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Lactobionic Acid, Let Me Tell You Something?

Lactobionic Acid

Recently, there is an ingredient that is very popular. It seems that you can see it no matter on Weibo, Douyin or Xiaohongshu-lactobionic acid, which claims to have the effect of smoothing skin and making pores disappear. We Shuhuo Lactobionic acid is also contained in the special water moisturizing cleanser, but is this ingredient really so magical?

Today, the editor will explore with you — the secret of lactobionic acid!

What is Lactobionic Acid?

Lactobionic acid is additionally a type of fruit acid, which can be regarded as an updated version of fruit acid!
Lactobionic acid describes the acid developed by changing the incurable hydroxyl group on lactose with a carboxyl team. The framework of lactobionic acid has 8 teams of hydrogen in addition to oxygen water teams, which can hold a wide variety of water items.

Lactobionic acid, as one of one of the most advanced third-generation fruit acid, does not have the solid impatience of the first-generation fruit acid. Contrasted to the second-generation fruit acid, it has really enhanced pore cleansing power. Due to this, despite in relation to pore company influence or mildness, lactobionic acid has one of the most effective effectiveness amongst the previous generations of fruit

The Effect of Lactobionic Acid On The Skin

Lactobionic acid is likewise an extremely powerful skin treatment component. It has 4 functions. Let me discuss thoroughly ~.

1. Moisturizing.

Not only can this “lactose” police officer drive brief ranges, he can additionally drive long distances. Drive short-distance to get hold of water from the skin matrix, and also drive long-distance to order water particles evaporated at room temperature. The trapped water molecules sit in rows and can remain snugly bound for a very long time.

This attribute is because of the special chemical framework of lactobionic acid, which has eight groups of hydroxyl groups to soak up water highly.

2. Anti-oxidation and also anti-aging.

The solid antioxidant properties of lactobionic acid can chelate ferric ions as well as safeguard the stability of cell membranes from oxidative damages.

It can also chelate zinc ions, consequently preventing matrix metalloproteinases MMPs (in fact enzymes that decompose collagen!), thus protecting collagen and also stopping wrinkles.

It can also capture zinc ions and also avoid zinc ions from shutting off the bane of collagen – matrix metalloproteinase MMP, which can safeguard collagen and also minimize creases.

3. Bleaching.

Lactobionic acid still has a lot of impacts, as well as it can also play a particular role on tyrosinase. The development of melanin is that copper ions trigger tyrosinase and also transform it right into melanin.

As well as if there is lactobionic acid, it will get hold of the copper ions first, let the tyrosinase remain to “rest”, as well as can not produce melanin, hence playing a bleaching result.

4. Remove aging cutin as well as whiten skin.

Actually, as early as 1974, international physicians released a clinical paper verifying that fruit acid can soften as well as get rid of old dead skin cells, while stimulating hyaluronic acid as well as collagen spreading, making the skin plump and flexible, as well as the pores even more delicate.

The lactobionic acid element can effectively advertise the revival of skin follicles, remove old waste cuticles, as well as control oil manufacturing. Long-term usage can make pores even more delicate. However it is still impossible to make the pores completely unseen ~.

Fruit Acid Has Four Generations of Products:

The first generation of fruit acids: AHAs, represented by glycolic acid (glycolic acid, glycolic acid), its main effect is the only group of fruit acids with superficial peeling function.

The second generation of fruit acids: PHAs, improved on the basis of AHAs, represented by gluconolactone, reduces the irritation of fruit acids to the skin, and also reduces the effect of peeling off the stratum corneum, but increases moisturizing and anti-aging Oxidation, anti-aging effect.

The third-generation fruit acid: improved on the basis of the second-generation fruit acid PHAs, represented by lactobionic acid, which strengthens the anti-oxidation effect, adds the function of repairing damaged epidermis and improving the skin barrier, and is more suitable for people with sensitive skin Skin and cosmetic post-surgery use.

The fourth-generation fruit acid: the improved ingredient of lactobionic acid derived from natural maltose fermentation, with innovative research results, can inhibit the synthesis of matrix metalloproteinases and increase the content of glycosaminoglycans in the skin; it is extremely gentle on the skin and can solve many problems. A kind of skin discomfort problem, extremely dry, sensitive and fragile skin can still be used with peace of mind.

Is Lactobionic Acid Better Or Salicylic Acid Better?

The difference between lactobionic acid and salicylic acid is the composition. The core component of lactobionic acid is lactobionic acid, while the main component of salicylic acid is salicylic acid. Salicylic acid can help remove excess sebum on the skin surface, clean pores, control oil and acne, remove cuticles, whiten, and fade spots. In terms of efficacy, it is similar to lactobionic acid, but there are some differences in the details of use, but not much. No matter what kind of product, it should be used according to the correct usage and dosage in the instruction manual, and it is not suitable for long-term use. It is usually recommended to choose lactobionic acid or salicylic acid according to your actual skin condition.

Contraindications of Lactobionic Acid Stock Solution !!!

Lactobionic acid stock solution is a kind of fruit acid. Since fruit acid itself can exfoliate the skin and avoid irritating the skin, high-concentration fruit acid, a-acid, and vitamin C are all products with a low pH value, and it is not recommended to use them at the same time. . Lactobionic acid stock solution, called dermabrasion stock solution, is added with lactobionic acid to effectively promote skin keratin renewal and make pores more delicate. The face-washing action is as gentle as possible. If the skin has tingling, redness, itching, If you experience symptoms such as peeling, you should stop using it immediately. When using lactobionic acid stock solution, the skin may be more sensitive to some external stimuli due to the thinner stratum corneum, such as sun exposure, wind blowing, and some cosmetic skin care products containing alcohol and exfoliating ingredients, etc. Add some protective measures, such as using moisturizing Agents and repairing ointment are necessary. Although fruit acid is not as photosensitive as A acid, it can be used in the morning and evening, but if you don’t apply sunscreen after exfoliation, you will easily get sunburned, so you must pay attention when applying fruit acid during the day Sun protection, try not to let the skin be irritated by the sun.

The Order Of Use Of Lactobionic Acid Stock Solution

After cleaning up the face, apply a proper quantity of toner, and after that hesitate that the skin will promote absorption. After the printer toner is completely soaked up by the skin, drop a small amount of lactobionic acid supply option on the palm, delicately clean as well as push it away according to the skin structure, as well as finally utilize lotion, lotion, etc. Other skin care items are simply great. Lactobionic acid has the effect of exfoliating, as well as it has the exact same concept as fruit acid as well as salicylic acid exfoliating, but the scrubing rate of lactobionic acid is slower, as well as compared to brushing acid items, it is less irritating, but it is not Can be recycled. Lactobionic acid likewise has a moisturizing impact, and also it likewise promotes keratinocyte regrowth. Lactobionic acid is developed by the condensation of gluconic acid as well as galactose. It can be said that it has the advantages of both. It can not just have a great moisturizing capacity, however also get rid of excess aging keratinocytes, better advertise the growth of new keratinocytes, and promote Skin collagen development. Using lactobionic acid stock service is likewise helpful for hydrating and also fixing the skin. Typically, when using it, make certain that the face has actually been thoroughly cleaned up, because incomplete cleansing will certainly impact the absorption of the supply remedy by the skin, then add printer toner, and afterwards add a little supply remedy to apply, Obviously, you can additionally use the lactobionic acid stock remedy after utilizing the cleansing mask, and then execute the follow-up typical skin care work.

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