin bark over 16 years can reach more than 10% on average, so detailed Taking into consideration that, we utilize greater than two decades ofa beginning in western Hubei and southwestern Hunan to generate magnolol and honokiol.

The Efficacy and Function of Magnolol

1. Wet resistance between heater, abdominal volume. This item is bitter, completely dry as well as poignant, can dry out dampness, and also lower Qi to get rid of fullness. It is an important medication for getting rid of volume. It is commonly used similarly as Cangzhu as well as Chenpi, such as Pingweisan.

2. Food torpidity, qi torpidity, stomach distension and also bowel irregularity. This item can lower the Qi and also expand the middle, get rid of stagnancy as well as torpidity. It is usually used along with rhubarb and also citrus aurantium, such as Magnolia Sanwu Product. If you deal with warmth knot as well as irregular bowel movements, include rhubarb, Glauber’s salt, as well as Citrus aurantium to achieve the result of reducing heat knot, getting rid of build-up and also guiding stagnancy, that is, Dachengqi Preparation.

3, phlegm, drinking, wheezing and coughing. This item can dry out moisture as well as remove phlegm, lower Qi and also ease asthma. If phlegm and retention block the lungs, lung qi does not come down, cough as well as wheezing and also chest rigidity, it can be used with perilla, tangerine peel, pinellia, etc, such as Suzi Jiangqi Product, if chilly beverage transforms heat, chest rigidity, asthma, phlegm in the throat, impatience Those who make use of ephedra, plaster, almonds, etc, such as Houpu Mahuang Decoction. If you deal with asthma for a long period of time because of exogenous wind as well as chilly, you can utilize it with osmanthus branches and also almonds, such as osmanthus branches and magnolia apricot soup

4. Stagnancy of the seven emotions, common obstruction of phlegm as well as qi, if there is something in the pharynx, the vocal cords can not be swallowed, and also the plume qi disorder can not be spit out. This product can additionally be utilized to completely dry moisture as well as remove phlegm., Poria, Su Ye, ginger as well as other medicines, such as Pinellia Magnolia Product.

5. Magnolol can be made use of as an antibacterial agent (gram-negative bacteria and also acid-fast germs), and can be utilized to prevent as well as deal with acne

sores; in oral hygiene items, it is made use of to stop tooth decays and also inhibit tooth decay; the inhibition of honokiol on NF-cB cells can be verified to raise

Feature of skin immune cells, has anti-inflammatory result; honokiol can also be used as antioxidant as well as skin lightening representative.

Pharmacological Effects of Magnolol

1. Antibacterial effect
In the test tube, Magnolol has antibacterial effect on pneumococcus, diphtheria bacillus, hemolytic streptococcus, bacillus subtilis, shigella and shigella, staphylococcus aureus, etc., and its efficacy is 5-10 times lower than that of coptis powder. However, it is also reported that the effect on Staphylococcus aureus in vitro is greater than that of Coptis chinensis; it has some antibacterial effects on Bacillus anthracis in guinea pigs; it has inhibitory effects on some skin fungi in vitro; it also has the effect of improving liver parenchymal lesions on experimental viral hepatitis. effect. Its alcohol dipping agent (1:3000~1:300) also has certain inhibitory effect on Mycobacterium tuberculosis in vitro.

2. Other functions
Magnolol excites the isolated intestines of mice and guinea pigs in small doses, but inhibits them in large doses. It also has excitatory effects on guinea pig bronchial smooth muscle. Intravenous injection (0.05 g/kg) can cause a temporary drop in blood pressure in rabbits and cats, and has an inhibitory effect on the isolated toad heart. In addition, it may also have a curare-like effect. When the animal dies, it will hang its head and paralyze the limbs. The paralysis effect can be counteracted by strychnine. The median lethal dose of the decoction to mice is 6.12 ± 0.038 g/kg for intraperitoneal injection, and 51 g/kg for subcutaneous injection; the minimum lethal dose for cats is 4.25 ± 1.5 g/kg on average for intravenous injection, and the toxicity is very high during oral administration. Small. Indicates incomplete absorption from the gastrointestinal tract.


Functions and Indications of Magnolol:

Warming middle-medium, lowering qi, drying dampness, eliminating phlegm. Control fullness and pain in the chest and abdomen, nausea, vomiting, indigestion, dyspnea and cough due to phlegm and retention, cold-damp diarrhea.

① “Medicine Properties” records: “The main treatment is cold air for many years, thunder in the abdomen, empty roar, persistent food, eliminating phlegm, removing water, breaking blood, digesting water, and relieving pain. Greatly warms stomach qi, and vomits acid water .The Lord is full of confidantes, and the patient is weak and has white urine.”

② “Bie Lu” records: “Warming the middle and replenishing qi, reducing phlegm and lowering qi. Treating cholera, abdominal pain and fullness, cold stomach and chest vomiting, diarrhea and dew, eliminating convulsions, removing heat, upset and fullness, and thickening the stomach.”

③ “The Classic” records: “mainly apoplexy and typhoid fever, headache, chills and heat, palpitations, qi and blood numbness, dead muscles, and three worms.”

④ “Materia Medica” records: “Temperature drop, dispersing stagnation, removing cold and damp diarrhea.”

⑤Wang Haogu recorded: “The main lung qi is full and full, causing wheezing and coughing.”

⑥ “Rihuazi Materia Medica” records: “Spleen invigorating. Mainly nausea, cholera tendons, hot and cold air, diarrhea bladder, and all qi of the five organs. Women’s abdomen is restless before and after childbirth. Adjust joints, kill abdominal insects, eyes and ears.”

Application and Prescription of Magnolol:

Medical application

1. Therapy of amoebic dysentery: According to the monitoring of 46 instances, after 3-9 days of medicine, 43 cases were healed, 2 instances improved, and 1 case was ineffective. The professional symptoms of the large bulk of treated people primarily vanished in about 3 days. The average disappearance time of abdominal discomfort was 3.8 days, 2.7 days for feces creating, mucus as well as blood disappeared, 3.2 days for feces frequency to return to regular, 3 days for tenesmus to vanish, and 4.5 days for feces tiny exam to return to regular. Nonetheless, whether it has a killing result on amoeba continues to be to be confirmed. There were 2 cases of recurrence after therapy, and also they were still treated by the original technique. Use: make a product of Sichuan Magnolia officinalis as well as take it by mouth, 20ml each time (equal to 2 qian of unrefined medication), two times a day. For those with severe signs of dehydration as well as poisoning, they must replenish fluids as well as preserve electrolyte balance as ideal. Side effects: a handful of individuals have slight tinnitus And also bowel irregularity, does not influence the therapy.

2. It is made use of to stop the tympanic sensation of total hysterectomy under needle anesthesia: attempt Magnolol and ingest once 12 hours before the procedure, 5-7.5 g for those evaluating less than 50kg, and 7.5-10g for those evaluating more than 50kg. This dose was used in 36 instances of operation. Therefore, only 1 instance had digestive curvature protruding throughout the operation, which made the procedure difficult and epidural anesthetic was used instead. The rest of the digestive tract curvature did not bulge after laceration of the abdominal muscle, and a couple of somewhat bulged., yet with a slight push, the intestinal tract curve can be risen. Rectal exhaust usually takes place within 24-36 hrs after the procedure, as well as the self-reported no other pain.

Attached party

① Deal with disharmony between spleen as well as tummy, not thinking about consuming: Magnolia officinalis (get rid of the rough skin, apply ginger juice, and also shed to make it aromatic and clean) two fifty percents, licorice (burned) one fifty percents, atractylodes (soak rice wash for two days, scrape off the skin) 4 liang, tangerine peel (removed white) 2 and a half. The last 4 flavors are the last. Take one qian per serving, one cup of water, include ginger as well as jujube and fry for seven minutes, remove the dregs as well as take it warm, and take it empty-hearted. Or great powder with pestle, and the honey is made into pills, as huge as phoenix metro seeds. Take ten tablets per serving, eat the salt soup, as well as take it hollowly. (Passage from “Boji Fang” Pingwei Powder).

② Therapy of lasting struggling with windiness, heart distress, inadequate diet, as well as improper diet. Cold and also warmth strike each other, triggering fullness of the confidant: magnolia officinalis is roasted on the fire to make it completely dry, after that dipped in ginger juice as well as baked till it is charred, battered and also filtered like flour. Take Chen Mi Consume alcohol for two coins and also take it 3 times a day. Additionally regulates nausea or vomiting, antidiarrheal. (Passage from “Doumen Fang”).

③ Dealing with stomach fullness, discomfort and also constipation: Magnolia officinalis 8 liang, rhubarb 4 liang, citrus aurantium 5 items. For the 3 flavors, utilize one pail of water as well as 2 liters, boil the 2nd taste first, take five liters, and steam the inner rhubarb to take three litres. One litre of cozy clothes is the degree of advantage. (Excerpt from “Run-through of the Golden Chamber” Magnolia Sanwu Product).

④ Deal with middle-cold looseness of the bowels: Dried out ginger as well as Magnolol are divided into equivalent parts. The top is the end, as well as the honey tablet is big. Take thirty pills. (Passage from “Bao’s Kid’s Prescription”).

⑤ Control insect buildup: Magnolia officinalis, betel nut each 2 qian, 2 ebony plums. Preparation in water. (Excerpt from “Bao Chi Quan Shu”).

⑥ Caring for Qi due to joy, temper, despair, believed, fear, fear, stagnancy of phlegm as well as saliva, formed like broken catkins, or like plum stones, embeded the throat, not able to cough up, unable to ingest, or fullness in the main dental caries, unpleasant breath, Or extreme phlegm and also salivation, top dyspnea, or nausea or vomiting because of stagnancy of phlegm-retention: two liang of perilla leaves, 3 liang of Magnolia officinalis officinalis, 4 liang of Poria cocos, five liang of pinellia. Carefully slice. Four qian per offering, half a cup of water, seven pieces of ginger, one jujube, decoct to six mins, eliminate the water, as well as serve hot, no matter the moment. (Removed from “Yi Jian Fang” Siqi Product, specifically “Run-through of the Golden Chamber” Pinellia Magnolia Product).

⑦ Caring for Shuigu dysentery for a long period of time: three liang of Magnolia officinalis, three liang of Coptis chinensis. file, 3 litres of water, and also one litre for product. Hollow fine clothing. (Excerpt from “Mei Shi Ji Proof Prescription”).

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