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Egg Butter Recorded in "Compendium of Materia Medica"

Egg Butter

Medicinal value
Egg oil is used to treat eczema. Apply it to the affected area. Generally, the local redness, exudation, and itching will be relieved after taking the medicine, and it will be cured after 3-5 treatments.

Some people use egg oil to treat psoriasis, athlete’s foot and tinea capitis, and it has also achieved good results. Using egg oil to treat diseases has a long history. For example, “Compendium of Materia Medica” in the Ming Dynasty said “fry chicken eggs to get oil, and apply powder to head sores”. It is also said that “boiled chicken egg yolk and rubbed it with oil, it can cure the sores on the stick, which is very wonderful.”

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that egg oil has the functions of clearing away heat and moisturizing skin, reducing inflammation and relieving pain, astringent and promoting granulation, and protecting sores.

There are many diseases treated with egg oil in modern times, including: external application can treat eczema, dermatitis (baby’s eczema or diaper dermatitis), burns, frostbite, oral cavity and various body surface ulcers, lip wind, nasal vestibulitis, otitis media, Cracked nipples, cervical erosion, ringworm, corns, hemorrhoids, etc., can be taken orally to treat gastric ulcer, chronic gastritis, indigestion and diarrhea in children, whooping cough, etc. For external use, it can be applied to the affected area. For internal use, it is generally 15-20 ml a day. If you have stomach problems, drink it before meals.

The Method of Egg Butter to Remove Wrinkles

1. Apply directly: The first method of using egg butter is the easiest way to apply it directly, because egg butter can directly contact the skin, so we can directly apply it to the wrinkle when we use it, but after applying it Afterwards, we need to use the fingertips to massage the wrinkles in circles, so that we can make our skin absorb an effect of egg oil, so that the skin can achieve the effect of wrinkle removal, and the firmness of the skin will also be improved. is very effective

2. Homemade mask: The second way to use egg oil is to make an advanced mask. Because we want to remove wrinkles, we don’t need to add other products. We directly use a small bowl of egg oil. After cleaning the face, we will You can apply all the egg butter on our face, avoiding the eyes and the skin around the mouth, you can apply more on the wrinkled areas, and then 15 to 20 minutes after applying it, wash your face with plenty of water Wash the egg oil on the skin, and then use the follow-up skin care products in time to complete the use. If you use it 2 to 3 times a week, you will have a more obvious effect.

What Are The Benefits of Using Egg Butter

1. Anti-wrinkle: First of all, the most effective function of Egg Butter is to anti-wrinkle on the face, and it can also remove a wrinkle very effectively. It is a very good effect to reduce

2. Anti-inflammatory: The second function is to reduce inflammation on the face and prevent acne. Because in Egg Butter, it is obtained by boiling, so using certain anti-inflammatory and sterilizing functions in the ingredients can be very effective. It can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria on the face, repair our skin acne, cover the growth of some acne, and inhibit the recurrence of acne. It is very effective.

3. Maintain skin stability: The third function is to maintain the stability of the skin, because our skin is often unstable, which will cause many skin problems, so at this time, we can use Egg Butter to Performing a facial stabilization, it can very effectively relieve our facial problems, and at the same time relieve the appearance of redness, swelling and allergies on the face, which is very easy to use

Egg Butter's Magical Effect on Skin Eczema

Egg Butter has a long history of treating diseases. As early as in “Compendium of Materia Medica”, it is recorded that “fry chicken eggs to get oil, and apply powder to scalp sores”. It is also said that “boiled chicken egg yolk and rubbed it with oil, it can cure the sores on the stick, which is very good.” Egg butter, also known as egg oil, can be applied externally or taken internally. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that egg butter has the functions of clearing heat and moisturizing skin, reducing inflammation and pain, astringent and granulation, and protecting sores. Nowadays, there are many diseases treated with Egg Butter. For example, external application can treat eczema, burns, chilblain, eczema, yellow water sores, aphthous ulcers, thrush, tinea capitis, diaper dermatitis, hemorrhoids, lip wind, etc., and internal administration can treat gastric ulcers. , chronic gastritis, indigestion in children, whooping cough, etc. Chinese medicine believes that all things inside must be followed by all things outside, and the root of healing is to seek internally. If you are urgent, you will treat the symptoms, and if you are slow, you will treat the root cause. After solving the superficial symptoms, you must develop good eating and living habits to achieve long-term stability.

How Egg Butter is Made

1) Take 20 eggs, wash the eggs, boil them with water, peel off the eggshells and also whites, leaving just the yolks.

2) Place it into a frying pan without oil, crush it with a wooden or bamboo spatula, the finer the far better.

3) Dry-fry over medium heat, mixing constantly to warm the egg yolk equally. After about 15 mins, the egg yolk will certainly be a little bit burned. At 20 mins, it will start to smoke. Right now, simply mix it a few times. After regarding half an hour, the smoke will certainly reach its optimum, and the egg yolk will transform black and also look like asphalt. Currently, press with a spatula, as well as the egg butter will drain.

4) Turn off the heat and put the egg butter right into a porcelain dish. After cooling, filter with gauze to remove the crude carbon fragments in the burning process, as well as the continuing to be egg butter is black. It can be stored in a dry and also awesome area or in the refrigerator for 1 or 2 years. It can be utilized as a back-up medicine in the house. But it smokes a whole lot when you do it.

How to Use Egg Butter

(Please utilize under the support of a medical professional):

The afflicted part of baby eczema is first washed with typical saline, and afterwards covered with egg butter, 2-3 times a day. Usually, the breakout can be relieved and also the exudate can be reduced after 2 days of application, and also the erythema can diminish and recover after 3 to 5 days of application.

Burns as well as heats For small burns and also scalds, immediately rinse or saturate the affected location with tap water for more than thirty minutes to lessen the discomfort as well as inflammation of the skin. After that tidy the wounded surface area with normal saline and use egg oil. 1 ~ 2 times a day. After the oil is used, the afflicted area will certainly really feel awesome and the discomfort will be eased, and it can reduce the exudation of the harmed skin, improve local nutrition, and promote wound healing. It is especially appropriate for moderate to modest (I, II level) burns and scalds of little area. Chilblains, egg oil and also a little borneol, mix extensively. Wash the afflicted get rid of typical saline and apply oil three times a day to advertise healing.

Acute ulcers are chronic intractable abscess brought on by varicose capillaries in the reduced legs. Clean the afflicted get rid of pepper water initially, and after that apply egg oil, 3 times a day, for 3 to 5 weeks, the abscess can be boosted. Lip wind (exfoliative cheilitis) manifests as lip swelling, chapped, crusted, desquamated, knowingly itching, melting. Conventional Chinese medicine believes that this illness is mostly triggered by collected warmth in the spleen and also belly, as well as exterior direct exposure to wind, cold as well as dry skin. For therapy, apply egg butter to the affected location 5 times a day, and the result is great.

The afflicted part of the oral ulcer is cleaned with a cotton bud dipped in typical saline, and after that covered with egg oil, 2 to 3 times a day, for 1 to 2 days to heal.

Nasal vestibulitis is manifested as dry nasal mucosa, pus as well as scab, and occasionally completely dry pain. Get rid of purulent scabs, after that apply egg butter to the afflicted location with a cotton swab. Apply as soon as in the early morning and night, and the symptoms will certainly go away after 2-3 days of continual usage.

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