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Common Moisturizing Ingredients in Cosmetics

Allantoin, the English name is ALLANTOIN, aliases: 5-ureidohydantoin, ureidoacetolactam, ureidohydantoin, ureidoimidazole dione. The main feature of allantoin in cosmetics and skin treatment products is astringent, skin conditioning agent, soothing and anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory agent, the danger variable is 1, fairly secure, can be utilized with confidence, typically has no effect on expecting females, allantoin has no impact Acne.

Collagen (Collagen) is a biological polymer substance that plays the duty of binding tissues in pet cells. It is one of the most plentiful protein in the body, making up more than 30% of the total healthy protein in the body. Collagen is among the most essential resources in the biotechnology industry, and also it is additionally the most effective biomedical material with a substantial demand. Its application areas include biomedical materials, cosmetics, food market, research study functions, etc.

All glycerin is recouped from the by-products of soap making from animal and vegetable fats. Thus far, all-natural oils and also fats are still the primary basic materials for the manufacturing of glycerin, of which concerning 42% of natural glycerin is gotten from soap by-products, and 58% is gotten from fat manufacturing. Saponification of fats as well as oils in the soap making sector.

Moisturizing Ingredients

Briefly Talk About the Effect of Allantoin On the Skin

1 Moisturizing and repairing effect
Allantoin has a very good emollient effect, especially for cracked and rough skin, it can restore smoothness and moisture, and at the same time, it can enhance the water absorption capacity of the outermost layer of skin and hair, improve the hydrophilicity of keratin molecules, and make the skin damaged The cuticle is repaired, restoring its natural water-absorbing capacity.
2 Moisturizing effect
Allantoin promotes the water absorption capacity of the outermost layer of the skin and hair, reduces the evaporation of skin water, and at the same time forms a lubricating film on the surface of the skin to seal the water, so as to achieve the effect of moisturizing the skin.
3 Soften cuticle effect
Allantoin has a unique property of dissolving keratin, so it has the function of softening keratin. While peeling off metabolic waste keratin, it fills the intercellular space with water to make the skin moist and shiny.
4 Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects
Because allantoin is an amphoteric compound, it can combine with various substances to form a double salt, which has the functions of avoiding light, sterilizing and antiseptic, analgesic, and antioxidative. It is widely used as freckle cream, acne liquid, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, shaving lotion, Used as an additive in hair conditioners, astringents, antiperspirant and deodorant lotions, etc.

How Much Do You Know About the Efficacy of Collagen

1. It can protect against cardiovascular disease. Researches have actually revealed that collagen can decrease blood triglycerides and cholesterol, and raise some important trace elements that are lacking in the body, so as to keep them within a fairly normal array. It is a suitable food for weight loss and also blood fat reduction. Additionally, collagen is also one-of-a-kind in helping the body to secrete light weight aluminum as well as decrease the buildup of light weight aluminum in the body. Light weight aluminum is dangerous to the human body. Studies have revealed that the boosting number of senile dementias is associated with the intake of aluminum. At the same time, collagen can accelerate the manufacturing of hemoglobin as well as red blood cells. It can enhance flow and is beneficial to coronary cardiovascular disease as well as ischemic encephalopathy.

2. It can be used as a calcium supplement food. The particular amino acid hydroxyproline of collagen is the vehicle for delivering calcium to bone cells in plasma. Collagen in bone cells is the binder of hydroxyapatite, which along with hydroxyapatite comprises the main body of bones. As a result, as long as sufficient collagen is absorbed, the calcium consumption of the typical body can be assured, and also collagen can be made right into a calcium-supplementing natural food.

3. It can be made use of for special groups of people. The origin of gynecological conditions originates from endocrine conditions. Collagen can boost the troubles of gynecological illness, and menopausal ladies need collagen to supply the body with what they need, to ensure that menopausal women can face different pains a lot more quickly.

4. Collagen contains a big amount of glycine, which not just joins the synthesis of collagen in the body, but also works as a central nervous repressive transmitter in mind cells to produce a sedative result on the central nerve system, and has a great impact on anxiousness as well as neurasthenia. Collagen food can hinder the coagulation of protein caused by gastric acid in the belly, which is beneficial to the digestion of food, and additionally inhibits the secretion of stomach acid and also stomach enzymes, which can relieve the pain of people with gastric abscess as well as promote gastric ulcer. heal.

5. Collagen is the sensor of amoeba cells that are accountable for essential functions in the body’s immune function to clean up international bodies, so it is extremely valuable in protecting against conditions. It can improve immune feature, hinder cancer cells, activate cell function, turn on muscular tissues and bones, as well as deal with arthritis and also discomfort.

6. Prevent skin aging as well as get rid of creases. As we age, collagen will progressively shed, which will trigger the collagen peptide bond and elastic network supporting the skin to break, as well as its spiral network structure will certainly be damaged promptly, the skin cells will certainly be oxidized, shrunk, and collapsed, as well as the skin will certainly show up dry, Wrinkles, drooping and also inelasticity as well as other aging phenomena, so collagen supplements is a should for ladies to delay aging.

How Much Do You Know About Glycerin Skin Care?

How much do you find out about glycerin skin treatment?
1. Moisturizing. Skin care glycerin can moisturize completely dry skin and also form a protective movie on the surface of the skin, which can stop the loss of wetness in the skin and also make the skin supple as well as smooth.

2. Nurtures the skin. Glycerin for skin care can promote the regeneration and also metabolism of skin cells, and can play a crucial role in nurturing the skin.

3. Whitening result. Glycerin for skin treatment can protect against the buildup of pigment on the surface of the skin. Regular usage can lighten the areas and whiten the skin.

Matters Needing Attention in Moisturizing

Precautions for moisturizing and replenishing water 1. Moisturizing is the effect after moisturizing, which is the result of the balance of water and oil. For dry skin and in winter, you should choose oil-containing moisturizers; for oily skin and in summer, you should choose moisturizing products without oil.

Precautions for moisturizing and hydrating 2. For moisturizing, use oils that are easily absorbed by the skin. If the oil cannot be absorbed, the skin cannot breathe, as if there is a layer of oil on the surface of the fish tank, the fish will die soon, the same reason, the use of oil that cannot be absorbed will accelerate the aging of the skin!

Precautions for moisturizing and replenishing water 3. Moisturizing is only to moisturize the stratum corneum. After the skin is filled, fine lines and fine wrinkles will fade. The smaller the molecule of a hydrating product, the better it can penetrate deep into the skin base. On the contrary, if it is a moisturizing product with macromolecules, it can only solve the problem of surface dryness.

Precautions for moisturizing and hydrating 4. It feels very comfortable when the skin is moisturized, but being comfortable does not mean that the skin is young. Moisturizers alone cannot stop the aging process of the skin. When the skin is aging, moisturizing and hydrating cannot solve the problem. A combination of antioxidant, anti-free radical and regeneration-promoting products is required.

Precautions for moisturizing and hydrating 5. For dry skin, it is necessary to understand the cause before using moisturizing products. Dry skin caused by anemia requires blood replenishment to be effective; dry skin caused by aging requires regeneration-promoting products to be effective.

Precautions for moisturizing and replenishing water Sixth, moisturizing products cannot be used alone, and sufficient water should be added every day. The practice of 8 glasses of water a day is not necessarily scientific, but it is absolutely necessary to replenish the necessary water every day. Of course, the skin will become dry if the body is dehydrated.

Skincare Online Shopping Tips

1. Only by correctly identifying the nature of your skin can you “prescribe the right medicine” to achieve the desired effect
To cure a disease, we must cure the root cause, and we must find the source of water shortage. Knowing our own skin type can make us more aware of what kind of skin care products we need to use. Now there are more and more types of skin care products in the Chinese market. Once we buy the wrong one, it will not only waste money, but the more serious result may lead to an imbalance in the skin condition and become a sensitive skin. If that is the case, the loss outweighs the gain.
The skin is divided into dry, oily, normal and sensitive. Different skin types require absolutely different skin care products. Dry skin needs to replenish water, oil, and collagen; neutral skin needs to prevent damage and maintain the current state; oily skin needs to be cleaned, oil controlled, and moisturized; mixed skin needs to be separated according to different skin types Care, pay attention to oil control in the T zone, pay attention to moisturizing and prevent system damage in the V zone; sensitive skin (not allergic skin), because our skin quality is poor in water retention and the skin barrier function is damaged, so we must pay attention to deep skin when skin care Repair skin, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, avoid contact with irritating ingredients, and reduce sun exposure. For sensitive skin, it is recommended to use mild, non-irritating skin care products, and products with repairing ingredients are better.

2. Choose regular skin care products
Now there are various types of skin care products on the market, but if we want to choose, we must choose the regular ones! After all, things are used on our faces, so we must be careful! Some low-quality products are only for the record. We must remember: skin care products are legitimate only through the analysis of a large number of researches, clinical practice and application technology certification and testing. If there is no certified skin care product, the ingredients and efficacy in it cannot be guaranteed, so it is best not to use it. In addition, I would like to introduce a little knowledge to you: skin care products are personal care products, and they are divided into makeup and mechanical sizes. The mechanical size is a higher standard than the makeup size. Therefore, if you have mechanical brand products, try to use this skin care product
3. Choose skin care products according to age
At each stage of our development, the state of our skin and the nutrients we need are different. It may be necessary to hydrate and moisturize when we are young, but as we grow older, we may need to take care of ourselves for anti-aging, etc. At this time, only hydrating obviously cannot meet the nutritional needs of our skin, so it is natural to use it at this time Some skin care products with anti-aging properties.

4. Purchase skin care products through regular channels
Online shopping is becoming more and more convenient for us now, but it is even more difficult to distinguish the authenticity of online products. Purchasing skin care products through regular channels will give you peace of mind and protection for your skin. Therefore, if we want to buy skin care products, we can go to brand counters, flagship stores, major regular hospitals (including public and private) and clinics, or places we are familiar with to buy!

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