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Learn Skin Care Tips

1. Face towels replace towels.
Daily use of towels to dry, improper cleaning, it is easy to breed bacteria.
Disposable face towels can be thrown away immediately after use, do not rub back and forth when using, just press to absorb the moisture on the face.

2. Cleansing cream, cleansing oil to replace cleansing water
Paste and oil makeup remover products use the principle of oil-soluble oil to clean deeply. It will be more gentle and clean than rubbing the face with makeup remover cotton dipped in makeup remover.

3. Wash your hair first, then your face.
Many people are used to “removing makeup-washing face-washing hair”, but the freshly cleaned face lacks a protective film, and the shampoo with chemical additives flows on the face, which is irritating to the face. It is recommended to adjust the order, the skin is not easy Sensitive .

4. Lotion is the most dispensable product in all skin care steps.
There is no need to be too entangled in the choice, and it does not need to be too expensive. It only temporarily fills the skin cells and cannot play a real moisturizing role.


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Business Type : Manufacturer
Main Products: Ellagic Acid Deutsch ,Aloe Emodin ,Genivida Genistein , Salvianolic Acid B , Inkey Salicylic Acid
Export Percentage: 81% – 90%
Year Established: 2016

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