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Little Knowledge of Astaxanthin! !

Astaxanthin (English astaxanthin referred to as ASTA, additionally referred to as astaxanthin in Hong Kong as well as Taiwan) is a type of blue pigment that can give decorative fish, salmon, shrimp and flamingos pink shade. Its chemical structure resembles beta-carotene. Astaxanthin belongs to the carotenoid group. It is additionally the highest degree item of carotenoid synthesis, β-carotene, lutein, canthaxanthin, lycopene, etc are just intermediate items of carotenoid synthesis, so in nature, astaxanthin has the greatest Antioxidant.

Astaxanthin is naturally generated by algae, germs and phytoplankton. Some water species, consisting of shellfishes such as shrimp as well as crabs, eat the algae and plankton and store the pigment in their coverings, giving them a red appearance. These shellfish, in turn, are preyed upon by fish (salmon, trout, galley) and also birds (flamingos, ibis), which after that keep the pigment in their skin as well as fatty tissue. This is why salmon and also a few other animals show up red. The professor of Huazhong Agricultural College likewise looked into and validated that the red part of all-natural red-core duck eggs is likewise natural astaxanthin.

Astaxanthin---Anti-Aging Health Hero!

What Are The Foods High in Astaxanthin?

1. Algae
Often edible algae having astaxanthin food, aquatic algae such as reef film, stone yard, kelp, wakame, algae, agarose and so on. Edible freshwater algae consist of Haematococcus pluvialis, ground fungus, and also hair vegetables. Foods containing astaxanthin are just generated by a few kinds of algae and plankton, and a lot of them just contain astaxanthin intermediates B-carotene, vitamin E, etc. Among them, Haematococcus pluvialis is the most abundant astaxanthin-containing organism in nature, and also its astaxanthin web content can reach 3.0% of the completely dry weight, or even higher, referred to as the “concentrated item” of all-natural astaxanthin
2. Shrimp
( Consumption astaxanthin from marine and also fresh water algae, plankton, and so on).
Foods including astaxanthin freshwater shrimp: freshwater shrimp such as clark shrimp (crayfish), freshwater shrimp, river shrimp, grass shrimp, as well as base shrimp). Foods containing astaxanthin salt water shrimp: lobster (Chinese lobster), sea shrimp (red shrimp, big red shrimp), prawn (shellfish), base shrimp (sea shrimp), shrimp as well as other sea shrimp. Banwei water shrimp, such as white shrimp, etc, regardless of what sort of shrimp, in addition to the food whose core worth is astaxanthin, according to clinical evaluation, the edible part of shrimp represent about 16-20% of healthy protein, as well as its dietary value is really high. The meat is as soft as well as very easy to digest as fish, yet it has no questionable smell and bone spurs, as well as it is also rich in minerals (such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, salt water shrimps are additionally abundant in iodine, which is really beneficial to human health, etc).
3. Crabs.
( Intake of astaxanthin is the same as shrimp) 90% of astaxanthin-containing foods are seafood, as well as the edible ones consist of 3 shuttle bus (sea crabs), distant sea shuttle bus, eco-friendly (also referred to as yellow armor,), etc, which are similar to astaxanthin. 10% of the food is freshwater products. Foods that can consume crabs as well as astaxanthin include Chinese velour Aodu, additionally referred to as Maojie, crabs, river crabs, Qingshui Dajian crabs (such as Liangzi Lake, Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, and so on, which are world-famous). Normally, 1000 grams of astaxanthin in shrimp and crab food has 80-100 mg of astaxanthin. Shrimp as well as astaxanthin foods have the highest material of astaxanthin in all shrimps and also crabs. 1000 grams of shrimp shells consist of 800-1000 mg of astaxanthin. A part of astaxanthin is removed from shrimp as well as crab shells, and also most of the astaxanthin is thrown out in addition to the shrimp as well as crab shells.
4. Shellfish.
( Consumption of astaxanthin coincides as shrimp) Many shellfish are seafood, a few in fresh water. Foods having astaxanthin consist of: mussels, sea mussels, snails, oysters, meretrix (environment-friendly clams), river sails, clams, scallops, mussels, and so on, shellfish foods consisting of astaxanthin 1000 grams include less than 10 mg of astaxanthin. However, for some people such as diabetes, gout, autoimmune illness, etc, it is not suggested to take astaxanthin by eating shrimp, crab, shellfish and various other foods consisting of astaxanthin, since shrimp, crab, shellfish and also various other foods include astaxanthin. Foods containing astaxanthin also consist of polysaccharides that should be stayed clear of by diabetes mellitus as well as high protein that need to be stayed clear of by gout pain patients. Shrimp heads contain poisonous materials. As well as proteases are irritants that trigger allergic reactions. It is best for such people to eat astaxanthin purified from Haematococcus pluvialis.
Shrimp, crabs, shellfish, etc can not be consumed with fruits rich in vitamin C. VC and other minerals undergo complicated changes with shrimp, crabs, shellfish, and so on, which is not just not for the absorption of nutrients, yet also can trigger Poisoning (such as shrimp is without a doubt poisoned). The method to avoid it is to cross-supplement VC foods with shrimp, dishes, shellfish and various other foods including astaxanthin every other meal. The best solution is: take pure products such as astaxanthin soft pills, as well as there is no worry about the food containing astaxanthin being incompatible with other foods.
5. Fish.
( Victim shrimp, crab, shellfish, and so on to ingest astaxanthin).
There are salmon, abalone, fresh fish, squid, fish roe, salmon, tuna, carp, barracuda, crab fish, sardines, and so on. Fish foods including astaxanthin: 1000 grams have concerning 10-40 mg of astaxanthin.
6. Various other groups.
( feeding aquatic as well as fresh water algae, plankton or exploiting shrimp, crab, etc to move astaxanthin).
Crustaceans such as shrimps and crabs, shellfish such as scallops and mussels, these pets consume algae and also plankton which contain food including astaxanthin, as well as animals including astaxanthin such as shellfishes and shellfish are consumed by fish (salmon, bowing fish) and also birds (flamingos, Zhu Jing) victim, pass astaxanthin with the food cycle and come to be human astaxanthin-containing food. From the point of view of dietary health, the closer the food chain is to humans, the lower the astaxanthin content of astaxanthin-containing food organisms, and its food sources are complicated, bringing more spin-offs that are dangerous to human health (such as paragonimiasis, Bird flu, and so on), the further the food cycle is from people, the greater as well as safer the astaxanthin material of food organisms consisting of astaxanthin. As a result, pure astaxanthin extracted from algae is the highest as well as most safe food containing astaxanthin.

Astaxanthin at Night or in The Morning

Astaxanthin can actually be used at night and in the morning. However, since astaxanthin is a relatively special ingredient, its activity will be affected by factors such as light intensity and temperature. The stronger the light, the higher the temperature, the greater the effect, the more obvious the decrease in activity, and then it will fade and cause poor effect, so the effect of using it at night is better than that of using it in the morning. If you want to use it in the morning, you must pay attention to sun protection after using astaxanthin, so as to avoid the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin. If you use it at night, you don’t need to do sunscreen.

Astaxanthin can be seen in the light at night, because the light emitted by the lamp basically does not reduce the effect of astaxanthin, so it is good to use it normally for skin care at night, but try not to play with the phone for a long time after use or turn on the light. sleep.

Therefore, if you need to use astaxanthin for skin care every day, if you want astaxanthin to have a good skin care effect, it is recommended to use astaxanthin at night, so that the skin care effect is better.

Dosage of Astaxanthin

All calculations are based on the amount of pure astaxanthin, and there will be no effect without corresponding time and corresponding measurement.
The daily dosage of natural astaxanthin as an antioxidant is at least 3mg. long lasting
As an anti-fatigue, 8-10mg/day is required, effective for 2 months
It needs 10-12mg/day as a blood lipid-lowering application. Generally, there will be a more obvious response in 2-4 weeks.
20mg/day (3-5 days) for relief of jet lag syndrome caused by flight.

1. During the use of natural astaxanthin, it is necessary to reduce or stop bad habits such as smoking, staying up late, and drinking too much, which will offset its antioxidant effect
2. If possible, you can check the changes in the content of lipid metabolites such as MDA in urine to observe its use effect.
3. Because astaxanthin works by affecting and controlling the oxidative damage of biological cells (rather than a specific organ), some people’s organ symptoms may not be obvious. But the improvement in the lifespan of the cells was dramatic.
4. It may be better to use externally and take internally as a beauty treatment.
5. There are very few patients with gallbladder dysfunction who are not effective after taking fat-soluble vitamin E and astaxanthin. Therefore, after taking astaxanthin, you must check the color of the stool. If you find that the color of the stool changes after taking astaxanthin Red color means poor digestion and absorption of astaxanthin. It is recommended to take water-soluble antioxidants such as vitamin C.
At present, the price of pure natural astaxanthin is relatively expensive, and the price of more than 98% pure products in SIGMA company is as high as 200 US dollars/50mg. 5-10% astaxanthin oil used in health care products and cosmetics is relatively cheap. Human consumption generally does not require pure products.
With the recognition and application of astaxanthin by human beings, it is not out of reach for Chinese people to reach the world’s first average life expectancy.

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